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  1. I make as much fun of the TXHSFB corches as any internet asshole, but this is absurd.
  2. The original tweet is a Baylor guy because of course it is. They just maximum self-righteous goobers at all times.
  3. Imagine, a Baylor grad calling other programs homewreckers
  4. Excuse me, Fun Belt games are the savior of many a boring weeknight.
  5. Coach Beard made a couple too many trips to Franklin's I see.
  6. Honestly even with our glacial AD (hi Plonsky!) and funky state laws, most of that should be sorted out by the time Harris shows up. The problem is our football recruiting back office right now is a friendly over-promoted guy who doesn't actually want to be a recruiting director, and some assistants and GAs. It's no wonder the concerted message isn't there.
  7. You know what would help get our messaging straight? Having a real Director of Recruiting.
  8. While the circumstances are quite a bit different (Blue's supposed to be a diva, and impulsively did it after a fight with his coaches, while Ewers has been a good teammate to this point and did it as part of a planned move), it really doesn't change much for their teams in the end, does it? Sill, for seven figures, fuck it I'd be out.
  9. Oh no way? Also that is a hilariously narrow first reaction.
  10. While the SEC is the better choice for a few reasons, I'd do Madison over Baton Rouge every time. And Memphis/Oxford over both for a cfb weekend.
  11. If you don't want an away game in Madison I have no idea what to tell you.
  12. Vieira's Palace rebuild continues - Patrick van Aanholt is off to Istanbul on a free
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