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  1. I can see Bodacious-Mobberly going from top 5 to not top 50. i
  2. For those talking about Bodacious and JJ. https://www.texasmonthly.com/tag/jordan-jackson/
  3. 1.) they want the person on the phone to ask them what they are doing so they can say "working out". 2.) It's a gym. When you suck at doing gym-stuff, you do non-gym stuff.
  4. It's that time of the year when the crowded parking lot gives you a moment of dread, but then you see they are mostly on the treadmills/ellipticals. Hoodie guy, with the hood up randomly faced the mirror and "hulked out" (the most muscular pose). I'm not exactly sure what he was expecting to see. His face? The gym will always have interesting characters.
  5. My 80 yr old dad answers them in a voice that is a combo of Gomer Pyle/Forrest Gump. It's quite entertaining.
  6. When you get a facetime call from your daughter in the middle of a work day and the first thing you hear is your fussy 17 month old grandson.....and then he sees you on the screen and becomes the happiest little turd nugget in the world.
  7. Talked to the new manager at my gym yesterday. He gets calls daily from folks asking to freeze their account for another month or refund them for June. They are scared to come in.
  8. Yep. At Anytime, 2 of the 3 restrooms are single person shower/toilet/sink combos. I can stand in front of the sink and wash and rinse myself. I can use the toilet 5 feet away. But the shower is off limits.
  9. Monday: 4-5 people were working out. No gloves. Everybody wiping everything down before and after. Wednesday: 9-10 people working out. No gloves. I was the only one who ever touched a wipe. New manager needs to find out how to turn on the sound system. Way too quiet.
  10. Louisiana gyms open tomorrow. Texas on Monday.
  11. Today is Saturday, International Arm Day.......so yes. I've been following him there and twitter for awhile. A while back he was bouncing back and forth between platforms because he kept getting his accounts locked. He can be hilarious.
  12. I was going to guess you went back to Ribmasters.
  13. Crunch Fitness opening up has taken away a lot of people from where I work out. Thank you Crunch!!
  14. The WTF look on the faces of UCLA fans when they sang about sawing Varsity's horns off before the game last night in Frisco was priceless.
  15. I've seen an uptick in the lunch crowd. It's been better since the holidays ended, will probably get better once the college kids all go back to school and it will be back to normal around Feb.1. Pulling into the parking lot, I think "oh crap this is going to be a nightmare", but notice that all of the cardio equipment has someone on it and the rest of the gym is okay. The early morning weekend crowd has definitely thinned out as far as people who lift.
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