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  1. I was assured by Dr. Phil and Joel Osteen that Oprah was in no way, shape, or form a fraud!
  2. Honestly, though, I don't think it was the Gotlieb's. They were both busy with my drone today...
  3. Cajun

    Pink Floyd

    The second I heard about him auctioning off his guitars I felt the chill.
  4. iirc you live in SA around or in the neighborhood I grew up in. No HOA and really no need for one. Moving back there in June. Can't wait.
  5. No, no, no, you're not being picky. That's why I asked the question, to get it right. Richard and Carole Gottlieb living in Georgetown, TX Richard and Carole Gottlieb living in Georgetown, TX Ok, I think I got this - Richard Gottlieb and Carole Gottlieb 1000 Lucinda Terrace Georgetown, TX 78268 From looking at the photo of their property, and on a completely unrelated note, sure looks like a good area to operate a drone. Sorry, I'm just rambling now.
  6. Boy, if there was ever a face begging for the thujone treatment, there it is.
  7. Don't stop there! Let's take a look at Baylor's "success" over Texas there...
  8. Cajun

    Silver Spurs

    Yep, I took a few licks and we had some baseball players in my frat who I prayed to f'n Allah wouldn't end up being the tapper. Wasn't so much that they swung hard, it was that they rolled their wrists coming through. Welcome to the BLADE.
  9. Just make sure they aren't ou grads first or you won't have the desired effect.
  10. My guess is that the best bit of "what goes around comes around" is simply that Richard and Carol have to live with each other. They'll probably live quite awhile too, suckin' down undeserved sips of oxygen. Hope that lingers for years.
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