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  1. Not to mention Herman actually outcoached Mullet this year.
  2. The Pats WRs and refs are both atrocious. Edit: the right side of the O line is awful too.
  3. Before or after you soak it for 30 days in corned beef brine?
  4. Oh yeah, he redshirted last year. Can put in an appeal since his amazing OC Beck got fired, lol.
  5. Heads would explode if Casey Thompson transferred there and put up Heisman numbers next year. That’d be our luck.
  6. UGA has highly rated 5-star talent prima donnas with a staff that doesn’t put them in the best position to win. Can’t handle adversity and those players fold the easiest. Sounds familiar Baylor will boat race them into another “we didn’t want to be there excuse”.
  7. I didn’t say he was wrong, but something you wouldn’t hear a head coach talking about. We need to get some fake cramps next year @LSU.
  8. Just more bullshit Mensa fed us to make it sound like he’s ultra detailed-oriented, lol.
  9. Pissed....that the comet I wished for didn’t hit Jerruhworld.
  10. Why not run the damn ball when it’s clearly 4-down territory.
  11. To give the Cowboys a little hope, Nagy is similar to Herman in turtling styles.
  12. As a Bears fan, y’all should fire Garrett’s ass after this game. We’re not very good but the Cowboys are making us look like the 49ers.
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