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  1. We will lose 3 games this year due to the team playing down to their opponent and being completely shocked they got their ass whipped. We can’t do anything about herman though. Athletic department is losing a lot of money this year.
  2. An I formation...in Texas...
  3. Now where have we seen this before? Oh yes, at Florida state.
  4. Trust Jimbo. Power moves, chess, check, checkmate.
  5. “Gritty win by the Ags tonight man. Can’t take any game in the SEC for granted. Kellen managed the game very well and flashed a few times like I said he would in my post-camp article I wrote last week. Jimbo will go back to the drawing board and fix some things. He’s a film rat.” -Looch, in an hour and a half
  6. Need more tears. Please deliver vandy
  7. The athletic department is going to lose 160 million the year (based on some tweet I saw). CDC isn’t doing shit this year.
  8. At least we saw stunts before OU this year. Seems like our OL was trying to interpret French when we saw it from OU last year.
  9. Not going to lie. Didn’t think he had it in him after putting up zero in the 3rd quarter. I’d take him over any QB in the country right now. Kid has guts for sure. Glad he’s on our team.
  10. This offense the second half has Herman’s fingerprints all over it.
  11. I thought herman paid attention to special teams as he was a special teams coordinator? He even said this during this weeks press conference
  12. 5 more of those please. And don’t give them any more please.
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