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  1. I was driving through Houston a few weekends ago with my 3.5 year old in the back seat. He's blabbering on about something (he doesn't stop talking) and someone cuts me off on 610. I say "god fucking damnit you asshole..." not very loud at all. We pull in to our destination and I hear from the backseat: "god damnit!" as he's trying to get his cup out of his carseat cup holder. Yeah...I need to watch my mouth.
  2. Taking my 3 year old to his first game today. How difficult will it be to park and grab a few tickets?
  3. It's almost as if battered aggy syndrome has transferred from aggy to some people on this board.
  4. Definitely wasn't trying to judge - just more curious than anything. If your doc had told you you are pre-diabetic, I get the reason behind wanting to shed as much weight as quickly as possible. Extended fasting works for some and not for others. Personally, there's no way I could go a week without eating. I love food. I didn't get to 300+ pounds by hating it. OMAD works for me to maintain my weight now at 185 - 190. Going from 2400 calories a day to 1700 is quite a bit percentage wise (almost a 30% reduction in calories). To maintain weight of 400 pounds, one is going to need to eat 4400 calories a day. To lose a pound a week, you'd need to cut 500 calories a day so eating 3900/day would satisfy that (11% reduction in calories). By eating 2400 calories a day (what a 200 pound person eats to maintain their weight), one would be losing 3 pounds per week if that person is 400 pounds.
  5. @Longhorn Al I've spoken with a few dieticians over the past few years. While fasting is not inherently bad for people with significant amounts of weight to lose, you need to look at sustainability of your dieting or you will end up in a "yo-yo" for the foreseeable future. I've even been told by these dieticians that the more one is in the 'yo-yo', the harder it becomes for them to lose weight as it screws up their metabolism. I've found that the best method for losing weight (and the important part - keeping it off) is gradual changes in your overall food intake and exercise routine. You won't be able to eat one meal a week for the rest of your life. Why not trying a 16:8 hour intermittent fasting routine? Or an OMAD routine? Pick quality foods that are healthy for you to eat during your window. I'm just curious as to what the rush is to lose all this weight where you have to go to the extreme "one meal a week" diet? It's a marathon, not a sprint bud.
  6. Bought the roku last night. We're going to try a free trial of Philo before jumping ship. Calling comcast to get internet set up because Fuck AT&T.
  7. I couldn't imagine actually leaving class and going to something like this in high school.
  8. Actually - I have seen my taxes go down (more money in my pocket every year). What else you got?
  9. What's the deal with red meat? Why do people cut it out of diets? LDL issues? I eat either chicken, turkey, or beef every day. Costco has ground bison that I REALLY like. My LDL at my last blood test was 106 which is a bit high but that was when I was right in the midst of my keto craze. Now that I've reintroduced carbs and cut the fat intake, I'm sure it's a bit lower. I'm at 187.6 now and am content to be 185-190. Stepping on the scale once a week has really become the new norm.
  10. I'd like to cut the cord. Tired of having shit internet (Uverse) and not watching but 3 channels. Only catch is, I need access to nickelodeon for Paw Patrol for my 3 year old. I'm pretty well versed in Roku, Netflix, etc. I do currently use my mom's Netflix account. I have 3 TVs. Youtube TV doesn't have nickelodeon from what I can see. I'm going to be upgrading internet to around $50/month and my current bill for Uverse is $130/month. Any advice on streaming service? HALP.
  11. The man who owns my company is also a riverboat pilot. Second African American to ever be a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi River. To say it's an exclusive club is an understatement.
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