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  1. No but I if I had I'd fucking own it instead of making up snowflake excuses about people saying mean things on TV Are you you making an accusation?
  2. I don't know why people who voted for Trump can't just own the fact that they voted for Trump. Why, did you vote for Trump?
  3. I wonder why we lost? Oh well, as long as we call people we don't like racist.
  4. What a day for it, fell all the way back down.
  5. You could go to Babes, it shouldn't be too far.
  6. Cock blocked your dad many years then.
  7. I just saw this on YouTube and laughed at it's nonsensical name, then I went down a rabbit hole of her stuff.
  8. I made falafels for the first time, they were so good.
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