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  1. I have to imagine Bill Barr has some receipts that would hold up here, even to the cult ...
  2. Jesus christ - that's just pro rating the total delegates based on the relative number of members, and then rounding. It ain't rocket science. I'm surprised Yang's head didn't explode watching these guys stumble through this shit.
  3. A fucking lightning bolt would have been more appropriate, but given his propaganda did include some work on behalf of the tobacco industry, there is certainly some karma here: https://www.mediamatters.org/rush-limbaugh/rush-limbaugh-does-his-best-impression-60s-tobacco-executive
  4. How much longer before he loses that left hand because that watch is cutting off its blood flow? So fucking fat ...
  5. And this is exactly why Zelensky never admitted to being pressured - at the end of the day, he can't count on Congress to rein in our corrupt president, so he's stuck dealing with Trump and the GOP if he's going to get any support going forward.
  6. Is it too early for an in-depth post-mortem here? I'd be curious on people's thoughts about the individuals most responsible for the death of the Republic. I'll start, in no particular order: Rush Limbaugh / Rupert Murdoch - as leaders of the fear-mongering movement that led to the creation and solidification of "The Base" (you know ... morons) Koch brothers / Robert Mercer / Sheldon Adelson - for funding the modern GOP's efforts to undermine the principal tenets of democracy over the last several decades Justices Kennedy and Roberts (along with assists from Alito, Thomas and Scalia) - for their decisions in Citizens United (allowing the flood of dark money into US politics) and Shelby County v. Holder (killing the VRA because "there wasn't enough racism to justify it" (ha!)) Bill Barr - for his cover-up of the GOP's blatant criminality Mitch McConnell - for his tactics in packing the judiciary, covering up GOP criminality and generally taking partisan politics in Congress "up to 11" Donald Trump - for pushing the country into a post-truth dystopia (with an assist from Fox News / Murdoch) Who else shares the blame with where we are?
  7. I might have missed it, but did Romney or Murkowski say they'd vote against witnesses? I thought there was still a shot at 50 votes + Roberts, given Collins is in favor of witnesses.
  8. MSNBC is saying Nadler cut Schiff off. If so, Pelosi needs to take him behind the woodshed because he sucks compared to Schiff.
  9. This should totally be a series. Can we also get a reconciliation of the predictions of the impact of the tax cuts on the tax receipts / deficit by the various consituencies and the actual impacts? I'd love for this sort of thing to be the basis for a series of "Don't believe a fucking thing the Rs are telling you, dumbfuck" ads.
  10. Doesn't count as long as it only impacts browns, LGBTQ, muslims and other groups that they hate - you should know that by now. Just as a refresher: "He’s not hurting the people he needs to be"
  11. Or is it literal - as in, he's making the mint juleps for Lindsey, Rand and Mitch while they run a train on the republic? It's all so confusing ...
  12. Probably some limits, so not sure I would be on the cutting edge of this practice with Barr serving as AG. That said, I support the fuck outta these guys bleeding the rubes dry. Serves the "alternative facts" crowd right.
  13. I gotta say that Goldman has done a phenomenal job of staying even-keeled through all of Collins' bullshit. It's clear that Collins is doing his damnedest to get Goldman to pop off so that Fox can air snippets showing just how "blatantly partisan" Goldman is, but so far he has been unwilling to bite. I would have found myself going Pam Karlan on Collins' ass by now.
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