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  1. Yeah, I was an Enron trader and had those discounted options for all my bonuses. Always chose cash money and never took the option (not out of wisdom but immaturity) and came out clean as a whistle from that debacle. That scenario repeating is very rare but it warped my mind and have never taken said phantom stock option program when offered. Though I did regret it once about a decade ago. So what am I saying? It's all luck so do what you want with knowledge you are putting all eggs in one basket.
  2. Completely agree. Also, let us know if you are straight, proudly gay, or the kind of gay that has to fast forward 3 seconds of a gay scene because deep down you realize you might catch it if you are exposed.
  3. Thanks. I will try a walk routine and see if that fixes my nipple problem im starting to notice. See, I still fit in same pants I did 20 years ago so thats nice. However, my nipples used to be able to look you straight in the eyes and woo you but now they look more at your ears.
  4. I was single until 40 and worked out all the time, never having a lazy week in my life but never watching what i ate while consuming probably 25-30 drinks/week for 24 years in a row. But when I finally got hitched, I realized my entire motivation for keeping a decent body was for vanity to get some. Now in monogamy, I find it hard to motivate. Luckily, I've only gained 8 lbs in 7 years while continuing to eat like a 20 year old but my body just isn't same. This thread of 92% bitches makes me more motivated than others just from relatability since I'm at 188 at 6'0". My question.....a few have mentioned walking. Does that really work? I feel like my back would prevent me from doing Insanity and running and other stuff from the past. I do like yoga but haven't done it in forever because I have a hernia.
  5. The episode was fantastic and thanks for music.
  6. For the last four years, we've built the exact same two buildings in the same city with each building costing $15 million 4 years ago....so no design or location variances apply in my personal inflation experiment. Each year, we've seen ridiculously large jumps in either labor or materials (or both). This is year 5 and for first time, we are seeing certain areas staying flat with little danger of inventory shortages. I deeply apologize for this very political message. I'll take it to CR next time.
  7. What city and what provider, if I may. I have never switched myself and believe going to pop my cherry soon.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but between his Souther Miss and Memphis stops, Mack learned how to be a big gaping pussy.
  9. @huge mind sharing 3rd party service? We are starting to plan a mid June WDW and robot trip. Thanks
  10. Except if Worthy becomes top ranked portal Wr. Then we would prefer the 17th rated WR (until October).
  11. How is what he wrote any different than the real $9.95 word salad? Either way, it is crystal clear what CTC is trying to hint at.
  12. Excuse my ignorance to non-men's sports....but have aggies won any conference championships in women's sports since joining SEC? I know they are laughably absent in the big three men's sports but wondering how pathetic they've been on the female side.
  13. I once had to study data and issues leading up to the Challenger launch and I feel like we can say similar story happening in college station. Lots and lots of data (win ratio, transfers, recruiting rankings, media narrative, # of non-head coach arrests, fan attendance, # of negative posts on texags, etc etc) all point in one direction but F it, let's launch this shit because data doesn't tell while story. #beatbamalastyearandalmostbeatthemthisyear
  14. the Posters here are like sports commentators.....we hate them all until they are gone. You will be missed when you die @closetojumping
  15. Was the Neb-Wis game on ESPN or espn2?
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