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  1. Put it on the stadium wall??? Aggy throws parades for these type of things.
  2. Yeah, that’s what I was trying to do, my lack of execution wasn’t my fault though.
  3. So TCU is a bunch of dumb guys....we should easily outsmart them on the field for an easy win.
  4. Got the original/regular sandwich on Sunday and there wasn’t any sauce and it was actually kind of dry. Did they just forget the sauce or is that just for the spicy sandwich? Also, maybe completely unrelated, but I was real close to making my 1st entry in the 2019 Shart thread about 10 minutes after eating the sandwich.
  5. We can hire Earl Campbell as a recruiting analyst to find the best black QBs in the land.
  6. Duvernay is our only hope of a 1st rounder and he’ll have to test off the charts. He’s fast, but his play on the field doesn’t show 4.3, 10.2 speed. His extra weight may have slowed him down from when he did run these times and a high 4.4 guy, even with great hands, may not get into the 2nd. If he can get into the low 4.3s with good testing in the other combine events, then he’ll have a chance at sneaking into the 1st.
  7. EZ$

    2020 Texas Baseball

    Seems like there are about 4-5 that will be drafted pretty high. If we can somehow get two of those to show up on campus, it would be a huge success with immediate impact potential.
  8. We also haven’t elected to kickoff both halves, so that’s a plus.
  9. Our special teams are certainly special.
  10. Well, we’d be fighting for top 10 recruiting classes, but we’d do a lot more what whatever talent he could get.
  11. I’d love to see the “patience” on this board after loosing to a couple G5s in year one.
  12. This right here. We can’t get a Rhule or Campbell because we’d have another “transition class” and likely a bunch of transfers leaving the next guy with huge roster holes (sound familiar). After he wins 6-8 the first 3 years, we’ll be calling for his head too. Urban (or someone like him...not sure who else has his resume?) would come in with some excitement and keep the recruiting class (if not strengthen it) and would actually use the portal in our favor. In the long run, a Rhule or Campbell are the better option, but Texas fans aren’t in it for the long run.
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