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  1. It will clean up better that way.
  2. Needs Sanford and Son on the door.
  3. Immortal13- I just wanted to drop back in and let ya' know I'm still thinking about your loss. We are still here for you.
  4. Boyd's One Stop in Texas City was our "go to" for years. Will be looking for a new supplier this year closer to Bromont/LA border.
  5. There is no wrong here.^^^ Just a matter of time.
  6. It was a long, but good watch. I appreciate his way of thinking. The concept of how we have basically sent our CO2 overseas was something I really had thought about. I agree with him pretty much point for point. He's right, don't be afraid to make mistakes, admit to 'em, adjust/adapt to find the solution. I have always stated I don't mind guys who make errors working with me or for me; because to me it shows they are trying. Errors can be minimized by double checking. Another take away, spend some time with the opposition and just talk. It will lead to a middle ground and way to find t
  7. No matter how thin you slice it there is still at least two sides to consider. What if the cop was your kid? How would you feel about? From my point of view, blame lies on both sides.
  8. When I do my bourban bacon I use a cooling rack on the pan during the baking. Jalapenos. WTF? The ones in bulk at my HEB look more like Poblanos. It would take a case of cream cheese and a side of bacon to wrap 'em. Kinda a PITA to dig out the smaller ones but I'll continue to dig 'em out.
  9. Credit card receiving end probably has never seen a number that few digits. I'm just guessing you guys were probably one the first ones to get a CC. Just funnin' Brat. Hope ya'll get it worked out and enjoy the discoveries to come.
  10. Tough times don't last but tough people do. I feel you and your family. T&P.
  11. If doughnuts were available where was the rest of the PD?
  12. I just had to go check out the news on the Sebring track website. Their article is also dated 1/22. Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring On Schedule for 2021 – Sebring Raceway
  13. Sorry for being a little late with a reply, been busy. Bayou City Materials on Lyons. Vato in charge is Pedro. Cool dude. I'll post a pict of business if I can find one.
  14. Just to throw a little gas on the fire, most plastics come from petroleum. So consider how much wire is needed for cars and wind generators. Think about your laptop and how it's made, not to mention how other crap we all use every day in our lives. If everyone was driving E cars we'd need an asston(maybe even a double asston) of more charging stations, which means more wire. I don't have the answers, but I'm sure the planet will not run out of crude before I'm dead. I remember in the early 70s government experts claimed the planet was low on crude. Here we are today, getting more out of th
  15. I also noticed he didn't say what he sold the Cali place for. I bet it was much higher than a comparable house here of the same size.
  16. When we all work together, the collective good with worth the time and effort. ASU kitty not defeated.
  17. Those DP1 are so stupid fast it amazes me every time I watch them pass other cars like they were sitting still. Thanks for the update guys.
  18. He was a class act and set a good example for what baseball should be. God bless. RIP
  19. Must have been a long time ago, she's been passed for almost a decade. But if you are into to that....
  20. Might not be an airplane with a banner but funny for sure. Arizona State fans troll rival Arizona with billboard (msn.com)
  21. Crush up the cheapest aspirin you can get and mix into some cheap canned cat food. Probably have to feed 'em a week or so, but it will work.
  22. Slorch, that's a bold strategy. I'm good with it. Carry on.
  23. Feb 19, looks like a road trip to Arlington. Eat cake nekkid day for me. Happy Birthday.
  24. There are two kinds of explosions. KB and KFB. Ka Boom Ka Fucking Boom.
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