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  1. Tyranny won't happen, but if it did you'd be more useless than a honk Kong protester being hit by communist chinaman?
  2. Was Snax wearing gray pants?
  3. So we should get rid of the military? It's the only reason why some gun owners want to keep them. Again, is it okay to dissarm America if no one else does?
  4. Are you saying we don't need handguns?
  5. I mean there's two ways to getting point b. One the scenic route, the other the highway.
  6. If guns are the problem, then his guns are the problem.
  7. The girlfriend just said that the kids she substitute for has lice and pinworms. 😨
  8. People want Reed to be out of prison, I don't think emotions without the facts is not a good thing.
  9. Why? Seriously, why can't the US not denuclearize while the others don't? If it's good for Americans to give up guns on a person to person basis, why not on the world stage?
  10. I don't understand this? Is it supposed to be a funk on Dave?
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