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  1. Wait, thought they were getting a 5-Star QB, RB & WR???
  2. Anybody have a link/gif to Landon slapping the dummies awkwardly??
  3. Georgia played in a National Championship during their impressionable lifetime and are always in the playoff conversation. We haven’t.
  4. That was me whining. Seemed pretty obvious that they’ve been looking for reasons to go elsewhere (like Collins - who may still work out). Maybe a B12 championship will help, but their mind will likely be made by then and a lowly B12 championship doesn’t compare to what Clemson, Bama and Georgia are doing.
  5. We should wear some glow in the dark jerseys at the Cotton Bowl.
  6. This is it. As far as I’ve seen, he’s never shown any interest in Texas and pretty much made fun of Princely for committing here (although it may have been more directed to the DL scheme). I get the feeling that he thinks he’s bigger than Texas (and probably A&M depending on $$$) and will end up at a LSU/OSU/Bama.
  7. A lot of familiar names that we were on late in the recruiting process and lost out on. Even a DeUnte Chapman sighting.
  8. Sam’s future at the next level is a slightly smaller Dak Prescott. A gamer that can move around a little with average accuracy. Hell, that might get you $40M/year these days.
  9. Wow, Brad is going to have nightmares about Daily Doubles.
  10. Manziel didn’t even make the list. Only aggy was JD Crow and his awesome heisman year when he rushed for around 500 yards.
  11. Ok, I can see an argument for him being better than Revis and Sherman, but not Deion, the Woodsons or guys like that. Those guys are first ballot HOFs, Earl isn’t.
  12. Earl Thomas is (was) a very good player, but he’s not in the same category as the other true “greats” you mentioned.
  13. My buddy and I had season tickets this past year and CDC personally replied to a tweet of mine, so where’s my bag and which 2021 recruit do I give it to??
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