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  1. I don't think so. Jimmy is just following through with the con he pulled outside the charred house.
  2. Not free from the subtitles yet. And we missed her on Talking Dead. Although her natural British accent via Zoom will probably be equally imperceptible. Another good installment. Not sure I buy the new Anakin Neegan but it's fun to follow. Did you catch why the King was staring into the well?
  3. I agree. They addressed it as best as they could. IRL the bank could have moved to disqualify Saul. successfully!?
  4. Is there an immediate need for a spousal privilege? (and would it cover anything pre-marriage?) Also has Kim gotten a "rush" all season? Maybe from throwing beer bottles that she later swept up.
  5. Kim's natural conclusion is to go back under Howard at HHM. But, Chuck somewhat omnisciently said in his last episode "You [Jimmy] ruin everyone you come in contact with." But but, Kim has kind of angelic status on this show.
  6. Did they announce if we're getting a Gene season?
  7. Agree they pick really odd spots for premieres and finales. And since each 'season' is actually two mini-seasons spaced very far apart it seems 1/4 of all eps are bookends. I'll miss that character but won't miss turning on the subtitles for her scenes.
  8. Is anyone using their quarantine to get lost dead again? This season is moving quickly. And the characters are more entangled since at least 4 seasons ago.
  9. Ornery Man already lost in court. I know BCS isn't really a law show but his Eviction would have no connection to their ability to commence construction.
  10. Yes they stipulated that the old man was renting the place, not an owner. They are gradually drawing down the sympathy we feel for their clients. Not too many noble victims like the nursing home folks from season 1.
  11. If you're guilty you definitely want Saul. Mostly IRL they are guilty and would hire a Saul if they could find/afford one. That's why criminal defense attorneys seemingly never get the benefit of the doubt in ethics cases.
  12. And yet the master drug lord makes no effort to keep it from his $9/hr staff.
  13. One more name for all the world Mr Bond.
  14. If we'd had a qb who could throw it that fast...
  15. SC needs a reminder as to why the capital of Cali is nowhere near LA.
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