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  1. He doesn't seem to be on their radar, unless I'm missing something
  2. So A&M mods think he's going there, some Texas mods think there's a chance he stays, and there's rumors that he's potentially failing out. Sounds similar to his original recruitment.
  3. Harrell uses plenty of 12 and 11 at USC, by the way
  4. Sounds like Traylor to UTSA as head coach
  5. Maybe after he goes to the NFL and leaves after two or three years
  6. In some games, the offense was creative and clearly gameplanned the opponent. In others, it was vanilla and was very "just run out stuff" irrespective of what the opponent was doing or was good at. I'm not sure what was going on there, but perhaps Herman thinks it takes too much of his time to put together the good offensive gameplans personally.
  7. I think Oregon was waiting on him to decommit for a long time and was pretty apathetic about it, because he's a difficult to deal with shithead and was a grade risk, but it was a pretty quick flip once he decommitted https://247sports.com/Player/Elijah-Blades-88047/TimelineEvents/
  8. Wasn’t Blades committed to Oregon, but he had eligibility concerns or something and A&M swooped in? Justin Wells thinks Shepherd could end up at Texas Southern. I’m wondering if A&M might not have room? They just trapdoored Ellison, and they might be making their second worst commit grayshirt or get trapdoored
  9. Fwiw, OBs is saying that the 3 year $6.5mm figure isn't accurate
  10. Chip says he's hearing the offer was in the range of 3 years $6.5mm guaranteed I spent about ten minutes trying to find an updated article of highest paid assistants, but I believe this would be by far the highest salary for an OC, beating out Sark and Chaney who are $1.55 and $1.5 per. I could easily be missing someone though. There are plenty of assistants with higher salaries than that, but they're all DCs, unless I'm missing someone.
  11. I thread the needle between pumper and satya like fucking betsy ross
  12. You're overly concerned about so many prospects you can't keep them straight #satyacarton
  13. Are you still worried about A&M and Garth?
  14. I'm too worried about Alfred Collins right now to be worried about Brothers Brockermeyer
  15. A&M might try and grayshirt their second lowest commit after Jordan Jefferson, OLB Kenneth Phillips
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