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  1. At the time the brawl happened I thought Miami's real embarrassment is people not know they played a school called "Florida International" Little did I know the body bag game was about to become an annual siesta.
  2. So tragic. I'm glad to read your community is resilient.
  3. Agree with all of those except 4 should be Catholics-Convicts. It's not often a rivalry takes on the dueling characters of the entire nation. I do miss marking the year by remembering how the Sparty game went.
  4. We should just call them something like Bowls in Name Only and bar them from the playoff porn. The choice of whether Fresno State stays home or plays a football game on Dec 21st has absolutely no relevance as to how ESPN determines a national champion, regardless of how the game is branded.
  5. Seriously? Hint: Golic, and his son, went to Notre Dame. The one college where they still kinda have anti-abortion sentiment on campus.
  6. I have never met an Irish Fan that claimed a title in 1970. A few smirk that ND cleared the path for what I believe was Nebraska's first natty. The loser of the bowl games usually mentions that before the mid-1970s they were considered commercial expositions that had little to do with extracurricular athletics or the national title. Now that the bowls are ingrained into college football's unique tradition, they should be separating them from the playoff, not pretending the two customs are compatible.
  7. But since that will never be a playoff game, it's not correct to compare the Muffler Bowl to the Cotton; instead treat the small bowls as an extra regular season game Thursday night on ESPNU.
  8. Maybe but on any given day you can sing the tune of SWAYR. I saw Shaft was on last night. The original won a contemporaneous Oscar?
  9. Have two play-in games done entirely under the new overtime rule 🙄
  10. Y'all don't have the right 'meme' for Cousin Oliver College
  11. Yes it's hard to say whom this hurts. Bama and Clemson already have all the talent they need and have added Jucos. So how often do either really need a breakout from Troy State? I think most of the transfers will be the 4*s who are still third on the depth chart their sophomore year. The HC wants them to wait and develop while their agent is looking around for a team that offers a starting job. So it may just hurt all programs equally.
  12. When I see Lancer on his horse I know it's time to stop.
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