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  1. If memory serves, the penalty for the failed drug tests is half the season. Since a normal season is twelve games, those players were suspended for six games (Peach Bowl + first five games of 2020). Since the season just got shortened to ten games, I imagine the suspension will also get shortened to five total games, which will still rule those players out through the Iowa State game.
  2. While we're discussing OU players being out, it's worth remembering that Perkins/Bridges/Stevenson are likely suspended for the first four games of the season, including the RRSO
  3. Posting here as this is tangentially related to the Jackson/Henry recruitments...
  4. Given Brian Bishop's CB history, I feel pretty confident that nothing of substance can be gleaned from his CBs
  5. It's on his story. Click on his profile picture and you'll see it after a few other pictures.
  6. Yeah, I can say with a fairly high level of certainty that I haven't seen any Texas fans that give half a damn about Kyle Field's capacity limit this season.
  7. Damn, not sure if we're ever going to be able to recover from that one
  8. I assume the staff will leave a spot open for Earle as well in the event of a miracle flip
  9. WVU literally doesn't have a DC at the moment seeing as they just fired their last one for being a bigoted shitheel
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