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  1. What I remember about Green was that he didn't give up a single reception at some all star 7 on 7 tournament in Louisiana where the team probably played close to ten matches
  2. Hand does the best job of actively looking under rocks for his position group of any assistant that Herman has had a Texas. Sometimes he doesn't push for guys we on the messageboards like, and sometimes he doesn't land the top targets, but he puts in the work looking for backup plans (regardless of what some posters who are mad that we didn't take an extra OL or two last cycle believe, and that is ultimately Herman's choice anyway). So basically yes, if we miss on that foursome, we're probably looking at a couple names mostly off the radar right now
  3. They prefer Myslinki over Ezra, and want to stay on Foster, Byrd, and the Brock Brothers
  4. Also, Jimbo doesn't seem terribly interested in saving several class counters every year for potential transfers
  5. I will say that in the portal age, finishing second and not burning the bridge could end up netting you that prospect a year or two down the line a certain percentage of the time. Of course, he'd be less valuable since he'd most likely then have to sit out a year.
  6. Conner is good at football, Fatheree isn’t
  7. It doesn't always matter, but it's generally a sign that the staff views the QB as a potential starter
  8. You're comparing a 4* to... the 1490th recruit in the country?
  9. Might just be the staff doesn't want to potentially take three smaller interior guys (James Brock, Myslinki, Ezra)
  10. Not that I agree with taking Myslinki over Ezra, but it's possible the staff has more relevant measurables than listed heights and weights
  11. I think it's revisionist to say that Riley took Mordecai to be a backup. He was the only QB in that class and was toosly; Riley took him because he thought he could coach him up
  12. Rattler seems like he can put up video game numbers in that system against most teams, but might be turnover prone against better defenses
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