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  1. Can't remember, do all episodes drop day one or is it weekly?
  2. I was at a bar during a game in 2001 and randomly sat next to one of Mack’s family members and they told me he was a poor decision maker and would always play not to lose rather than to win. It colored the way I thought of him from then on and sadly his decision making fit right into that narrative. F Mack. Hall of fame coach with what, two or three conference championships. Brent Venables of all people might be halfway to Mr Hall of Fame Coach in terms of conference championships by Pearl Harbor Day.
  3. Bad news is I have a vision of Malik catching fire for a couple weeks of starter duty while Quinn returns, causing Arch to transfer. And it was fools gold a la Jerrod Heard/Cal and this puts program back years as Arch wins Heisman at OU. Good news is my vision also told me we would beat UH 47-17.
  4. Never but it is part of my calculus before going....$32 for my normal lunch order at Truth plus time in line = not worth it. Take away or reduce one of those costs and I would go more often.
  5. To be fair to the aggies, farm boys did in fact put up all those signs on the stadium so that statement is true.
  6. I went to the UT UH volleyball game this afternoon. We drove. For a damn volleyball game with 7,100 folks, we were in park for 30 minutes after the game just sitting there huffing each others exhaust. tldr do not drive or take a cooler that you leave in car for after the game
  7. Bought 7 tix myself so there will be some burnt orange for sure
  8. There you go being literal. What they meant was 3 safeties had the flu all week so they were out for practice (along with 6 other starters and I heard 3 coaches and a security guard). If healthy, like they are this week, this Alabama defense would have shut out UT.
  9. Please don't forget that one call they didn't get that if refs had made, they would have won. Also, the rumor is the ref that kept the flag in his pocket is Longhorn fan.
  10. I think he missed one important point and that is bbq places have not yet figured out how to speed up their service. Even at Truth, which is my main bbq joint, my brisket has been lukewarm by time I get to eat sometimes since the cashier is super slow. I would be way more willing to go to bbq joints and try new things, like pork steak, if it didn’t mean having to wait in a line, watch people cut in line, and wait a few minutes after being served to pay for said meal.
  11. Think you’re mistaken. He loves Pinkertons, not Feges. ps Feges SB has a delish rice bowl when you want bbq but are 47 years old and need to control your weekday calories
  12. I've read and watched enough about this game to make it my personal War and Peace yet I still haven't seen immediate post-game video with locker room celebrations and a great rap song I'm far too old to know. Anyone seen any?
  13. All this is supremely helpful, thanks. Random questions when you have time that I would DM you but figure could be helpful for other useless people like myself: 1) is there a best time of year? And by best time of year, I mean lowest cost for consumer due to materials or limited demand or some other variable? 2) I have 250 feet of fence with two gates. What is rough rough estimate given your suggestions of steel plus western cedar for those parameters? Standard size height (it’s a rental so I ain’t building the Alamo). TIAA
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