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  1. User name checks out for one of the holes.
  2. SIAP but wasn’t he in the military before he began acting?
  3. Can’t say when it died but the douchebag factor started increasing exponentially around 2004 or so.
  4. Mario Bro’s 1 is still the easiest. I pulled out my wife’s Nintendo a few years back and instantly remembered the short cuts and tricks to beat it. Hardest
  5. My future B-I-L swears by this below. Said you can find almost any channel you need and it’s about 90% reliable(lol). You’ll need very high speed internet apparently. Heard it’s a godsend for international channels. http://www.vancouver-electronics.com/shop/mag3221yr Any opinions or info on this?
  6. I hate yo gums I hate yo lips I hate the back of Forest Whikater’s neck I hate that Wesley Snipes
  7. I have limited experience with McKinsey. They must use the bottom of the barrel consultants for their government division. Their recommendations and processes were worse than the ones the government employees came up with.
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