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  1. She liked one of my tweets that one time. She wants me.
  2. I needed beef and chicken so I thought: I'll just swing by Costco on my way home from work. Bad idea. They were completely out of chicken. Thighs, breast, everything. Some fuck head had his entire cart full of ground beef. Told him he was a lunatic and grabbed 4 pounds out of his cart. Costco employee came up to him and said he couldn't take all the beef. It's like hurricane Harvey all over again except people are more crazy.
  3. Mesh panel fronts are really convenient. I like that case of yours as well and almost went with that one. I pimped my rig and went with the RGB stock fans on the H500 because...well...pretty. Cooler Master cases really are legit. They're very nice to build in if you get a full ATX, all the parts can be taken out if you don't need them (I don't have the optical drive built-ins installed because I don't use an optical drive), most come with a shroud over the power supply which can hide cords if you don't have a fully-modular PSU. There are cooling vents on the bottom under the power supply fan which allows for more airflow. Cooler Master knows how to make cases for sure. NZXT also does but not on the scale that Cooler Master does in my opinion. Main thing you're looking for is air flow and I've never seen any complaints about air flow from a cooler master user. I also overspent a little in terms of a few items (power supply, processor and motherboard) with the anticipation of adding better items in the future like a 2080 or 2080TI when the prices come down a bit. I didn't want to have to upgrade my CPU or MOBO in order to just overclock so I spent a little more now in the hopes of being able to upgrade other components in the future. 750 watts for my power supply is probably a bit overkill. I could have gotten away with 650 or 750 bronze rated. 32 gigs of ram is probably a bit overkill but I didn't want to have to add ram in two years when I upgrade my GPU or CPU.
  4. Just found this thread. Buddy of mine moved to PC for Destiny 2 and convinced me to build PCs for my wife and I. I built our PCs essentially following Paul's Hardware guide posted above. It was a ton of fun. What I've learned: 1. Spend 40% of your budget on the graphics card. NVIDIA and AMD are the two biggest GPU players. There's no point in buying an NVIDIA 2080 TI if you're going to be running a shitty processor. If your budget is $1,500, spend $600 on a GPU. If your budget is $3,000, then sure, go for the 2080 TI. For gaming on more than 100 FPS, a $400 GPU is more than plenty. 2. Your case is probably the one thing that has the least amount of impact on your PC build. If you want RGB, get it. The only thing you really need to worry about is airflow. I went with CoolerMaster H500s. Good airflow and RGB. Use PC Part picker's compatibility feature. 3. Your RAM can make or break your system. Go for faster ram (DDR4 3200 or 3600). 16 gigs of ram (8gbs x 2 sticks) is plenty for gaming. Ryzen/AMD CPUs love faster memory. Make sure your memory is compatible with your system. You can check this on your motherboard website. 4. Use PC Part Picker to make sure your processor choice (AMD or Intel) will fit your motherboard. I did Ryzen 7 3700x and the ASUS X570 Tuf Gaming. 5. Load Windows on to your fastest memory component. Don't load windows on to your spinning hard drive. Load it on to your SSD or m.2 nvme. DO NOT buy windows from best buy or pay full retail. Go to kinguin. It may seem shady, but it's not. I used one key for both my wife's PC and mine. 6. Gold certified power supplies are the highest end you should go. The difference between platinum rated and gold rated is very very minimal. I went with Corsair 750W gold rated full modular. Fully modular is so much easier to work with as well. If I had to do it all over again, I would go with an NVIDIA graphics card over AMD. Driver issues are very prominent with all of AMDs graphics cards. Just use PC Part Picker to make sure everything is compatible with no issues. If you chose a processor that is a newer generation (ryzen 7 or intel i9900) and an older generation motherboard, you'll need to update the BIOS of the motherboard prior to putting the CPU in to the socket on the motherboard. This can get a little complicated. It'll still WORK and list as compatible, just know you may need to watch some tutorials on how to do this.
  5. I will never go with a battery operated weed eater. Just personal preference. I’m sure they’ve come a long way since I used an electric but the power difference between gas and electric/battery was too much back then. Echo gas powered until I die.
  6. Change your settings on your laptop to have a static IP on your local network...should be 192.168.1.xx (you can find this by going to the start menu and opening up the command prompt (just type "cmd" after you click the start button) and in the command prompt, type "ipconfig/all". You are looking for your IPv4 for your laptop. Change your settings within your IPv4 settings: https://pureinfotech.com/set-static-ip-address-windows-10/ Insert your IPv4 address you found in the cmd prompt and for DNS server, put in (google) and (google secondary). Give this a shot.
  7. I was driving through Houston a few weekends ago with my 3.5 year old in the back seat. He's blabbering on about something (he doesn't stop talking) and someone cuts me off on 610. I say "god fucking damnit you asshole..." not very loud at all. We pull in to our destination and I hear from the backseat: "god damnit!" as he's trying to get his cup out of his carseat cup holder. Yeah...I need to watch my mouth.
  8. Taking my 3 year old to his first game today. How difficult will it be to park and grab a few tickets?
  9. It's almost as if battered aggy syndrome has transferred from aggy to some people on this board.
  10. Definitely wasn't trying to judge - just more curious than anything. If your doc had told you you are pre-diabetic, I get the reason behind wanting to shed as much weight as quickly as possible. Extended fasting works for some and not for others. Personally, there's no way I could go a week without eating. I love food. I didn't get to 300+ pounds by hating it. OMAD works for me to maintain my weight now at 185 - 190. Going from 2400 calories a day to 1700 is quite a bit percentage wise (almost a 30% reduction in calories). To maintain weight of 400 pounds, one is going to need to eat 4400 calories a day. To lose a pound a week, you'd need to cut 500 calories a day so eating 3900/day would satisfy that (11% reduction in calories). By eating 2400 calories a day (what a 200 pound person eats to maintain their weight), one would be losing 3 pounds per week if that person is 400 pounds.
  11. @Longhorn Al I've spoken with a few dieticians over the past few years. While fasting is not inherently bad for people with significant amounts of weight to lose, you need to look at sustainability of your dieting or you will end up in a "yo-yo" for the foreseeable future. I've even been told by these dieticians that the more one is in the 'yo-yo', the harder it becomes for them to lose weight as it screws up their metabolism. I've found that the best method for losing weight (and the important part - keeping it off) is gradual changes in your overall food intake and exercise routine. You won't be able to eat one meal a week for the rest of your life. Why not trying a 16:8 hour intermittent fasting routine? Or an OMAD routine? Pick quality foods that are healthy for you to eat during your window. I'm just curious as to what the rush is to lose all this weight where you have to go to the extreme "one meal a week" diet? It's a marathon, not a sprint bud.
  12. Bought the roku last night. We're going to try a free trial of Philo before jumping ship. Calling comcast to get internet set up because Fuck AT&T.
  13. I couldn't imagine actually leaving class and going to something like this in high school.
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