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  1. Just found this thread. Spending too much time in Lulz. Anyway, I bought a travel trailer and have it at Fishers of Men RV park in Rockport. Absolutely love it! Surrounded by good fishing and there is a rock solid AA group in town. Good times! SWCFROG
  2. Had a table dance from a midget there once. Also a pregnant plumper another time. Fucked a girl in the ass that danced there. Not sorry. SWCFROG
  3. Wacker used to make us go there for team building stuff. Offense v. Defense nonsense. Didn't really matter. Probation still kicked our ass no matter how much we actually liked each other. SWCFROG
  4. When I was in college that bowling alley used to have "Rock and Roll Bowl" on weekend evenings late. They would turn down the lights and leave only the pin lights lit and blare the hell out of Foghat or something and sell cheap beer.....cheap beer is a cure for cottonmouth. SWCFROG
  5. With this, the clumsiness of their network and other management/leadership related issues you would think that some of their members will be actively exploring their options re: affiliation. What a crazy story! And for what? Rowing and fencing coverage? SWCFROG
  6. Don't forget Semi-Tough. SWCFROG
  7. Coach definitely knew how to get in good with the family during recruiting... SWCFROG
  8. Mike Bratz and Mark Olberding for the HM list. Spurs love. SWCFROG
  9. Don't forget Kerrville....Fucking training camp in Kerrville, San Angelo and San Marcos! Oilers! SWCFROG
  10. Love me some Oilers. Cried like a little bitch on the Renfro thing. Used to read Opa's San Angelo paper for any news of training camp. Fuck Bud Adams. I pray that he chokes on a dick inside of his coffin. SWCFROG
  11. It reminded me of Goose Gossage. Stomping around muttering crazy shit and throwing fucking fastballs. SWCFROG
  12. Aggies are fucking pieces of shit. Their self delusion and blatant dishonesty knows no bounds. Fuck them and their faux military bullshit. SWCFROG
  13. Not sure if Norma's is the same place but I used to frequent Lipstick on 377 in Benbrook. Tipped a pregnant dancer in there more than a few times. Would have boned her too but obviously somebody beat me to it. SWCFROG
  14. I dunno. Julie's layout from Line 4 guy's cucumber joke was pretty good. She a good.
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