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  1. No that makes you normal. Doers provide the money to build the palaces on your campus to give status to the Talkers. If a SJW had a million dollars to donate, it's because he got it from a productive citizen. I'm pretty sure pork butt is racist because it was eaten in the 19th Century South. Not sure about brisket. But any conversation about food ethics has to break Godwin's Law and remind people that Hitler was a vegetarian.
  2. No, honors should go to the people who had the right opinions. It's better if they did absolutely nothing except talk. Doing things makes enemies who can be rebranded as victims.
  3. I absolutely agree. It's time for you to sacrifice the dumbest 25% of raced based accusations. You don't want to alienate the top big money donors over a song that might have sounded similar to something racist over 100 years ago.
  4. It's in the key of G major. I see G, C (subdominant "all the live long"G, A, D (dominant "wayyyy") And then it resolves back to G. I'm no expert in music theory but it looks like the same chord progression that had been in use for 300 years. Minstrel shows would have used it because it was normal.
  5. They change their policy on this a lot. But really it speaks to how grotesque football has become. The most militaristic game cannot have a team of soldiers because normal healthy humans do not become defensive tackles.
  6. who stole it from the Osages, Utes, and other less capable tribes. Really, those Commanche had great technological aptitude they way they crept in at night and by morning all the earth and water was gone.
  7. I think ND has neglected the Western Kentucky community for far too long.
  8. Well the mistake was closing the indoor stuff before the virus was even here. That used up the general public's energy for remaining inside when the outdoor weather was (in AZ's case very good). Now they're asking for a 2nd round of some kind of lockdowns right after people thought the first was a total waste.
  9. Since it went through more junctions to deliver the same content. Aka Always.
  10. Dozens out of 10 million cases worldwide = statistical noise.
  11. You say that, but you never see a poll saying people overwhelmingly or even a simple majority want a song/flag/statue deleted.
  12. Did you think Media moved to a less efficient medium because they wanted to save you money (and therefore cost themselves money)? I've heard that from plenty of streaming lovers.
  13. Last night on Shannon Bream, the anti-Flynn defender of Biden said Who cares if Biden met with Comey's team and suggested the Logan act. There's nothing wrong with people meeting together and talking.
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