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  1. That's a lot of horse shit.
  2. Buy low, sell high? Also this one doesn't have brrrr! behind it to keep us in stock.
  3. I think more people should be able to protect themselves, and a gun is a great way to do that. If that means more guns to you? Then sure, more guns would make things better.
  4. I've also haven't actually bought any. I am just a poor man, who can only keep pennies on the dollar, which isn't even real copper.
  5. You're making it sound like a legal gun owner came over and shot this girl. I'd rather my daughter save her life than die at my feet, I'd also say that I'd rather take the life of a person who was about to shoot my daughter. Why make it harder for me to do that?
  6. Got to see him live at the Denton County Rodeo before I left to live up in Portland. Thanks for that, Charlie.
  7. That post I quoted was argumentative? That's the post that came up when I clicked to see which one I was banned for.
  8. Not everyone lives a privileged life where they don't fear for their life.
  9. Well, only a section of the population.
  10. I'm just tired... Like I've said, the People of Chicago need to be armed. They are being killed without protection already, let them shoot back.
  11. You sound like you hate the country, and can't think of anything to celebrate. That's sad, but hey, you can be sad all by your lonesome if you want.
  12. I do like beer, and I will drink more than usual, before I shoot guns.
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