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  1. Yeah, wonder what happened to Fernando. He knew me on a first name basis. I was a regular there btwn 04-09 before leaving Austin. As y’all know, great breakfast tacos but their shredded chicken “fajita” taco was the shit. Good luck to her.
  2. It’ll always be too soon.still got PTSD from that.
  3. You keep rehashing Charlie. This is Herman’s mess now. Of course I’m rude, 11 years shit, Im pissed.
  4. Here we go again. STFU. Both suck, are you happy now bitch?
  5. Because he may be “the” worst head coach in the Big 12.
  6. Sacked on a 3-man rush. We don’t Deserve to win
  7. Todd Orlando is in Malibu laughing his ass off
  8. This is on Herman, we are poorly conditioned
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