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  1. This was what I expected. To BT mental gymnastics mind pretzel balloon animal bending rationalization bingo = "answer sincerely". Yes, I was trolling to see if you'd become what I thought you'd become and you didn't disappoint. I'll accept my bannination now.
  2. Yeah, again, you’re preaching to the choir with me on all of those points. But why did she assume that the officer doesn’t identify as female? I mean, what an outrage! Again, which way do you want it? Certainly a cop born male but identifying as female should be fine, right?
  3. And this right from one of her blog interviews of a guy who was "kidnapped" by the Heroes... Which way you want it Shauna?
  4. Lulz at the response. I don't care who ya are, that there's funny! Git'R'Done!!!
  5. Biznatches ain't got shit on Wheeler Walker Jr, that's fo sho!
  6. They need to do a mashup with these guys... Of course, the video would have to be seen on a very wide screen.
  7. Two things - A. I never thought of the word "stunning" as having the potential to be used as an understatment until now. B. I hate you, I really do!
  8. And this woman's voice, style, and looks will haunt me to the grave...
  9. When she switches from her Rod Stewart tribute at the 1:40 mark to her own voice, GOT-FUCKING-DAMN! No need to worry sugar...
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