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  1. 11-1, Sark will have a head scratcher. It happens more in this era. Michigan will be a W. Better not lose to ou, arky, or aggy though.
  2. I agree. Lost my dad in 2019 and really didn’t spend a lot of time with my mom since we lived far apart. She just passed this March and I really regret not making a better effort to spend more time with her.
  3. It does feel good to finally get back to the position when we have multiple players drafted in the early rounds.
  4. And no telling if he would have carried us over Washington in the semis . I know, Water under the bridge.
  5. Not sure how I feel about this. Wish he got drafted by a better franchise
  6. Did they pay those Cardinals fans to GAF? Good to see Leonard Davis.
  7. They didn’t have to move up, lol
  8. Aww shit, AD going to Carolina
  9. Haven’t heard anything about him. I don’t think any of the boards had him over AD
  10. Not a bad pick for the Cowboys
  11. Best case scenario for X. Hook em!
  12. KC moving up for Mitchell?
  13. He looks smallish for a D tackle Edit, that’s a slim looking 285 lbs
  14. Well, about that….
  15. I know. They are adverse to picking 1st rd WRs. Fuck them though. Edit: the midget would kill it but I’d be shocked they take X.
  16. Fudge Packers prob will draft Mitchell
  17. Just had flashbacks to the pandemic draft when he was in his basement lit. lol
  18. NFC North will be interesting next year for sure
  19. LSU WR looks like RGIII
  20. They need a DB in the worst way. They’ll reach on a Georgia DB.
  21. Miami 7 on 7 2024 Super Bowl champs!
  22. Seattle knows how to draft our D linemen.
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