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  1. Collier with 20 points and 19 rebounds, damn.
  2. I usually only watch the men’s team, but this is better basketball right now. What a win.
  3. I haven’t been this invested in a college basketball game in a long time.
  4. Chrispy_

    Lady Horns

    I don’t typically watch women’s basketball, but this game is more enjoyable than any men’s game I’ve seen this season. I never thought I would say that.
  5. Chili’s is the new golf course, it’s where business happens.
  6. How in the hell could Washington be retained if the DB’s can’t even execute man coverage?
  7. What’s the over/under on how long Evans stays at Georgia?
  8. Hell, maybe you’re right. Ok, enough procrastination. If I don’t put my kid’s supermarket play center together today, I won’t like my wife’s reaction.
  9. Well, I told myself I knew better than to keep getting into discussions in this place. So the jokes on me, really.
  10. The comment is irrelevant to me. The selective outrage is what bothers me.
  11. Oh bullshit, there’s a reason she could barely choke out the joke.
  12. She said eye, not eyes. It was worded that way for a reason.
  13. The point is that the entire press laughed hysterically at her lazy eye and now are in full blown hyperventilation over her tweet. Give me a break with this nonsense.
  14. You’re right, they wouldn’t make fun of her eye at the White House Correspondents Dinner or anything. I know huffing your own farts can be fun, but please be careful.
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