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  1. Is Chris Marshall still seriously considering to go play for in thay offense?
  2. Don't worry Billy, he'll get to see another ass kicking in two weeks.
  3. Isaiah Robinson on that list is a nice surprise. May be the top OT in the state for this class. Get him along with Sewell, Shanahan, Cohoes, and find anothet Tackle OOS.
  4. Seems like a good time for someone to find that tweet where Kirk Fowler, Herby, and the Bear were laughing about Kyle Field being a joke for opposing teams and how aggy never wins big games at home.
  5. He was still on crutches on the sidelines Saturday.
  6. Hell he may get yanked this week. @ KSU and Kleiman is 2-0 against Riley so far.
  7. Well considering they were minutes away from losing to Colorado I don't think a win against MS State is a guarantee. Two TD's in two games against P5 teams. And MS State D' is better than Colorado easily.
  8. Just looked it up and Mississippi State is #8 in the country against the run. Giving up only 71 yards a game with a 2.8 average.
  9. That would put them in the Liberty or Texas Bowl against a Big 12 team. Probably WVU/ISU/Baylor/OK State/KSU depending on how the order shakes out. They'd probably have everyone that's eligible to opt out do so.
  10. This is where I'm at. Still have another cupcake. South Carolina is garbage, although they are good enough on DL to shutdown the run. Pirate is unpredictable. Usually good for an upset each year and they did beat NC State who just beat Clemson. Close losses to Memphis and LSU. I'll say a close, ugly aggy win because I think Arnett will will keep them in the game. Maybe a 21-10 type aggy win??
  11. Just remember, week after Bama' is first true road game @ Missouri.
  12. Was Looch going with the margin of victory against LSU two years ago?
  13. Who all is injured for TCU and will they be back this week? Saw DT Corey Bethley didn't play and that one of the CB's got moved to Safety. Something about an OL and another DL??
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