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  1. In actual recruiting news, Roach is hearing that Ty Jordan could flip to Utah.
  2. FWIW, Burton is still leaning Ash as the next DC and puts it around 80%, but does mention Odom as a potential hire. He didn’t put any odds on Harrell and in general there seems to be very little to report.
  3. Damn, he’s telling Slovis he’s leaving via Twitter. That’s cold.
  4. Something tells me he’s a coach on the field.
  5. Chip (I know) is saying that they’re getting conflicting info on Harrell and to keep an eye on Lashlee.
  6. The world is a prison yard and we’re the shot caller. At least for now. So pay up bitches.
  7. Too often people confuse an alliance with friendship. It’s difficult to be someone’s friend when you’re paying them for protection.
  8. Oh, I didn’t mean to mislead anyone on this issue, my apologies. I think there are Republicans to be had, but I’m definitely not one of them. Trump is a means to an end, that’s about it. I can’t remember a presidential candidate that I’ve voted for where I was excited to cast my ballot and it certainly won’t begin with Trump. It’s a binary choice and there is no Chrispy party, so my choice is fairly limited.
  9. I live in a very red area, they’re out there for sure. If they Democrats move to the middle, things could get very interesting.
  10. So Trump took Obama’s success and continued the upward trend, exceeding most prognostications? Why one wouldn’t want this unprecedented success to continue is beyond me, I must admit.
  11. A but Obama? You don’t hear that very much anymore, that’s impressive. Almost as impressive as the current Trump economy. I’ll mark you down as a maybe for MAGA 2020? Anyway, my point was that there are Republicans concerned about some of the same issues and could be had, even during these good times.
  12. I think there’s reasonable debates to be had about all of those topics, well except international standing. These countries grandstanding do make me chuckle, though, as they stand in line for milk from our tit.
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