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  1. A topic on 247 says Jordon Thomas is committing soon via his Instagram. I didn't see a link or screenshot
  2. Greg Biggins reporting another DB offer from Cali. https://247sports.com/Player/Ceyair-Wright-46049127/
  3. Hadn't noticed, but Evans got a couple of Florida crystal ball picks in the last few days.
  4. I hope these guys get roasted for these comments.
  5. So who starts at the other Safety spot now? @golfclap man Brian Williams is less athletic than Leon.
  6. Lulz. https://www.secrant.com/rant/sec-football/becoming-lsu-the-aandm-story/88758114/
  7. Giles with an offer. https://247sports.com/Player/Malick-Sylla-46093619/
  8. I haven't seen any highlights on the 2 Arizona OL, but are they Tackles or interior guys?
  9. Saw an article already projecting bowl games for next season. Had USC vs aggy in the Las Vegas Bowl (apparently it's now a PAC 12 vs SEC/Big10 game). Anyways, would be hilarious to see Orlando against one of the few remaining pro-style/stone aged offenses and shut Jimbo down (again).
  10. Walden is now #88 nationally in the composite. The mod that put that article out crystal balled him to Oregon afterwards. I think we know how this ends unfortunately.
  11. Leitao seems like a transfer candidate. I figure the 2 deep at DE would be Ossai/Vaughns and Bimage/Jones with Warren possibly seeing time.
  12. Sanders now a composite 5*. Bowman right on the edge of being one.
  13. I know it's early, but Guzman and IKF have been awful at the plate so far.
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