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  1. Saw a Scott’s weed and feed commercial during the WBC with the red-headed north of the wall guy from Game of Thrones. He’s normal sized! What kind of bullshit is this? I thought he was like 6’6”! To quote my son when he found out about Santa “Liars! You are liars!”
  2. Bro, do you even lift?
  3. Watched it last night. Pretty lame. Couple of good action scenes. Not bad enough to make me turn it off…. But just barely.
  4. LOL at the Coke commercials during MM trying to convince us that WBB player is the best ever at anything. C’mon now.
  5. WTF. Did you see that Jack Links peeing Sasquatch commercial during March Madness?
  6. That was a bit of a bloodbath. Loved it. Is there a more un-athletic looking guy in the 6 Nations than Finn Russell?
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