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  1. 3 hours ago, Kyle said:

    Fatties in catalogs. I got the old lady's Victoria's Secret swimwear book. Ready to check the scenery, my eyes were accosted by page after page of fatties. I did not even know VS sold shit in size 18. Keep that shit at Lane Bryant or provide a #triggerwarning.

    So are ya' getting a one piece or two piece for the upcoming summer?

  2. 21 hours ago, Bo said:


    This is my pops favorite thing in the world, well maybe outside of the big classic auctions. I’m going to plan to attend with him this year, they’ve got yearly Spots reserved so going to try and rent or rv or hotel nearby for us. Hopefully he doesn’t send me home before the weekend ends ;)


    I got notification that event is sorta being moved.  There is a vaccine hub in place that uses part of the traditional swap meet real estate.  So the swap meet will be moved further East.  Be prepared for the additional traffic in the area.  As it stands now I'm planning on being there most likely Thursday,   Guess now that the LM swap is over in the CJ, it's time to start looking for the next project.  I told the wife it would be the last one. I'm considering a '59 Cadillac with LS3 or ....?  Think Cadillac meets party barge meets convertible; except it would be full time 'vert.  Would go something like only a single drivers door and two on the right with the back door being a suicide style.  Bench seating all around in the back with some tasteful LED lighting and small removable table.  Shorten the trunk area WAY down, maybe just big enough to keep a spare. It would be a parade car for the homecoming queen, take the grand kids to Sonic for ice cream, bachelor party car with DD car.

    The 2021 Pate Swap Meet Is Moving 900-Yard to the East

  3. 8 hours ago, Hammerin Hank said:

    Fun game to watch. Good atmosphere at the Disch, especially considering the limited attendance.

    Box score showed just over 1700 orangebloods.   At 9-5, I'm liking how we are shaping up.  Those first 3 games were just brutal.

  4. On 2/4/2021 at 5:06 PM, MaybeACoordinator said:

    Work is taking me there next week.

    I am usually pretty good at finding good leads on cool places to stay and eat and shit, but my Internet recon is coming up empty.

    Riverside Park looks cool. Always wanted to see what was up with Fossati's...But I am having trouble finding much else. Barbecue? Mexican? Burgers? 

    Well, where did ya' go? How was it?

  5. You could use the dryer vent to tether to a gen set idea; IF there is a disconnect/isolation switch between the meter and the breaker box.  It would have to be switched to stop commercial power before turning on the gen set.  I would not recommend this for a homeowner who is hoping his skills are good enough.  In order to install a disconnect switch one would need a licensed electrician and the power would need to be off to your home for a little bit.  The electrician should everything needed before doing this and it should take easily less than a day. 

    Carbon monoxide detectors are available for tent camping and probably should added to the cold weather survival stock.

    70% IPA can be used to make a localized heater source.  I can remember when my grandpa used a steel can(stuffed w TP) in the deer blind filled with IPA.

    Good sleeping bags need to be stored somewhere other than the attic.

    Sleeping mats offer another layer of insulation and "some" comfort.

    Coleman propane stoves and lanterns.  Adaptors to refill.  Maybe consider dual fuel units.


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  6. I went and cut off the main water to the bay haus and drained the lines.  Pretty easy and confident when I turn the water back on I should be good.  With that being said, I think this spring I will make a couple of valve changes on this place to empty the lines if needed.  I'm also going to make some heated faucet covers.  

    What will you do/get/change for the next time?

  7. 13 minutes ago, TexasEd said:

    ahem....Not thread police but there are other threads on here to discuss causes, effects, responses, and politics. 

    I'm monitoring this thread to see if anyone in my area needs help I can provide. Firewood, water, propane tank, etc.



    keep 'em on point. 

  8. I can't speak for the other natural gas companies, but I worked for one of the majors and we kept gas in salt domes all over the state.  Most of the time it was one man trying to keep the gas coming out of the cavern and working a asston of hours in very bad conditions with little support.  We had more operators than I/E techs to cover.  This is what we called "peak" gas pricing, believe me the gas companies want to "sell, sell, turn those machines back on".  

  9. 18 minutes ago, Biff Tannen said:

    Yep.  My two have had the stryofoam covers on for a couple of weeks at least.  I'm not uncovering them to find out.

    I uncovered one of mine on the north side and it was barely froze.  South side was OK.  You might reconsider.

  10. 29 minutes ago, Knoxtnhorn said:

    Just spent an hour scrounging for wood in the field behind my house.  Got enough for the night.  Now I'm waiting for the feeling to return to my feet.

    Dad told me once, that chopping wood will warm you twice.  

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