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  1. Yeah who needs the top city of the world thriving and existing anyhow
  2. How about you just shut the fuck up and stop clogging up the thread with “but obamas”.
  3. Two fan bases from two shit hole states. Makes sense.
  4. Yeah weird that people are talking about tv shows to watch...on a tv show recommendation thread
  5. I would pass over his grindr without a second thought 🤷🏽‍♂️
  6. Just got an alert on my phone there’s a tornado warning in Tarrant Co. be safe out there fuckers
  7. In Fort Worth, nothing yet, but it’s starting to get a little darker out
  8. I’ve seen some stuff that claims that eating meat actually raises your estrogen levels more than soy protein, would have to do more research
  9. Husband and I decided to go plant based like a month ago. With the holidays, decided to be flexible since prime rib was on the menu at my brother’s for xmas dinner. Had some fish at dinner on NYE and tiny bit of eggs, but other than that, have completely cut out meat proteins. My parents got us an instantpot and a cookbook for it and it has a bunch of vegetarian recipes in it. It’s awesome. We also signed up for Green Chef and chose the vegan option and the meals have been really good. Not gonna do that forever, just collect more recipes and ideas for the future. I cant say I feel that much of a difference since making the switch, but I already ate, what I consider, a very healthy diet. So we’ll see as we get into it more. We’ve hit a few struggles though. Like, in the past when I got home from work, I could easily cook up some eggs or eat some of the rotisserie chicken we got from the grocery store, or whatever. But if we haven’t cooked something, it’s like, I feel like the only options are eating fucking hummus or vegan puff things and guac. It’s frustrating when you’re really tired after a long day of work. I don’t want to resort to fake meat shit because that’s just processed anyway, but it can be pretty tough sometimes figuring out what to eat
  10. Why don’t you DFW folks go to Central Market? I fucking love that place. When I found out we were moving to Fort Worth, I was less devastated after finding out they had a CM
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