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  1. Is there just one guy on the aggy boards with a weird complex about Frisco or is it a fanbase-wide thing?
  2. Two of his three underrated/under the radar kids (Arnold and Wesloski) were swoopy-haired white kids from large DFW programs. Roach has a type.
  3. There is always always always one of these guys on a recruiting board
  4. It's a fun, uniquely local edit without a weird wax filter over everything! Hallelujah!
  5. Two positions where our transfer-happy staff didn't even take a swing at anyone. Not that it was a particularly rich year at OL.
  6. Holy shit that's a lot of transfers:
  7. Powerhouse youth pastor energy here https://247sports.com/Player/Joey-Sua-46115729/
  8. https://www.hudl.com/profile/8567761/Houston-Hawkins
  9. New Sark follow - already has half the Big XII after him: https://247sports.com/player/akayleb-evans-90246/
  10. What's even the point of this pissy holier-than-thou attitude? Just be happy people cared about the thing you like for a while, and maybe FCS gained some new converts.
  11. UGA's Kennedy Lewis. Hella athletic, never maximized.
  12. Wait til visits open back up next month. But maybe Bryce Anderson or one of the RB2 options.
  13. Hah, our old friend Kam Martin is an asst RB coach/recruiting coordinator at UCF these days: https://twitter.com/TeamKamMartin
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