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  1. Excuse me this is the recruiting board, using that idiom correctly is strictly prohibited.
  2. Gonna throw for a billion yards in Baby Briles' offense.
  3. God that was a great show. Criminally underappreciated.
  4. I'm going to go ahead and say that would be the result of much more than Cade Klubnick's inherent football talent.
  5. Kennedy Lewis sighting at :27. Working his way back on the depth chart.
  6. They've both had a feature Insta post, they've both been in the social videos, I think the social dept. is being very careful about that.
  7. They also think Banks is an average recruiter based on his aggy results. So...
  8. "Banks, Dewberry and Neto will be Aggies"
  9. "sell his wolf tickets" is a new one for me
  10. Crying because they got "outbid for Sheppard (sic)"
  11. "They will get Campbell but none of [Harris, Anderson [lololol], and Dewberry"
  12. He's the guy on the current roster (outside of Juwan) that gets the most "well if he posts something I don't agree with on Twitter he can GTFO" flak across the Texas boards, including this one.
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