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  1. All you're doing is proving my point. I have no doubt that The University will cave. You say "no one will miss it". Plenty will miss it, especially the woke Booger Blob. It will have to reimagine something else to be offended by and it certainly will, but in the space between the end of EOT and that moment, the Beast will long for its food trough of pretend offense. It is never satiated. It will never end. And you are a very obedient little pony soldier for speaking out on its behalf so consistently. They will write poetry about you!
  2. Shelve the song and you satisfy the Beast for a day, week, a month if lucky. Bullshit social genie just gets stronger, more emoldened, and that much hungrier. It never ends until you stand your ground, take its blows, and then let it shrink away looking for somewhere else to run its racket and feed its appetite.
  3. At this point, with expectations clubbed repeatedly like a baby seal on a Greenpeace fundrasing video, it's all house money. amirite?
  4. Anyone here ever done any DIY (not underwater) led light projects in the cabin, tower, etc? I'm mulling it over and need the INFO!
  5. Cut them a little slack. I mean, at least they invented the toothbrush If that weren't the case, it would be called a "teethbrush".
  6. So there's no other football out there? Nevermind, I get what you're saying. I don't support the ones who flex b/c "fuck you n_______r" and hope they do GTFO, but the ones who understand what I said above and say, "Enough is enough", uh huh. And you're spot on in that last sentence.
  7. You started with "middle ground" and ended up with a binary false choice. Interesting. But that isn't even the issue and the issue isn't even race. The booger blob of offended outrage insists on surviving and to survive it needs a constant stream of offenses to consume. If it can't locate any organic ones, it is more than capable planting new ones in the soil of the idiocy of our current culture and watering it daily with "reimagine" sauce until it has plenty eat. It is never satisfied. Ever.
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