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  1. Agreed although a healthy Houston could have given them a better challenge than Purdue. Would have should have , blah blah.
  2. Or a foul with 5 FT with these bush league ass refs
  3. The TO for that call? Didn’t need a 3 so quickly
  4. Saw this on Facebook. We live rent free to any and every irrelevant school, lol.
  5. They need to target working moms, career suburban White women. She sounds more like a stay at home mom or realtor mom that has a rich hubby. That demographic is already voting republican.
  6. She’s the batshit crazy typical Bama sorority chick.
  7. She is not ready for this. Her nerves are jumping out of her. Her Fear-mongering is terrible.
  8. Her face looks like the skull of an alligator.
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