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  1. A&M has to shed several players before fall camp, I think. Looks like Jimbo already decided on one of them
  2. Aggy posters are starting to wonder why they wanted an initial counter on Kenneth Phillips
  3. Fud


    Ha, I came across a video of him reviewing last night while trying to find reviews of Prideful Goat
  4. If you could afford a decent lawyer, you got a waiver. If you couldn't, you didn't get a waiver.
  5. Maybe he’s tired of not getting P5 HC jobs?
  6. It seems like half of their offense has been out the past two weeks. Wonder how many of the injuries are actually serious?
  7. Stowers can hardly hit wide open short routes in practice, as seen above. Plus he'll be a true freshman. Plus he doesn't fit Jimbo's offense as well as King does.
  8. I mean, it's possible if King wins the job, Calzone transfers, and King gets injured, but I'd be pretty surprised if he was the starter by then on merit
  9. Fud


    Some inexpensive and easy to find good starter bottles that you should help you get your bearings without breaking the bank. I'd think about starting with one or two wheaters, one or two high ryes, one or two low ryes, and maybe a low % rye like Sazerac and maybe a high % rye like one of the High Wests Elijah Craig Small Batch Wild Turkey 101 Four Roses Small Batch Weller Special Reserve Makers Mark Bulleit Bourbon Buffalo Trace Evan Williams Single Barrel, Evan Williams Bottled In Bond Jim Beam Black, Jim Beam Bottled in Bond, Jim Beam Single Barr
  10. Rich Man's Case McCoy is going to win it by default
  11. I think it's more of "here's a list of good OL we're in on who could replace one of the top five if we whiff"; Fitz could be the replacement for a tackle miss
  12. It'll be interesting to see how OU's OL class materializes, since we're battling them for guys like Devin Campbell, Cole Hutson, Neto Umeozulu, Kam Dewberry, Malik Agbo, etc. After taking only two OL in 2021, they could potentially take a big OL class here, but they're taking a ton of transfers every year as well, and also typically after landing four or so OL, it gets tougher to land a good fifth or sixth one Committed Demetrius Hunter Probably lead for Jacob Sexton Cameron Williams Jake Taylor Dave Iuli Don't appear to be in on anymore
  13. If Raleek Brown ends up flipping down the line like some think he will, this is apparently who OU would try to replace him with https://247sports.com/player/braylin-presley-46085537/
  14. Probably more "offer the best best players available" than concerns about Sweat, imo
  15. It hurts recruiting. That's reason enough to upgrade.
  16. He doesn't allow himself to be tied down by just one guy
  17. He wasn't It should be Ovie + 3 more, but Saban seemingly finds ways around the rules, and I'm sure Sark is looking to do the same if he needs to
  18. Watched Lost Highway for the first time since high school, and was surprised that I actually was able to follow along (or at least I think I did; Lynch doesn't explain his movies so we're all doing our own interpretations); Lynch's trilogy of subconscious psychological mindfuck LA movies aren't going to be understood on the first watch. Some of it seems dated in a way that his other movies aren't, and it doesn't mesh as well as Mulholland Drive (I need to rewatch Inland Empire, I've only seen it once and don't remember it well), but I still like it a lot for what it is. However, like most thin
  19. 247 in-state top 30... yikes 1) Quinn Ewers 2) Caleb Burton 3) Omari Abor 4) Harold Perkins 5) Denver Harris 6) Devon Campbell 7) Malick Sylla '8) Jaydon Blue 9) Kelvin Banks 10) Conner Weigman 11) Evan Stewart 12) Bryce Anderson 13) Bryan Allen Jr 14) Cade Klubnik 15) Jaylon Guilbeau 16) Kobie McKinzie 17) Bear Alexander 18) PJ Williams 19) Donovan Green 20) Terrance Brooks 21) Hunter Erb 22) Chace Biddle 23) Jamarion Miller 24) Chris Marshall 25) Julian Humphrey 26) Armani Winfield 27) Brenen Thompson 28) Austin Jordan 29) Tavorus Jones 30
  20. On other players he might be looking to add"We’ve really got four spots still available for us. The nature of college football right now, with the transfer portal and the things going on with a potential one-time transfer rule coming down the road, we wanted to make sure we left ourselves enough wiggle room and versatility to get through spring ball and maybe address a few more needs that may come down the road."
  21. Starting with 2017, because we took 27 and 29 in the prior two classes so presumably there's nothing to count back with 2017- 18 signees plus 1 transfer makes 19 counters, with room for 6 (25-19=6) in the next class to count backwards with if needed 2018- 27 signees plus 2 transfers makes 29, count 6 back to the previous class to make 23, which puts us 2 under the 25, leaving room for 2 in the next class 2019- 27 signees, no room for the next class to count back with 2020- 20 signees, I'll go ahead and add the 5 transfers that've made it to campus (Black, Schooler, Watson,
  22. Does anyone have the Sark quote from NSD about how much room they have left? I thought he said four, but I could be wrong
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