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  1. We have such a fucked up electoral system in this country. Nevertheless, he tries to pull that shit, cities will burn.
  2. It feels like he’s been tweeting the same 3 things for the past month. I know he has brain fungus, but I really think he just has no clue how to attack Biden or get out of the hole he’s in. He’s got nothin.
  3. Eh in this instance it sounds like it's a statement from the family through their attorney.
  4. This ghoul that is barely holding up this suit has the gall to comment on someone else's mental/physical fitness?
  5. Is that really the story? I haven't paid a lot of attention to this story.
  6. Nah she's really cold by now
  7. Fuck yeah. Love this show
  8. Already mentally prepared myself for this a while back. Couldn't see how it could possibly happen this year 😔
  9. Technically he hasn't said that students wouldn't be on campus in the fall, just that they wouldn't be if conditions are the same then as they are today. I would ask the same question as Malik did. If it currently wouldn't be safe for the general student body to be on campus, why they hell am I here?
  10. Definitely the latter for both. I'm ok with it if it depresses republican turnout even if it's because of shitty reasons.
  11. He's just "asking questions" guy. Everyone loves that guy Especially those that are too principled to vote for either party
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