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  1. A few nice ones on the wall...
  2. That girl's great grandfather. Both taken on the same morning hunt...
  3. "Good cull Honey Bunny!!!"
  4. Daughter of one of my pals. "Is this a good one daddy?"
  5. Sounds like there is demand for hotels though Yeah, there was a demand for hotels in So. Texas too.
  6. Reminds me of Pearsall back in 2014 when I ponied up for a dove lease down there. Ended up sleeping in my Suburban. Ain't payin' no $279 for a night with Tom Bodet.
  7. Cajun


    Well, when I think of "sucking" I do see where that, ahem, truck comes to mind, so I see your point Eastwood.
  8. Pure nerd out, but if you ever wondered about Microns and such, this ain't bad...
  9. Cajun


    Some are already spinning the window debacle as "Planned". "Just look at all the free publicity it's generating by going viral!" I shit you not.
  10. Cajun


    Elon throws a ball exactly how i imagined he would. That wasn't Elon, that was his faithful man-servant. nttawwt
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