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  1. Buy them in the off season. You can typically get 50% off retail if you buy during the summer or fall.
  2. LOL - do you know how stuff works in the state of Louisiana? New Orleans built an airport with no roads to it and it sat vacant for over a year.
  3. Had dinner last night with a pretty plugged in guy who lives down on the bayou is southern LA. His SIL’s dad is the president of the Tiger Athletic Foundation. He said Brady has been calling the plays for LSU all season and they locked him up for 4 years at around $1.5 million/year. He won’t be going anywhere unless it’s to the NFL. Kinda mirrors what everyone on Twitter was saying that it’s comical if anyone thinks he’s coming to Texas.
  4. I mean...Manny Diaz has been head coach at 2 schools...one of them was for a week...but still...
  5. It was weed-whacker string thank you very much. And I'm still using it to this day. Thanksgiving was actually pretty good as my SILs were not there. Christmas is going to be a shitshow. Both SILs are uber-liberal, woman empowering nazis whose significant others are "yes ma'am" type of guys. It's rather nauseating. I dread Christmas even though I'm trying to have a better attitude about it because of my 3-year old. I'll definitely be updating this thread on my treasures received from my inlaws.
  6. Lol. How do those tiger nuts taste aggy?
  7. Team has quit. Such a waste of a season. Smoke and mirrors.
  8. Lol. This team is dumb. Players and coaching staff. Herman is a fucking fraud. Fuck him.
  9. My wife bought two SSDs from Best Buy yesterday. 1 TB, external, that we will be using for our Xbox 1’s. $40 each. Damn good deal.
  10. I’m thankful for all of your moms. Especially @South Austin’s mom.
  11. Is this fuckhead phony fired yet?
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