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  1. Lol, true, we have all this money but we didnt buy the guy out when we had the chance. Now we could be stuck with him next year and beyond.
  2. I saw that game and Auburn was not one play away from winning. Score does not indicate closeness. We fucked up that 3rd down and 20, or we probably win. Anyways, Im not gonna debate this further, its just to say, you didnt kick our ass, it was a very good game.
  3. This dude was 100% saved by the Coronavirus, lets be real, ponying up for a huge buyout and trying to get a new coach in an uncertain time like this would not have been easy. Especially when you consider all of the lost revenue and possible lost revenue if we cant get a real season off the ground next year for football, and then couple that with the cost of the new basketball stadium. Shaka was never getting fired in any sort of tumultuous economic times.
  4. Kicked our asses? We were the team that came closest to winning against yall all year.
  5. Unfortunately, I cannot continue this conversation or I will be banned from this sub.
  6. 4 million infected right now? Thats feels like a stretch
  7. Tested 100k people yesterday in the USA and over 20k in New York yesterday
  8. And being an armchair quarterback and saying we shouldve started prepping for this in January when China was lying their ass off about the disease is the sign of a true intellectual? gtfo
  9. You would be having aneurysms every day in all the other countries, bitching about how terribly they have handled it. I think we are doing a good job all things considered. You think we should be testing millions of Americans every few days or we are fucking up. People have unrealistic views of finite resources, just because you think something should be happening doesnt mean it is reasonable or plausible.
  10. We shouldn't be in this position. We are the greatest country on earth. We should have made test preparation and allocation THE national priority at least by late January. By late March, we should have the infrastructure to test anyone who wants a test and isolate All the positive cases, even asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic ones. Well Mikey, that didnt happen, hindsight is 20/20, you should run for president. I think we were caught with our pants down but a lot of that had to do with shit info out of China. I think we have recovered beautifully though in the last week or two and are really responding quite well.
  11. Yeah, because our country has an enormous spread. We are not South Korea which is the size of Louisiana. We have tested over 500k people. And we are administering well over 60k tests per day. The most South Korea ever achieved was 18k per day. All I am saying is, testing on a scale and spread is extremely difficult and when we are blowing countries like France and Germany out of the water, then its hard to fault us for not administering 1 million tests per day. There is a limit to resources and what can be accomplished. I know we all want every single person tested, but its not realistic.
  12. For many others that was 10 days ago. I dont think people started to take it seriously until late last week. That is why I laugh when I read that people said we shouldve locked down the country earlier. We are a stubborn group of people that will only take something seriously when its slapping us in the face.
  13. We are testing more than any country in the world by a very wide margin, I would also mention that the rate of positive test is about 7% in Texas and lower in many of the less affected states. So yes, you are seeing tests being prioritized by being shipped to higher percentage areas like New York and New Jersey, which are both well over 30% positive rate. So I think the tests are being allocated properly to catch as many people as possible. You cant send thousands of tests to every city in America, logistically speaking. So yes, I am sure cases are being missed logically, but I mean, for the size and spread of our country, I would say we are doing a pretty damn good job.
  14. Where do you think we are at case wise in 2 months? I think the social distancing and lockdown will slow the spread immensely.
  15. I guess it all depends on asymptomatic cases and a variety of other factors (like how we decide to proceed moving forward with social distancing/economic concerns). But I think 20 million infected sounds very high over the next two months. We are at 90k now. That would require 200x the amount of people we have now to get infected. People are starting to take this seriously. Im sure the infection rate will slow dramatically soon.
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