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  1. Mike... that's not how this works. Even fucking EJ would have at least added some kind of commentary to get people talking.
  2. That's good for us, but let's see what happens if Bama turns the heat up on his OV
  3. Yeah that's strange. You'd assume it'd have to be cleared w Milroe too (given his round of "all is well" interviews after meeting Yurcich and going to Elite Day I'm not worried about that)
  4. High school coach - they're the Manor Mustangs (Wow I knew that immediately I spend way too much time with this)
  5. Shit, Shackelford's still gonna be the best we can do at center? Another decade in the wilderness it is.
  6. Oh no those were King's quotes when he announced he was redshirting midseason
  7. What a fucking goober. They walked at Senior Day for shit's sake. "Combine both Texas football DT’s Gerald Wilbon and D’Andre Christmas-Giles putting their names in the portal on the same day and the loss in depth is huge. What was double-dose of bad news for the Texas football program along the defensive line on Jan. 21, head coach Tom Herman figured out that he would be losing two key experienced seniors to the NCAA Transfer Portal. Both senior defensive tackles Gerald Wilbon and D’Andre Christmas-Giles had their intentions surface to put their names in the transfer portal on the same day."
  8. Nope, apparently he's no longer in the picture. Rumblings he might keep Nixon, their current guy.
  9. Hah, don't know if I've ever seen an edit like this
  10. Upload it on imgbb, then use just the url part of the full linked version.
  11. Why the fuck do aggy reporters always call players by their nicknames. Shep. Moose. Deuce. Ish.
  12. Another WR grad transfer on the market https://okstate.com/sports/football/roster/tyrell-alexander/7298
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