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  1. Does anybody in the house take Ambien to go to sleep? I've seen family members do really weird things while riding the A-train.
  2. My girlfriend's dog. Pug/Chihuahua/JRT mix. She's 14 and a little bad ass.
  3. Went camping in the woods this past weekend. Willow loved it. Got to run around and be a dog. Splashing, climbing, jumping, exploring, and generally being a happy goof. Gonna take the kids and pups this weekend to camp on Mt Hood.
  4. Nuge


    Username checks out. Who's here in the Portland area? I'm in the Couve.
  5. Nuge


    The Arizer Extreme Q is only $170.. https://www.planetofthevapes.com/products/arizer-extreme-q-vaporizer
  6. I've always thought that if you look at the lyrics from the perspective of a slave it takes on a more sinister tone.
  7. Really weird considering all of the recruiting he was doing on behalf of UT.
  8. I vote by mail in Washington state, like everyone else. No issues.
  9. Nuge


    No valve, but no big deal really. Comes with two bags and a whip and a remote control for $150. I'm happy with it.
  10. Nuge


    New toy
  11. In my head this is Brie Larson
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