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  1. The odds are so far in their favor that I can say this with near certainty. Tons of players have had it already, and they're fine. And we get it dude, you're a doctor, with more free time than any doctor I know, providing your opinion. I have family members who are doctors that feel covid is overblown and fear driven. Lots of opinions and yours isn't superior to every other doctors opinion.
  2. Don't be stupid please, the riots caused the spike. Saying it is negligible is insulting to everyone's intelligence. Everyone except far left hacks know this.
  3. Yeah it's sad people had to burn, loot, and murder in the streets and spread covid everywhere. Then the fear driven morons like you blame people who had nothing to do with the spike for the problems.
  4. You forgot the protests, they are the ones that fueled this
  5. What a shortsighted take... what if a single player gets CTE? Shut it all down i guess according to you
  6. Dont question the narrative. We will all die either from covid or complications from covid. Prepare accordingly and write your will.
  7. you hope Texas shuts it down? I dont, speak for yourself
  8. Be real man, nobody is likely to get myocarditis. Nobody is going to die. Give the players an opt out with no penalty if they are scared. Most players will choose to play to help further their careers. They are safer under the 24 hour medical care they will get at the school than if they get it at home.
  9. If 3 of the 5 conferences play, there will be a playoff. Pac 12 is irrelevant anyways. We are only really missing out on Ohio State, and fuck em.
  10. I would take them and Iowa into the Big 12 in a heartbeat and go back to a normal schedule with two divisions. Fuck this playing OU twice in a year BS, it makes it so hard on the conference.
  11. Big 12/SEC/ACC/Independent conference with teams that actually want to play Big 10 and Pac 12 can stay home and watch Sounds good to me
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