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  1. Foster is massive (~ 6'5 350 at his Texas visit, irrc) but isn't fat, moves pretty well for how big he is, is strong as shit, is an elite thrower, and has done well at camps, including having the best reps against Bryan Bresee last offseason while being a year younger than everyone else. But then if you watch him in Hayden Conner's hudl, he's not particularly impressive. I'd split the difference.
  2. There’s some optimism that we’ll have a decent shot for him
  3. Per 247 rankings, Louisiana has WRs ranked #41, #51, #121, #133, #157, and #238 in the country, and that's not counting Sage Ryan, who'll be their version of Billy Bowman who might play WR or DB, or Jack Bech who may or may not get an offer. They currently have a WR from Mississippi committed, but Orgeron showed last class that he'll drop long time commits. They're going to be big game national hunting for the position this class, and they likely won't be able to take all of the in-state kids, so there might be a guy or two who'd normally go to LSU who might be ripe for the picking.
  4. Wasn't a fan of Conner's sophomore stuff, but I thought he looked much better this year. He actually looks better than Foster on most plays. Shrugs.
  5. I think he's a really good guard prospect in a year where there are about ten good potential guard prospects. He's really aggressive and plays pissed off, which is a primary thing I look for. He's really fluid for how tall he is. Don't think he has the feet to be ideal at tackle, although sometimes when guys are that big, all they need to do is take up space, so maybe he can be considered a swing guy. I think Foster and Jackson are a little overrated, and the three guys I love out of the bunch are both Brockermeyers and Byrd, but the quantity of offensive line talent is such that I'm fine with most any of these guys (except for maybe Fatheree). Take four dudes, and then save two spots for the Brockermeyers. If they don't want in late, then the season probably sucked anyway, and we're praying that Matt Campbell has some sort of relationship with the top Texas prospects.
  6. Watched him awhile back and thought he was a lumbering plodder, and didn't understand his high ranking. He's a wait and see guy, for me. Yeah, it's hilarious that A&M is using a 2021 counter on his brother. It's the 2021 version of Jordan Jefferson, and it really only made sense if they would have let him join in the spring
  7. Texas 2021 rankings on 2471) Tommy Brockermeyer2) Donovan Jackson3) Ja'Tavion Sanders4) LJ Johnson5) Savion Byrd6) Billy Bowman7) Camar Wheaton'8) Cody Jackson9) Clayton Smith10) JoJo Earle11) Landon Jackson12) Kaidon Salter13) J.Michael Sturdivant14) Jalen Milroe15) Dematrius Davis16) Ismael Ibraheem17) Marcus Burris18) Preston Stone19) Reuben Fatheree20) Bryce Foster21) Eli Stowers22) Shadrach Banks23) Ketron Jackson24) Sawyer Robertson25) Jordon Thomas26) Jordan Jenkins27) Latrell McCutchin28) Theodore Knox29) Quaydarius Davis30) Derrick Harris Jr31) Behren Morton32) Kendrick Blackshire33) Garrett Nussmeier34) Andrew Mukuba35) Deuce Harmon36) Shemar Turner Tommy Brockermeyer (7) and Donovan Jackson (8) are 5*s. 247 only has eight 5*s right now. Ja'Tavion is #14 Jonah Miller isn't in the top 247, and Bram Walden is #80 overall
  8. He's the Dwight McGlothern of Leon O'Neals
  9. They might have the two slowest tight ends in the country
  10. Stacy Brown, who will be on a track and field scholarship while being on the football team. He doesn't count against scholarship numbers until/unless he sees the field. https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2020/stacy-brown-jr-186218
  11. He reminds me of the slight DE who went to Oregon like five years ago
  12. They all seem to think their incoming freshmen (Diggs, Mowry, and Harris) would have passed him up this year, and he's a third year guy. Mowry, who wasn't in a football program this past summer and semester, and Harris, who weighs like 210 pounds.
  13. Pouring one out for Billy Hammucci, who got the ban hammer from Pierogi tonight
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