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  1. Just heard from the clinic at 6 tonight that my test was negative. Starting to feel better but still have drainage and congestion. Ready to be back to 100% so I can start running again.
  2. Reading the comments of Abbott's tweet video make me actually question how these people survive in every day life. I guess the people I associated with in my life really are the 1% in terms of intelligence.
  3. Surprising woke up this morning with no fever and no muscle soreness. Just coughing a shit ton and have a lot of congestion.
  4. Ended up getting tested in Lake Jackson this morning at a private clinic because the state websites for the brazoria county testing is just fucked. Called all the clinics they put out as testing facilities and none of them have or had tests within the last week. Will hear this weekend if I'm positive or not.
  5. Update: currently running a low grade fever around 100 degrees and feel like I’ve been hit by a fucking truck. Nausea comes and goes, chills, major splitting headache, muscle pains, the whole 9 yards. Going to try and get tested in the morning in Freeport at a clinic. Getting tested is such a shitshow.
  6. I have a pretty bad cold, no fever, just a lot of congestion and sore throat. Was thinking about going to get a test. Went to look at different places that run the testing and it’s a shitshow actually trying to get a test. After reading that you have to sit in your vehicle for 4 hours to get a test, said fuck that and I’ll just ride it out and get the antibody test at my next blood donation. after reading stories like this, it really makes me think there are so many people like me who aren’t going to wait in a line for 4 hours to get a test. Numbers are probably 2 or 3 times what is actually reported. Just my thoughts.
  7. Yes, 3.1 is newer. However, if you’re not using it as a gaming modem, you shouldn’t really have an issue. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a class action lawsuit going on regarding the PUMA 6 chipsets that will cause manufacturers to change it due to false advertising. I may be wrong though.
  8. Just an FYI. The Surfboard SB6190 docsis 3.1 uses the PUMA 6 chipset which is absolute trash. If you game with this modem, you're going to experience ping issues out the wazoo. I use the SB6183 and it works like a charm.
  9. I told this exact thing to my wife yesterday when we were watching the Abbott conference. Give people a ticket if they're in a store without a mask on. My wife snorted air out of her nose, not that she disagreed with me, but the fact that this would never happen in this state. Hell, at this point, I'm surprised we even have seat belt laws in Texas. I lean more towards conservatism and low interference from the government but enough is enough. Abbott needs to grow a set of balls and actually do something. Went to Costco on Monday and they've made it to where you can't get in to the store without a mask. Perfect. Meanwhile, half the people walking around HEB don't have a mask on, acting like it's business as usual.
  10. Most blood banks are doing free antibody testing with all blood donations now. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in the Houston area is for sure. I gave blood yesterday and will have the results of the antibody testing back within a few days. My insurance is no longer covering antibody/active virus testing as of May 31. http://www.giveblood.org/
  11. AHHH makes sense. Never used bumper plates before.
  12. OK, why the hell are power supplies so damn expensive? I bought a Corsair fully modular 750 watt 80+ gold for $120 in December. They're like double the price now.
  13. The first two plates on each side appear to be 100s, not 45s
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