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  1. 247 did theirs the last couple days of January last year so should be soon
  2. #48 overall recruit in 2018, #3 OLB https://247sports.com/player/jj-peterson-88704/
  3. Five O's and five E's...guess who has a last name five letters long?
  4. TFB has always been nails on info about specific players/recruits
  5. Supposedly down to Nebraska and Oregon, but recall someone mentioning him as a potential target a few days ago https://247sports.com/player/avante-dickerson-46059311/
  6. Top 100 linebacker just decommitted from USC. Los Angeles kid - time to see if hiring a bunch of West Coast natives will pay off.
  7. Imagine thinking Cosmi is the one who should have to answer for Herman grinding Ehlinger down to dust lol
  8. Gotta say, unless I missed it somewhere in the craziness, I'm a little disappointed we didn't at least get one prime CTJ rant out of this ten-hour rollercoaster
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