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  1. Fuck that nazi wannabe he hot tho
  2. I think the first two episodes have been the strongest yet for the entire series
  3. Religions are superstitions and are holding us back from truly progressing as a species
  4. Republicans are fascists. They don’t actually care about the mother’s or baby’s life
  5. Not me. Homophobia, transphobia, it’s all rooted in misogyny
  6. Gay marriage has entered the chat
  7. You don’t even know what a socialist is
  8. Add another reason to want to leave this shit hole of a state. Fascists continue their march
  9. Dope smokers? You sound incredibly old
  10. Try not to make sense of the “logic” of the GQP. It whips up discord amongst their moron base, and that’s all that matters
  11. Because the GQP is trying to take us back decades and is revisiting an old trope that gay men are pedophiles
  12. Manchin has already said he’s a yes
  13. Is Biden trying to foment violence against Americans that don’t agree with him? No? then I don’t give a shit
  14. Hospital giving him cover to resign due to health reasons?
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