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  1. I mean, for national security purposes, I could see them not wanting to signal to enemies and opportunists to think the military has weakened by spreading infections. I don’t know if that’s the reason for the decision or not 🤷🏽‍♂️
  2. Went ahead and buzzed my head. I do it like once a year anyway so figured now’s the time
  3. There’s no growth in comfort. You need to move.
  4. Yeah, take more time after that to move. Lying in bed is not what you need to be doing.
  5. Bed ridden? You need to get up and move and exercise
  6. Matt Groening saw it. An episode of the Simpsons predicted that trump would ruin the country.
  7. I know of two nurses activated today at a hospital in Austin. I’m thinking a majority of those activated are in the medical field, so most probably still have jobs.
  8. With reservists being called up, Q folk believe that 4/10/20 is the day a bunch of shit is going down. That’s why they say trump is pushing the Easter timeline for opening back up
  9. Don’t follow that twitter thread unless you want to see Q folks going nuts right now
  10. Read an article just now that said that the “mixed drinks” allowed to be sold by restaurants to go does not include margaritas or any of those kind of drinks. Only beer, wine, and sealed liquor no more than 375 ml. Damn it, we were gonna pick up some Hopdoddy this weekend and some frozen margs. But I guess we simple citizens can’t be trusted to buy margaritas like that or else the debbil will get us.
  11. Weeks ago, probably like a month ago I told my parents that it looks like they really should stay home. I looked into delivery services for them and told them to just start having groceries delivered and to stop going out. At first I think they were annoyed that I was telling them that, but I think they started to realize that this is serious. Especially serious for them, they have comorbidities that would could be devastating. I’m glad I told them so early.
  12. Yeah liquor stores are non essential unless you’re an actual alcoholic. Then they’re very essential.
  13. It’s incredible listening to him “answer” questions. He whines so much. Has he ever let someone completely finish their question before he starts to yammer?
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