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  1. Husband and I liked it. It was entertaining. Acting was awful, but all I cared about were the mega fight scenes.
  2. I would say cross his name off potential GQP 2024 candidates, but you know.
  3. You know weed isn’t an upper right?
  4. That doesn’t change anything that he listed. Don’t you want to make America great again
  5. Damn it, I can never remember if it’s one or two
  6. I wish Nike polos weren’t so fucking baggy. I don’t work out 6 days a week to not wear a form fitted shirt
  7. My MIL, whom I love very much, sent my husband and me an article about a fully vaccinated nurse that was infected. My MIL says (she’s fully vaccinated too) says well, looks like we can’t let our guard down even around vaccinated people if we want to completely avoid getting infected. I told her that we know they don’t give 100% protection against infection, but they do against severe illness and death. I’m not about to hide out in quarantine again now that I’m fully vaccinated. The goal was never to bring infection rates to zero, but to decrease illness and death. Wala here we are.
  8. So crazy that it’s still this difficult to get either of these systems. I was planning on waiting to get an Xbox until Halo came out. Now I’m thinking I might as well try to get one now because demand will just skyrocket even more then.
  9. Well all weight bearing exercises will do that. Proprioception type exercises can be added in to improve awareness that could help decrease chance of injury /PT nerd 🤓
  10. You know seed saw that and ran as fast as he could from the DT to post that here thinking he was about to break the entire case.
  11. Incredible how the GQP just can’t handle that they lost. They are a fascist party
  12. I think that was Peggy Hill
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