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  1. LFS

    Neil Peart RIP

    not gonna hold it against you that you didnt remember the mid 80's roger waters album about the mute in the wheelchair who starts WWIII communicating w/ satellites in morse code he sends from his head narrated by jim ladd.
  2. LFS

    Neil Peart RIP

    'you're listening to KAOS in los angeles' - jim ladd
  3. LFS

    Neil Peart RIP

    Jim Ladd - he of KAOS in Los Angeles.....
  4. schizoid. makes me feel like a.barltlett giamatti ^ -1.
  5. LFS

    Neil Peart RIP

    RIP der Schlagwerker.... a great talented dude. adios Neil.
  6. SAS 19 MIL 14 Origin: late Middle English: via Old French from late Latin lethargia, from Greek lēthargia, from lēthargos ‘forgetful’, from the base of lanthanesthai ‘forget’.
  7. Hello loss column. Another good opportunity for failure up next. And soon - the Nirvana of Tankdom - The Rodeo Road Trip. Hoping for the big 3-0 before the end of the month.
  8. commander's palace and brennans. and cafe du monde. reason alone to go. and those funny terlerts.
  9. It was the baseballer(s) behind the Taco Cabana w/ a 9 iron. - Waco Clue (the adult board game) RIP Queso.
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