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  1. Have said it before, but Ole Miss, Miss. State, and Arky have all upgraded tremendously from last season from the QB/OC/Offensive HC perspective. And aggy has struggled with all 3 of those the last few seasons.
  2. Elmer_Fudd

    David Beaty

    Settlement reached. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hutchnews.com/sports/20200605/ku-former-football-coach-david-beaty-reach-255-million-settlement%3ftemplate=ampart
  3. David Beaty and Kansas have reached a settlement. Possible addition to the analysts staff now? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.hutchnews.com/sports/20200605/ku-former-football-coach-david-beaty-reach-255-million-settlement%3ftemplate=ampart
  4. I posted it on the football, but the Utah DC that was being talked up as possibly our next DC has been suspended.
  5. Remember when some of the sites were saying the Utah DC was a legit candidate for the DC spot? He just got suspended effective immediately.
  6. 247 hinting that Stowers will get a ratings bump when the updated rankings come out in a few weeks 🧐
  7. Kelvin Banks looked pretty good in them clips yesterday going against Jordon Thomas and others. I know we offered early and he committed to Oklahoma State early as well. Seemed like we didn't want to take an early commit from an OL, wonder if he's someone we may try to flip and are still talking to.
  8. All the posts on that thread are VIP, but it has a ton of downvotes.
  9. So Drumm has Wheaton in his class prediction but says today he doesn't think OU is the leader? Maybe he actually ends up at Texas??
  10. Are we still thinking he'll be a Guard or Right Tackle? He's always seemed pretty athletic for his size. Not sure what the rankings think such a huge difference between him and Fatheree.
  11. Have any teams ever played each other twice in back-to-back weeks?
  12. Looch saying Harmon is the #1 CB in the state, pretty sure he was saying the same about Ibraheem back in February when he thought aggy was getting him.
  13. I mean, and add in heavy aggy leans/bought mercs like Taleeq Robbins, Chappell, Amari Daniels, Crownover, MJ Daniels ( whoever else I'm missing?? ) and yeah, yikes. Not even getting LJ Johnson can offset that.
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