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  1. Haha Wiltfong changed his aggy pick on Manning to cloudy.
  2. TFB has an update on Collins. Doesn't sound good.
  3. These lucky gomers get to play absolute dog shit QB's from SC and the 2 Mississippi schools. 7 easiest wins of anybody in the country.
  4. Going to waste a golden opportunity at possibly the best overall class the state has ever produced.
  5. Meyer would take this job in a heartbeat, win the Big 12, and then shit on Herman afterwards saying all this team needed was coaching.
  6. So that's how a 3-man pass rush should look like.
  7. Glad I'll be traveling for the holidays next Saturday and not have to witness a pitiful loss against Baylor.
  8. Meyer would clean up the state in recruiting plus bring in elite OOS players.
  9. We'd be in the CFP discussion this time next year with Meyer. If he could bring in someone like Larry Johnson for a DL Coach, even better.
  10. Collins and Bijan ain't coming to this shit show. Going to be an aggy-like class full of half bread.
  11. Kenneth Murray was begging to come here. Buddy Johnson would be here right now if he would have been offered. Those 2 would look nice at LB right now.
  12. Adeleye is committing January 8th and listed his 3 finalists. Didn't see the 3, but reading some non-VIP posts, Texas isn't one of them.
  13. When should we expect Banks to flip to LSU?
  14. Blair Anguilo has an update on Fillinger and setting an OV date.
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