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  1. Yes, if you believe that the gap was almost nothing and this week would be the sole determining factor. I tend to believe the gap was a little wider. I agree LSU had a better day today. I think Ohio State did enough to give them a legit shot at the #1 seed though.
  2. LSU beat an overrated georgia and OSU beat a top 10 team with a strong second half. I dont see anything that makes me think one or the other is a slam dunk. I think being sure either way is just a guess.
  3. You are talking in absolutes, do you know someone on the committee? I would love to make some money on 5 dimes if you have an inside source
  4. It will be interesting to see who they put at 1. I think it might be Ohio State but I guess we will find out tomorrow. Now way to know until then.
  5. Ohio State is gonna murder OU lol Clemson vs LSU gonna be a bloodbath
  6. Ouch that QB took a completely meaningless hit and got decleated
  7. If Wisconsin boat races Ohio State, that is the only way they should be in, and spoiler alert, they still wont get in.
  8. Not an argument. I guess you think the coaches did mighty swell this year, huh? Cuz this team shouldve won the big 12.
  9. Its not the "we are back, I blindly believe in Tom" crowd that I fall in. I fall in the, we have more talent than all these fucking teams and we contunually underachieve with poor coaching staffs. If you think that moron Hurts and that spare Brewer are awesome, you are an idiot. We shouldve beaten both those teams. There is no reason we shouldnt have won the big 12 this year other than pure underachieving failure.
  10. What is the hallmark of close games if you have more talent than the opponent? Turnovers and undisciplined play. Every game that was too close was marred by undisciplined play. Not sure why you are burying your head in the sand. The team clearly was deflated after the loss to LSU and never matched that level of play again all season.
  11. Make excuses all you want but there is no reason this team shouldnt have made the playoffs. OU tried to give us the game against them but we were too undisciplined to take it. When we played the Baylor game the team had quit. That was the only blowout loss of the season. Every other game was winnable.
  12. Yes, just yes. The team went toe to toe with LSU but they were undisciplined and poorly coached. We had penalties, drops, and turnovers all year that fucked our team. That is the hallmark of an undisciplined staff.
  13. I know it hurts, but it's true. We blew it.Couldve easily made the playoffs witht he talent we had, instead we are going to the motherfucking Alamo bowl, epic fail.
  14. They suck bro. The Texas team that showed up against LSU wouldve gangraped Baylor. Too bad that team is dead and gone.
  15. Big 12 was wide open this year and we fucking blew it. OU and Baylor are not good teams. Either of them will get boat raced by LSU/Ohio State
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