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  1. My truck made it in the scene at the 10-minute mark where Stallone gets picked up at the hotel (gray truck behind the Caprice). So this is clearly my favorite episode so far.
  2. You've got that right. I thought all those fans that got up to leave at 9:37 of the third - and there a lot - were going to regret it. Would have loved to have seen their faces when they got home and saw the final score.
  3. Pittsburgh is a good barn with decent fans. If you hit NHL road games, I'd say - aside from the obvious Montreal's and Toronto's - two you have to put up there are Madison Square Garden and Staples Center with the Kings. But most impressive arena to me is Edmonton. That thing is like the year 2071.
  4. First time I've been to a Stars game this year. Best game I've been to in a while. A few worthless observations..... 1 - Watching Makar and MacKinnon on that 3 on 3 OT was a thing of beauty. Dallas looked like a huff and puff beer league team out there. 2 - Enjoyed Benn getting KO'd.....by Dave Manson's son, no less. 3 - Great crowd. I'm not a Stars fan but have to give it up to the fanbase. That place was rockin for a Monday night. 4 - Marchment doesn't impress me at all. Looked like he was hungover out there. 5 - Still love Pavelski. Guy does everything. Great signing. 6 - Ticket prices have definitely increased this year. Bummer.
  5. Stallone does have some legit laugh out loud comments.
  6. I'll add one more location. The crappy motel he checks into is the Catalina Motel at 4801 South Shields. They had plenty of crappy motels to choose from in Oklahoma City and did a fine job with this one.
  7. My guess would be the former Myriad Convention Center - across from the Paycom Center - has been converted into a movie studio. The interior set for the bar is in there. Pretty impressive. We did some exterior shots around downtown Oklahoma City. For example, the former newspaper building at NW 4th and Broadway was used as the Mayo Hotel for the series. The Dispensary Gas Station is at 310 South Klein in OKC.
  8. I haven't seen this show (saw the movie years ago) but did tour the U-505 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago over the weekend. Highly recommended. They said those U-boats did not have any shower or bathing facilities, normally averaged 95-degree temps and could be at sea three months at a time. No showers for 3 months. And supposedly each crew member was issued two pairs of underwear. Seriously? No Bathing Facilities on U-Boats Led to Constant Outbreaks of Skin Diseases & Revolting Smell Inside the Boats - Paperblog
  9. If you're a fan of Tokyo based settings and Japanese culture, I recommend a movie on Hulu called 'Lost Girls and Love Hotels'. Not bad.
  10. Saw it last night. Anyone familiar with the Oklahoma City metro area had to get a mild kick out of the locations. The Rams and UNI field was clearly UCO in Edmond (didn't think to cover up the logo?) and the Arena League action was obviously the State Fairgrounds. They're tearing that arena down pretty soon so kind of cool to get that on film. Believe it or not, a lot of hockey greats and Stanley Cup winners played in that barn (Cheevers, Sanderson, Cashman, Pronovost, Parise, Parent, Crisp, Goldsworthy, Sather, Leach, Lonsberry, Dallas Smith, etc. etc.)
  11. If you have any familiarity with Oklahoma City, it should be a fun series to watch. Most of it is being filmed in OKC. That gas station at the 4 second mark is right across the street from the Farmer's Market. Not the best location in town. They have security there 24/7 to keep an eye on the place. According to one of the security guards I spoke with, they're planning on turning that into a tourist location to sell souvenirs if the show takes off like a Yellowstone or Soprano's.
  12. Similar thing happened when I was in juniors years ago. We had a goon kind of guy take a run at one of their guys as we were yelling for him to come off the ice. He turns around makes a beeline for the bench. One of their guys decided to take a payback shot and made a run for him right as we opened the door to the bench. He skated off and within a second, the other kid goes chest first right into the open board. Miracle it didn't seriously injure him. We still have it on tape somewhere.
  13. I personally thought Sandler and Latifah had totally believable chemistry. They seemed like a couple that had been together forever and not just a couple of years. Don't know too many couples in their 50's making out in the kitchen.
  14. So this probably goes under the 'how is this the same actor' thread but whatever. Last week, I was an extra in the new series from Paramount called 'Tulsa King' with Sylvester Stallone. Basically, all I did was walk down a sidewalk while this guy parked his car. They did take after take. Anyway, the guy driving the car in the scene was some guy I heard never heard of or recognized. So I go home and do a little research and to my embarrassment and amazement, it was Max Casella. He played Benny Fazio in The Soprano's. Can't believe I've watched Soprano's a gillion times and had absolutely no clue who this guy was in real life. By the way, speaking of Casella, watched the movie 'Killing Them Softly' tonight. Not the best film but quite a few Soprano's alumni in that one including Gandolfini and Curatola. Might be worth a watch for the fans.
  15. Great to see Edmonton win. Another Hanifin turnover that did Calgary in......he should have opened a bakery, he gave the puck away so often. McDavid and Leo go against Big Nate and Makar in a best-of-7. What hockey fan wouldn't want to see that. If it gets to Avs/Bolts, THAT will the series for the ages. Besides the talent up front for both teams, someone (Makar) can finally offset the Bolts having Hedman on the blue line. It'll come down to goaltending in that series.
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