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  1. They used to use the dog one most of the time. New staff must like the umbrella.
  2. Muuuuuch better. They were looking very Arena League-y.
  3. He's gonna need some good senior film to act on most of those https://247sports.com/Player/JD-Coffey-46050809/
  4. https://247sports.com/Player/Brenen-Thompson-46100208/
  5. Wescott. You're white. You're from not-Chicago Illinois. I'm pretty sure you're in your 30s. And you're named Wescott. Return the ugly shoes and take "copped" out of your vocabulary.
  6. Ah yes, One America News Network - the "objective" and "less drama" choice that *checks notes* just got kicked out of the White House for constantly ignoring social distancing rules (among many other more Cloak Room-y things).
  7. Yeah wait he's eating movie theater pizza while the show is playing? He must glisten with grease.
  8. Ah, there's a good maroon little brother school.
  9. ......................the fuck?
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