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  1. And in one day it will be 64 years since ou made up theirs
  2. Tom has to be trolling when he says he hasn’t thought about our slow starts on defense, right? That’s like literally what a coach is supposed to be thinking about and trying to fix.
  3. And at the time, wasn’t ou the second most penalized team? And we still had more penalties. God that shit pisses me off
  4. Herman killed that drive putting Sam in that position. It’s his fault we had that first penalty. We were rattled after that and the crowd felt it. Terrible job by hermanHerman
  5. Herman trying to get cute with his playcalls killed momentum and cost us a TD
  6. I mean at this point is there much difference in their relative shittiness
  7. Offense has to capitalize something we haven’t done all that well lately
  8. I mean at least they didn’t go up 3 scores there, but now I have no faith in the offense either. Christ
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