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  1. Also, Perroni straight up speculating on potential transfers out of the program based on Jimbo's half ass presser is wild. On most boards, mods will ban posters for speculating about specific names of potential transfers if they don't have real info
  2. I don't even remember Ke'Shun Brown as a recruit
  3. Apparently Jimbo does the same thing Perroni- “When Fisher is talking about guys down the depth chart, he always pulls out his notes to make sure to comment on everybody. So it's more telling the first few he mentions before looking at the card.”
  4. Jimbo basically said in his presser that this depth chart is meaningless/inaccurate because it changes daily
  5. The Mukuba depth chart note is interesting. While Clemson has been lights out in cornerback recruiting, their safeties have mostly been 3*s and low 4*s. And while I'm sure they were all good evals, they probably don't scare Mukuba away Safety composite ratings the last two classes 2019 .9376 .8851 .8729 .8648 2020 .9178 .9021 .8498
  6. Suchomel Mukuba had four FutureCast picks come in for Clemson yesterday, but in checking around with a couple other Rivals reporters today, I'd put the confidence in those picks as moderate at best. Basically, Mukuba has done a good job of keeping everyone guessing and nobody truly has a good read on what he's thinking. Mukuba did do a Clemson game-day virtual visit on Saturday and I've been told there is some cautious optimism coming from Clemson. But Mukuba also spoke with UT d-coordinator Chris Ash on Sunday and Texas isn't going away. As of late last week, I feel confident in saying he was unsure of his decision. Could that have changed over the weekend? Possible, but nobody I've talked to has heard a firm confirmation of that. Tough one to read and it could stay that way until he decides ... Mukuba's a smart kid who definitely does a good job of not tipping his hand.
  7. He's basically Will Graham at this point
  8. I’d rather read word soup from @Spider2YBanana than this shit from Burton
  9. Where’s Reed currently on the depth chart?
  10. Mond? Yeah, I think that makes that game losable, even though A&M should still be the favorite
  11. Fud

    Underrated Movies

    Lone star is brilliant. Need to watch the other one
  12. In an effort to help me (and others on the board) build a watchlist, what are some of your favorite lesser known movies? The more you can post, the betterHere are some of mine:Netflix:Haywire: Steven Soderbergh action starring Gina Carano and featuring Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas Ewan Mcgregor, Bill Paxton, and a young Michael Fassbender.Burning: A South Korean movie that I think is better than Parasite, but don't let high expectations ruin it for youBlue Ruin: Low budget slow burner about a man on the runPrime Streaming with Sub:You Were Never Really There: Best actor of the decade, Joaquin Phoenix, plays a hitman with PTSDThe Handmaiden: Maybe my second favorite South Korean movie after OldboyNeon Demon: Nicolas Refn movie (which means lots of ****ed up stuff with a backdrop of synth wave music and beautiful neon shots) about a young lady trying to make it in modeling in LAPrime and Hulu Streaming with Sub:The Ninth Gate: Polanski neo noir about a rare book finder, Johnny Depp, finding books for a rich clientHBO Max:Hanna: A young Saoirse Ronan plays a young assassin on the runThe American: George Clooney plays a retired assassin hanging around in Tuscany to do one last job. Slow burn, so don't watch if you can't handle thatPrime RentalsBrick: Early Rian Johnson high school neo noir starring a young Joseph Gordon-LevettSunshine: Danny Boyle space sci-fi with a strong castPrimer: Low budget hard sci-fi movie about a couple of inventive engineers working on a project in their garage, and the movie turns into a mind****Red Riding Trilogy: I think of it as a British True DetectiveWhat do you guys got?
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