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  1. Wow what is Ohio doing to poor Bowling Green??? Wait I forgot Brian VanGorder is BGSU's DC carry on
  2. Also this is a fucking weird set of quotes
  3. Aaaaall the underperforming SEC coaches be sticking around (actually, I like Mason. Vandy's a brutal job.)
  4. (Fozzz loves this shit, he's taking a very trollish victory lap after everyone dumping on him earlier in the year)
  5. While the onfield stuff is yikes right now, he does have a truly excellent off-field staff/apparatus:
  6. omg so surprised he didn't pan out he seemed so mature and also not bought-off
  7. My butt walked away down the ass alley about a half hour ago.
  8. I still like the decision to go for it. And a QB run could be ok, but we take forever to set it up, and then make it a slow drift out to the right. It doesn't let us try and catch them on their heels or completely fool them - it's total no man's land.
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