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  1. The Hoosiers is aggy rich now!
  2. So, you're saying Indiana is SEC-like now?
  3. Dude, he's gotta walk it back if he wants access to the inner circle again. EMAN is covering his ass.
  4. No shit. I don't think he'll be getting any insider "scoops" at UT anytime soon. What a dumbass.
  5. That's it...walk it back, EMAN
  6. Thanks for the info and link. I just assumed meat judging to be something aggy would be superior at with their highly ranked vet school. Good to see Tech just broke ground on their own to compete with aggy. Farmers west of the Brazos rejoice! https://www.ttuvetmed.com/
  7. Yeah, and they'll soon be better vets once their large animal program is funded. https://today.ttu.edu/posts/2019/11/Stories/meat-judging-national-championship
  8. You forgot veterinary medicine and meat-judging.
  9. and then when you call the douche waffle on his SEC bias, he blocks you. Fuck him and ESPN
  10. Here ya go, @Chad Fuck I'm sorry you've gotta work in an office infested with aggy.
  11. Agree, it should be called both ways.
  12. The current CFB Playoff system is set-up for the helmet teams aka "bluebloods" to succeed because the powers that be want TV ratings. A one-loss UT and OU gets into the Final Four. A one-loss Baylor or TCU probably does not. All we gotta do is take care of business. Nothing else is to blame, certainly not our conference affiliation.
  13. The whole point of the Targeting rule is to discourage using your helmet as a battering ram. It's there to protect your head, not for spearing your opponent. Yeah, Skalski deserved to get tossed.
  14. It'll get better in time, dude.
  15. A rational human being enters a bar... There's an aggypedia for this. I trust you referenced it often.
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