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  1. Fong'd to aggy. https://247sports.com/Player/Isaiah-Sategna-46100431/
  2. Yeah if he gets Anderson and Allen after being here just a couple of months aggy and OU should take notice. Also, isn't Gideon over East Texas? Wouldn't be surprised to hear in a few months we've moved into the lead for Kip Lewis.
  3. 247 switched Banks to a Guard? I thought he was considered a possible Left Tackle?
  4. These Anderson/Allen posts are great, but I can't wait for the Banks thread.
  5. Ty Simpson just got a Bama' CB. Klubnik to Clemson?
  6. Surprised Trevell didn't get a bump from 247 or Rivals. Guess Gerry is going to have to put him in the ESPN 300 next go round. Ross finally ranked at a 89, high composite 3*, but didn't Gerry say to expect him around #150 in the next ESPN update?
  7. Someone who does the twiyter should remind Billy how aggy did all those years against bdf teams.
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