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  1. Wasn't he Derrick Johnson's cousin or nephew or something? Presumably he'll be Creed's replacement down the road This will be OU's third class counter lost to transfers
  2. LSU might be trending for the NDSU linebacker
  3. We didn’t take any TEs last class, so I don’t think it’s a terrible idea
  4. So he's been at Katy Taylor, Pearland (or some Pearland School), Lamar Consolidated, and now Katy High? I think there might be another one in there too that I'm missing
  5. His 247 page doesn't show that https://247sports.com/Player/Brandon-Campbell-46058435/
  6. Holy shit, he changed again? I think that's four in four. I think WR Neville is 3 in 4.
  7. I unplugged from recruiting over the last month or so until I got tagged in here yesterday. Cliffs on what I missed?
  8. He's Louisiana's version of Billy Bowman in that he could be a top 50 guy at DB or WR. LSU lock. Waste of time to pursue, but there should be some other studs in their loaded in-state class who should be pursued.
  9. Remember that Rhomandre Stevenson is suspended for the first five games
  10. 17 sacks this season seems pretty good for someone still filling out and learning the position
  11. I don't think we'd lose Conner. He seems pretty bought in with everything Texas has to offer
  12. I love Milroe's hudl, but I did hear from someone in the area who thinks he's overrated, but I was thinking that his value as a class builder is such that he's worth taking even if that's true while hopefully being sandwiched between Card and Ewers, although now some concerns about the Ewers recruitment are starting to come out, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Maybe they salvage the Milroe recruitment, or maybe they replace him with a great prospect who's a much better passer. Or maybe a different head coach picks the next QB. We'll see.
  13. I guess they want a better passer. If it's true that they let Milroe go, hopefully it doesn't hurt recruiting in the rest of the 2021 class. Some of the guys Herman decided to pass on prioritizing who were either ranked high early or who the boards loved; Shawn Robinson, Spencer Sanders/Mordecai, King Haynes, and Preston Stone (and maybe Milroe). It'll be interesting to see how this works out.
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