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  1. Caught a game last week at the old Hartford Civic Center. Lots of Whalers jerseys in the crowd and the old banners still hanging from the rafters. Got me thinking, with the NHL finding so much success with these outdoor games, why don't they have a regular season game in Hartford and Quebec? Imagine having Carolina put on the green and play Boston in Hartford or the Aves sporting the Nordique blue at the old Le Colisee against the Habs. Imagine what those tickets would sell for.
  2. Speaking of the finale, anyone ever been to Holston's? Grabbed a burger there the other day and noticed the onion rings were twice the price of the fries. Waiter said every tourist that comes in orders the rings. I guess that was Tony's last order. Might as well cash in on that.
  3. I was standing in line at the Comedy Cellar in New York a few weeks ago (October 25th to be exact) and noticed a guy standing in front of me chatting with the door staff. He looked familiar but couldn't place him. He went in way before the rest of the crowd. Watched SNL a few weeks later and suddenly realized it was this Athari guy. I know, csb. BTW, the Comedy Cellar is totally worth a visit if you're ever in NYC. Dave Attell went on that night until 2am.....on a Monday night. Good times.
  4. I can't believe Auntie B is the same person that was the hot Native chick in the Seinfeld episode 'The Cigar Store Indian'
  5. So on Wednesday, I stopped in River Market Antiques in Kansas City around 3 in the afternoon. Very quiet scene on that street. As I walked up to the store, I noticed a guy sitting alone on the steps tapping away on his cell phone. Long hair, shorts, t-shirt, wearing a mask. Just a normal guy on the street. I couldn't believe, though, how much the guy looked like Dave Grohl. I actually did a legit double take. Later in the store, this fella walked by me and I said 'Dude, it's amazing how much you look like Dave Grohl'. He says 'No shit?' and pulls his mask to the side. It was actually him. What are the odds of bumping into a guy like that at an antique store in Kansas City? I stole a pic from the company website. Not me.....some dude that works there.
  6. What impact did this place have on local property taxes?
  7. Holy shit! I've actually stood at that intersection. Those monkeys are fierce. This board really has everything.
  8. I think it's great that we're seeing Ohtani at this point in his career in the States and that we didn't have to wait until his late twenties to see his debut. I spent ten summers over in Japan watching a lot of baseball over there and you don't see too many Japanese guys with this kind of body. Size wise, he kind of reminds me of Kazuhiro Kiyohara but obviously a better version. Can't wait to see this kid play in early August in Arlington.
  9. Reinhart's got to be over the moon. Imagine going from Buffalo, New York to Sunrise, Florida.
  10. Hard to watch Shigeo Nagashima struggle to walk with Matsui. One of the all-time great ball players. Very important figure in Japanese sports history. And it would have been nice if the NBC commentator could have figured out who was who in that deal. Oh well.
  11. Great info. Thanks. Where all did you visit in Peru?
  12. Bumping this thread for an update. Looking at doing a Peru/Ecuador/Colombia trip this fall but not sure what's going on with the lockdowns. Possible to cross borders overland right now? Tech.....what are you paying on average per night on accommodations? Thanks
  13. The post whistle scrums are a damned embarrassment to the sport at this point. Somehow hockey has gone from bare-knuckle fisticuffs to The Three Stooges.
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