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  1. Nah, want some Q though I know Bill Miller has some good chicken.
  2. I’ll be working in San Antonio tomorrow around loop 410 and 35. Anything worth trying that way?
  3. Damn. That family has been through enough. RIP
  4. Now she can come to the darkside and have some of this Chrome.
  5. Leander ISD...and Horny Karens more likely to be into swinging. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Stunns38

    Joseph Ossai

    And Malik on the practice squad. Lulz
  7. I lived there back in 09, wonder if it still skews young and fratty. Not a bad town, lots to do in that square mile.
  8. And at the 2001..02...03...and so on Texas Relays weekend downtown. 2001 had rubber billets flying.
  9. Ugh, they picked up some weapons in the off-season.
  10. From Saban to Belichek is going to be a storyline that never goes away.
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