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  1. Lived there for a couple of years and if you stay in same side of town, love it. Don't try and cross town too many times. Lot of people had great suggestions so only touristy thing I'd add is renting bikes in Santa Monica and riding to Will Rogers state park area. A fun daytime event.
  2. I don't know what will happen in episode 6 but I have to imagine this has decent ending for Jimmy. The question is how much damage happened to get Jimmy to that decent ending (a la Andy Dufresne and the Sisters or worse). Either way, have definitely enjoyed this show so far.
  3. Your REM wasn't established enough yet to remember the early part of dream where Ewers sustained an injury during camp because that is only way your dream is true. But still.....10% chance your dream becomes reality.
  4. I will either fight you or confirm within 96 hours or so. Haven't been but I love me my baked potatoes for lunch and I live close by.
  5. it's not 2018. If you don't mention EDGE or Boundary or Jack in a post, you don't know shit.
  6. Fwiw, I just brought up Scotland as one place I'd like to move if there is ever a civil war here. Costa rica, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Ecuador made our top five. So do it (when she dies).
  7. Then I believe my one week in Scotland doesn't count.
  8. Truth was top notch today. Stood in line because I'm old school like that. Though if we were to rank pet peeves, people cutting > slow ordering. I've started to just walk ahead of people who are right in front of me and allow people to cut. Today, we were already in the inside part of the line with life-saving a/c when 5 people barreled past everyone in line outside and then ahead of us to join their law firm coworkers that were directly in front of us. I just told all of those folks "we are going to go ahead and get in front of all of you" and just walked ahead of them. They were not amused (and said so in their lawyerly way) but I'm fine being Larry David in this situation. Sorry, not sorry. And yes, online ordering saves you from that too. So maybe yall have something there..... Ps their Brussel sprouts were on fire delish today
  9. Reacher. Shooter. Terminal list. All hallmark movies for men. Same plot, quite predictable, yet oh so entertaining.
  10. Agreed. Most local food wasn't great but food scene was really good. Somehow ate various very tasty non-local meals. I did not expect that.
  11. Few of us went and we fell in love with the place. Hire a local driver when you do scotch tours. We stayed in Edinburgh and fantastic restaurants though I can't remember any specific names. Oddly enough, one of best Italian meals I've ever had. Also, little town called Tomintoul had a great restaurant and we stayed at a hotel there that we all thought was haunted. Never had felt that energy before (nor have since). Who knows. Also, they hate it when you put more than a drop of water in your scotch. I like ice in my scotch so got many comments on that. I am too old to care too much about others judgments on ice in my drink but it was interesting convo.
  12. Same question on what symptoms are. I can still do a push up and yoga so i have that going for me...but I have constant dull pain (like a 3 out of 10 scale) in my right shoulder. Been like this for years.
  13. After going there every other week or so since it opened--not even covid could get between me and that brisket/tater tot casserole/corn pudding--I haven't been in probably 3 months. Well, I've gotten the cravings for bbq again so good to hear still strong as ever.
  14. I got it after my daughter and wife got it. Daughter was semi-sick for a couple days and had foot scabs. Wife got terrible sores in mouth and not much else....but she had worst of it as those sores lasted a week and were painful. I got a fever that went up to 104 so had one terrible day but then got over it fairly quickly. Did get some minimal bumps in my hands. So three of us got the same strain yet all had different symptoms. Science, yo.
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