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  1. ...and I was so looking forward to an aggy loss to Colorado and/or Fresno State.
  2. You forgot the Robstown Cotton Pickers
  3. * 4th in the SEC West division FIFY
  4. But, where are the #WRTS aggy on that list? 51 & 52?
  5. DFW Horn

    Uniform Pron

    The one-color, unitard look is high school IMO. I've always hated it. But, I grew up with this...
  6. DFW Horn

    Uniform Pron

    IMO, the four Chargers uniforms on the left are the best in the NFL. The two "color rush" on the right? Not so much.
  7. DFW Horn

    Uniform Pron

    This is how the newfangled Chargers should look.
  8. DFW Horn

    Uniform Pron

    Holy shit, the Rams' new road uniforms aren't even white - they're "sand".
  9. True aggy waters down their football SOS with weak OOC scheduling. Gotta get bowl eligible. Whoop!
  10. DFW Horn

    Uniform Pron

    The helmets look good and I like the blue jersey/yellow pants uniform. But, gradient numbers? The yellow stripe on the white pants will wash-out, too. Overall "meh", IMO. Looks arena league. Advantage, Chargers powder blue over gold.
  11. DFW Horn

    Uniform Pron

    I agree. Bring back the pant stripes and lose the Longhorn noggin on the collar.
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