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  1. Fud


    Just saw that another batch of Prideful Goat is getting released soon The first was pretty damn good. 15 year heaven hill cask strength, I got it for $105
  2. Here's how one OU insider explained it "There's a lot to unpack here... Oklahoma was busy dealing with some internal issues on Friday and didn't have a lot of time to do more background checking on why he was leaving Texas A&M. By Saturday evening, OU had checked in with Beggs to see what was going on and where things stood. On Sunday, Oklahoma was planning to get in contact with Daniels this week. The overall message was OU was wanting Daniels to not make an immediate decision. Well, he made a quick decision."
  3. Nomadland- typical well made Oscar-bait movie that didn't entertain me but appreciated how well it was made. 7/10 Tumbbad- really bizarre Indian fantasy horror movie that was pretty good if you can get past some of the b-movie fx. 6.5/10
  4. He's good, but he's not in the discussion as the top WR in the state while Evan Stewart exists
  5. Here are some that I can find The Souvenir- 89% vs 36% The Last Jedi- 90% vs 42% It Comes at Night- 88% vs 43% Hail, Caesar!- 85% vs 44% Spy Kids- 93% vs 46% The Assistant- 92% vs 25% I'm Your Woman- 81% vs 48% Da Five Bloods- 92% vs 53%
  6. I'd guess that Harris replaces whoever of Banks, Drayton, Coleman, and Milwee leaves first, and in the meantime learns the offense
  7. Depends on if we actually land Ben Davis and other transfers
  8. Big Kat Bryant is apparently having some sort of trouble transferring into OU
  9. Some posters on LSU boards think Matthews is a likely spin down to linebacker prospect, similar to Christian Harris out of Louisiana, or similar to Overshown for us
  10. He’s my guess, but it could always be some rando out of state Elko special
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