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  1. And downvote the person because he can't answer the question.
  2. Wow, Texas A&M beat an SEC team and dropped out of the top 10. Is this a historical first?
  3. There will be a 'scathing' report that blames lack of training or some other wishy washy sweeping it under the rug. Who polices the police? Generally other police who wouldn't want to face their own heat. The judgment will be left to History which will (eventually) tell how Obama's government spied on the opposing party and tried to destroy the subsequent President. And as usual no one went to jail.
  4. It said trying to stop Covid Patient Zero would just result in you becoming him. So if I tried to kill Hitler I would just become the Fuhrer? Seems like I'd have a big advantage knowing when to fold'em.
  5. I can't drink enough to enjoy a Miami blowout.
  6. It's kinda universal across CFB this year. The Olines are suffering from reduced practice a lot more than their counterparts.
  7. because there is no other way to close down a rogue team operating in the DOJ.
  8. I can't find anything that says USF had even one positive test. Their opponent announcing positive test after the game was grounds for the Bulls to pause the entire program. I found one article stating they were trying to "contact trace" by watching the game film.
  9. It's good again. It's missing some energy from the characters and the multi-layered subplots. Add those and it would be great Specifically Malory sounds a lot older and Cheryl is phoning it in.
  10. They are already saying our legendary rivalry with Wake Forest will be preserved on 12-12, moving the ACCCG to the 19th. I bet if we can get the Clemson game stopped it will have to be played on Christmas.
  11. That shows the difference between saying. Masks can protect you or slow the spread of Covid vs A Mask Mandate enforced by the government will flatten the curve of Covid cases. The covid role model, Kamala Harris can't even wear her mask correctly and does everything you mention on national tv. you heard it from me, USF would never cancel their ND game because the entire 3 game series, including a return visit, was contingent upon Saturday's game going off as scheduled. Nothing proven but I wouldn't be surprised if SF's test results were 'unavailable' until Sunday. Also Charlie Weis Jr's offense looked a bit starved for oxygen.
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