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  1. Except they pulled Leon. WTF would they not let him finish out?
  2. I put some Wagyu tallow from Cattleback on the brisket above.
  3. I use the apps on my Samsung and have for years. The TV is wired into my LAN vs using wireless so I get better bandwidth than using a firestick. Never have issues.
  4. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck.
  5. They should have used another end montage song. That was just used for the Yondu funeral. Otherwise, not too shabby.
  6. Seems like whoever wrote that is a joyless shell of a person who will die alone dreaming about their childhood sled.
  7. But they're not the same. This one goes up to Max.
  8. Strike out throwing machine apparently.
  9. Is this year’s hitting coach like a miracle worker? Everybody is hitting.
  10. Ratings have dropped because viewers are mad he was on or because he made fun of CNN during the broadcast?
  11. At least they always get to make out at the end of the commercial. Always.
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