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  1. I don't actually care that much, man, I was just ripping on satya pulling out a front man for his eternal pessimism, and you for just saying "he's not random" with no supporting detail. I don't think Lengyel enthuses anyone much, to be honest. And neither really does Lehrer. But of a bum year for OL (outside of the Foster/TBrock/Conner/Byrd foursome we all know) with no camps and probably no season to find out which kids grew into proper tackles.
  2. Well if a dude with 19 rep points (but a very hypnotic avatar) says so, I've clearly been set straight
  3. "No, you see, I'm not being my usual Eeyore self. This random dude on IT is. Totally different."
  4. Yeah no one comes out of this looking like they've had a full day of making smart choices.
  5. ...that's because fuckface doesn't imply anything about the person saying it or the person it's directed at other than that you don't like them. Like any racial slur the n word has a shit load of seriously fraught baggage attached to it.
  6. Hard to call it a miss when we haven't actually offered...
  7. Ethan Downs' dad seems calm and not the look-at-me type at all
  8. Seems like Sparty might solve that problem for us and force Hand to get over his length obsession (for better or worse) and offer Ezra.
  9. Sigh, the weird (and just factually incorrect) side of carl is back. UT / Austin don't have huge black populations, so it doesn't have the same African-American party scene as FSU/FAMU for example, but don't be a moron it has plenty of pretty girls.
  10. Kelly seemed like a good kid, so on a personal level that's awful, but lolllllll OU.
  11. You seem weirdly insistent that there's a time and place where it's normal and fine for a white dude to say the n-word. Certainly not a fireable offense given the context that's come out, but come the fuck on that was rock stupid.
  12. Before today, Patterson had been doing a lot of the heavy lifting on that front for us. Dude haaaates Murray.
  13. Oh yeah, just mentioning bc he was from Texas, not as a possible take for us.
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