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  1. Gotta be at least 30-40 people when you include the players and staff for LSU and the refs.
  2. Artest has seen a guy throw a chair leg through another man's heart. That was a hilarious quote from the Jim Rome show a while back from his time playing street ball growing up.
  3. Dawg, I never mentioned race. And a brawl is a lot different than tripping. It has to do with where these dudes grew up playing ball. Anyways, continue being an overly sensitive person and taking offense at everything. Good day.
  4. McCormack and DeSousa shouldve been banned, what a joke
  5. You know what they say, you can take the player out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of the player. Another case and point here. Who the fuck even thinks picking up a chair is an appropriate action. And wtf to the dudes stomping on that guys head. They should all be kicked off the team.
  6. CDC just dicks around on twitter all day and and didnt have the balls to do his job last year in firing Shaka when we all knew this shit was gonna happen. This is a black mark for him. He better hope Herman works out or his seat is gonna get hot in a hurry.
  7. On second thought... I would hire him to caoch the aggys
  8. I wouldnt let him coach a middle school girls team after this
  9. What a fucking fraud and used car salesman. No skill, speaks in platitudes.
  10. We sure are committed to losing, he has the boys on board!
  11. This is a fucking abject embarrassment. People dont even talk shit anymore, they just feel bad because we cant even string together a few fucking wins. All we are is a steaming pile of shit.
  12. I finally get it, we are now aggy. We have incompetent dumbfucks as coaches and every year, we hope we turn the corner and have a decent season... Then it doesnt happen so we are reduced to rooting against our biggest rivals all year because our teams are such colossal fuck ups they could never contend for anything of meaning on their own. What a terrible and sad existence they must live and now Im being forced to live it.
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