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  1. I don't know, saying it's good someone died as compared to going "huh." when a king dies is a bit different.
  2. Agriculture gets subsidies. Therefore, agriculture is subject to government control. The government is the people. Therefore, agriculture is subject to the control of the people. The people have seized the means of agricultural production. Great, now you've gone and done it... I get it, you like your fascist state. As they say, fascism is socialism in decay.
  3. You mean like buying seeds, and getting on your boat? What does this mean by some?
  4. So the owner of YouTube is getting subsidies. What does everything within the state mean to you?
  5. Iirc US Government gives big tech tax subsies, right?
  6. He asked a Scottish driving instructor how'd he keep them from drinking long enough to instruct them.
  7. Just means that they're coming over in droves, but that doesn't seem effective.
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