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  1. saves a helluva lotta money at christmas.
  2. The Sybil Spurs - need the home games sponsored by Merck or Pfizer or whatever purveyor of The Medicide.
  3. cousin bubba used to steam his okre in his kubota mid-summers BITD. wrap it in plastic wrap and then foil - toss on the block whilst he attended semi-meticulously to his back 5 acres. kubotokra we used to call it. seasoned properly with a little crab stock in the pouch it usu. turnt out perty well.
  4. Time for Pop to reach into his bag of bats, snakes, blown industrial-size AC compressors, and other sinister tricks to use on DDR. Let the Gaslighting begin!! He'll be begging to leave.
  5. even worse...... - weird al I think the Popster is doing exactly the correct thing.
  6. <digression>I aim to kill you with it</digression>
  7. old - kinda - drunk - no. and I hate the 3 point line.... ... and a little Dave Zinkoff for added measure.
  8. pole? dude - you are a newby. pre-pole was where it was at. 'there will be another night'. - t. stembridge.
  9. wonder what al sturchio thinks of the current state of affairs of los spurs??? I miss the orginal hemisfair - 10,070 baby! tom nissalke and bob bass, jimmy si, el hombre de hielo, special K, pat tallman, and terry stembridge.
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