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  1. Why would you like a liar like Warren? I'd vote Bernie over her.
  2. It's like they never thought of fucking sharpening the God damn end. Seriously, this is as bad as gun regulations, but somehow dumber.
  3. That guy at 19 seconds kinda looked like a young Matthew McConaughey.
  4. Well, yeah. I should have said those are the first steps into Christendom
  5. Actually I worked on a sod farm after highschool, now I'm a welder. I've made no secret that I was very in favor of Trump trying to hurt China with trade since we could probably handle a bit of hurt, but with what is basically the same outcome. Well, that was all unnecessary pain for no reason
  6. Couldn't we say the same with jailing people? The state jailing people which means they lose rights. Which only the state can do. Where innocent people could spend thier whole life in prison, and when found innocent some money isn't gonna give that person any real closure as they missed out on life, especially if they're older. I don't actually have nothing against it, more of a thought experiment.
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