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  1. Anna Elendt is a little rude.
  2. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    ...Kyle Kuma? Also think it's funny they are immediately better with KCP and Kuz instead of Westbrook. Although no way they are as good as their record so far. But they should at least make a play in.
  3. Also - going into tonight we were actually 15th in net rtg, 21st in SRS (which I think is schedule adjusted) and 5th in defensive rating. So - while we have a closing games issue this team is not as shitty as some here think. We aren't the fucking Magic or Rockets. Which - is why you'll have to allow us to be frustrated at times. Even though being a team who's better than their record is a good thing when it comes to the future.
  4. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    I haven't really watched the Wizards - can someone key me in on who the fuck is winning these games for them? Beal really hasn't been very good so far this year.
  5. Sort of - and we have had nice flashes and hung in there for a lot of the losses. I expected more from White and Dejounte. The former has been atrocious and the latter not much better when it comes to putting the ball inside the orange hoop thing. We also don't seem very well coached and can't get our best scorer* (KJ) involved as much as he should be - or get him good looks. I think - what are we - 2-8? Is basically the floor and we could be 3-7 or 4-6 pretty easily. I still don't think 30 is off the table but preseason I would have set the ceiling maybe at 34ish and that seems herculean at this point. Actually - Dejounte is shooting less efficiently than White somehow (they're both sub .500 TS% which is just revolting). Although obviously DJ brings a lot more to the table outside of the scoring. And KJ has not had as good of a year as I thought so far - he's right there with them at .500 TS% (although mainly due to him being 3/22 from 3). But I maintain we are doing a woeful job at getting him good looks.
  6. ztejas

    EPL 2021-22

    Oh come on that's a foul.
  7. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    Aldridge is going the fuck off in Orlando. Having a really nice season - might end up being huge for them to get him back.
  8. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    Durant didn't know he had that in his bag.
  9. Beat me to it. Just saw on SC. Seems fucking identical to the Tonya Harding ordeal. Like she got the idea from the movie or some shit.
  10. Michigan has been solid pretty much every year under Harbaugh, though. Much more similar to Pelini's teams than Frost's. Granted Michigan is probably a lot easier to win at at this point.
  11. They should crack a few cold ones - hit the pitch and putt - maybe grab some falafel. Whole thing will blow over.
  12. Myles Turner is working on another blocks title early this season. This would be his 3rd - putting him with Ratliff, Hakeem, Mutombo, AD and George Johnson as players with 3 and just behind Kareem, Eaton and Camby who all have 4.
  13. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    This needs to change for both the Nets and Lakers. Also surprised to see Hayward that high - although I think they've played a couple OT games? Still - he shouldn't be 2nd on the Hornets in minutes. Dude has injury issues.
  14. ztejas

    NBA 2021-2022

    Harden has had like 2.5 good games on the season. That isn't a very ringing endorsement of Russ.
  15. If Durant wins another scoring title this year (currently leading) it would be 8 years since his last scoring title - surpassing the previous biggest gap we've seen of 5 years by both Arizin and Curry. It would also give him the biggest gap between first and (potentially) last scoring titles of 12 years - surpassing MJ's 11 years between his first in '87 and last in '98. AND make him the 3rd player to win it at 33 or older (Steph, MJ ×2).
  16. Sounds like Sgt. Trimble is going to jail.
  17. Hell of a line but that isn't a near quadruple double lol.
  18. Assume you're talking about the starting 5 for Texas and the next 5 off the bench.
  19. Yeah most likely I think he balls out next year then leaves. But you never know - he was a top 35 or 40 guy out of HS and was pretty good for UK last year. I feel like he'll have a high ceiling this year.
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