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  1. Lol, I know Cousins is bad but y’all would boat race us too. I know any given Sunday but this team has given up and has no faith in the coaching staff. Plus they’re garbage outside of RoJo, lol. Unless the HC is fired and they’re playing for an interim coach, count this as a W for the Vikes.
  2. Lol, people are forgetting that Banks is a once in a decade O-Tackle.
  3. My Bears are the worst team in the league. They don’t even have to try to tank. The Broncos would boat race us.
  4. Y’all talkin crazy. Don’t compare many teams to the 05 squad, especially not this one. We won’t see a team like that or even 05 USC in this era again.
  5. Despite the win, Staley needs to get fired.
  6. Washington is the best team in the PAC. Best lines on both sides. Like I said in another thread, I believe they’ll be in the final 4.
  7. SC’s D is Turrible. They’re the third best PAC team at best.
  8. If Deion can get top recruits to Jackson State, he will most definitely recruit amongst the best this off-season, high school and the portal. I’m sure their NIL programs will be nicely funded too.
  9. Our front 7 is legit. DBs have lapses at times but we have a deep rotation and a top 10 d-line nationwide.
  10. I’m happy but we still need to clean some shit up. Seems like we clean something up then another leak springs. Kansas won’t be a joke next week.
  11. We make too many mental mistakes. We better clean that shit up
  12. It’s like Keilan’s contract says to run him up the middle inexplicably once per game. Luckily it worked
  13. These mental mistakes would get us beat against better teams
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