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  1. Today is Saturday, International Arm Day.......so yes. I've been following him there and twitter for awhile. A while back he was bouncing back and forth between platforms because he kept getting his accounts locked. He can be hilarious.
  2. I was going to guess you went back to Ribmasters.
  3. Crunch Fitness opening up has taken away a lot of people from where I work out. Thank you Crunch!!
  4. The WTF look on the faces of UCLA fans when they sang about sawing Varsity's horns off before the game last night in Frisco was priceless.
  5. I've seen an uptick in the lunch crowd. It's been better since the holidays ended, will probably get better once the college kids all go back to school and it will be back to normal around Feb.1. Pulling into the parking lot, I think "oh crap this is going to be a nightmare", but notice that all of the cardio equipment has someone on it and the rest of the gym is okay. The early morning weekend crowd has definitely thinned out as far as people who lift.
  6. Wednesday I got to witness concentration curls in the squat rack. The least surprising part of that was it was an aggy.
  7. Admon Gilder leading Gonzaga with 16 points, 7 rebounds is just icing on the cake.
  8. internet meme comes to life. I was the only one in the gym, until newbie guy walks in followed by the "personal trainer". In a matter of 50 minutes, he and his trainee combined for at least 125 "bros". I really need to invest in some headphones.
  9. Well that jacks up my post.. Went back to the virtual tour and all 5 were smith machines. Need to wake up fully before posting.
  10. I will have to walk back some of my implied criticism of PF and chalk it up to following the crowd and memes when it comes to equipment. I went online and did a virtual tour of the one closest to me. There were at least 5 power racks and what appeared to be 2 sets (of each lb) of dumbbells with another 7 or 8 adjustable benches in that area. It's not convenient to where I live and is across town from where I work so there is still no chance I switch, but lack of equipment is not an issue.
  11. That's good news. Glad to see it's a real gym.
  12. The 3 persona's of Jim Hellwig (Rock-the tag team partner of Sting, Dingo Warrior, Ultimate Warrior) Kerry Von Erich Dusty Rhodes
  13. Anybody ever heard of Crunch Fitness? They are opening locations in Tyler/Longview. Hoping it takes away some traffic from my gym. They seem to be Planet Fitness ish.
  14. Pec-dec dudes' reaction tells me that this isn't the first gym calamity caused by her idiocy.
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