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  1. They came in after antifa. They've been here in Portland for years.
  2. Great argument. I'll remember that when someone states he did something, and me, a Christian, states something else that'll be in my mind forever.
  3. Ads are the name of the game. I remember being in highschool and seeing ads all of a sudden come up on the platform that couldn't be skipped, fuck those days.
  4. Why? If you think a fetus is a human, then it's not that hard to say you're killing someone who's innocent.
  5. The pedo was most likely killed by someone who shot from behind him.
  6. Thanks for answering. If you think I think like most white people here, then that would be news to me. I don't think it's a terrible thing to think that it's terrible to criticize people, even friends, unless you feel i should only believe her point of view on all things black. I'm not trying to own her, I'm trying to see a different point of view that she may have not heard. So I'm sorta right, but not as right if I just didn't say that many people were treated this way? I should add that this was my idea of getting more people to join in the de-fanging police. I was just giving an opinion that was to hopefully help blacks to meet an ends. @bad_teammate you're welcome. Is it racist if black people put black face on you?
  7. It seems you think I did with your double negative there. Why would I? Does she not have feelings? Can she not have feelings? This a friend, and not some random poster.
  8. Give me a goddamned laugh rep then, asshole. Seriously though, what's funny about it? I Know y'all believe you can read minds, but I can't.
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