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  1. Predicts the Louisiana @ Texas line to be Texas -7.5
  2. Jolie being hot was far down the list of stupid shit going on in this stupid movie
  3. Animal Kingdom- solid crime drama about how a small Australian crime family reacts as the law stars closing in. Some great performances in this one, including Ben Mendelssohn. 6.5/10
  4. Ha forgot that was him He quickly used up his goodwill as a guy whose stuff is must-watch
  5. Those Who Wish Me Dead- some good performers are trying really hard in this garbage movie, but they’re unable to redeem it. First chink in the armor of Taylor Sheridan; this was really bad. 3/10
  6. 45 minutes into Those That Want Me Dead, and this movie really sucks, which is surprising with the loaded cast and director/writer
  7. Fud


    Hit up poison girl for the first time and tried a few pours that I’d never had before I had Weller 12 ($12) and Old VW 10 ($30) back to back, and didn’t feel like there was much of a difference there. Similar pours, but VW was maybe 10% better
  8. Love Exposure- what a silly, funny, bizarre, wild, entertaining, ambitious, exhausting, and outstanding movie. The longest movie I've ever watched. I've never seen anything like it. 10/10
  9. Martyrs- as far as fucked up French movies go, I liked High Tension and Inside much more. This one was a little too much for me, and I thought parts of it were really dumb. 5/10
  10. Fud


    Grabbed some Old Grand-dad BIB on a whim today, and man this is some really good shit for $20. Might need to do a second pass on clearer head and palate
  11. Fud


    Got a bottle last week. First pour wasn't very good, will revisit this weekend. Old Overholt BIB was noticeably better at about $8 cheaper, but again, I need to revisit
  12. Hank South when asked for his WR class prediction: "If I was predicting now I'd say: Kevin Coleman, Omari Kelly, Barion Brown, and go out on a limb with dark horse name and just say Chris Marshall. We'll see on that one though. Long way to go. Lot of guys in the mix." When asked for which WRs Bama is recruiting: "WR: Barion Brown, Kevin Coleman, Evan Stewart, Luther Burden, Omari Kelly, Kojo Antwi, Shazz Preston, etc..... Brenen Thompson in there too."
  13. A few random notes from other schools sites.. putting it all in this thread - Bama might be a darkhorse (at least as much as they can be in a recruitment) for Abor. Blackshire is helping to recruit. He's typically thought to be a tOSU vs OU battle. Isn't planning to commit until his all american game; Bama tends to do well with late announcements - Malaki Nelson and Arch Manning are the top tier 2023 QBs, with Holstein emerging as the #3, but Iamaleava (fantastic name) is emerging as a 4th name; he's an athletic 6'6 210 lb, and he's visiting Bama, Clemson, Ohio State, and Georgia in June,
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