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  1. We may not be good on the field, but our players are 10x more woke than oklahomas #winning
  2. Our division is so fucking bad we are still gonna be tied for first after starting 1-3. And we are damn lucky it isnt 0-4
  3. Yeah he killed it in the Big 12 Championship and the game against LSU, oh, dont forget how good we looked against OU in 2019. GTFO with big game Tom. He won one big game, against Georgia.
  4. We wouldve never been in that situation to begin with if Sam was better. I love Sam but he is an above average Texas QB, he should never be mentioned in the same breath with Young and Colt and other Texas greats. He bleeds orange, which I love, but he doesnt have that transcendent "it" factor. Period, end of story.
  5. Because it is the play, that if he caught it, wouldve given us a better chance to win the game (still almost zero) but a better chance than we had if he didnt. He fucked up. It shows he is as bad as Strong when it comes to situational awareness. He needs to go.
  6. It is the principal of Tom or anyone on his staff being too stupid to even realize it. And then if the time truly ran out (it didnt), you take the penalty and pray for the miracle fumbled exchange. He chose the worst path out of three possible outcomes. Astonishing level of fail from him honestly.
  7. Absolutely not, we wouldve lost anyways. But the coach failing to even recognize and fight for this, is why I KNOW he needs to be FIRED. It just shows how fucking stupid he really is.
  8. Because he is a garbage, situationally unaware coach. If you are playing tight games week in and week out and you are too fucking stupid to pay attention to the game, it will not end well.
  9. Tom should be fired for not getting that second back, thats outrageously stupid coaching to not ask for that to be reviewed. Give Mack shit but he wouldve been standing at midfield holding his finger up...
  10. Tom should be fired for not getting that second back
  11. He will break NCAA records when he comes back for his victory lap next year
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