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  1. Well, if a guy who never significantly played here sits out the rest of his games at Texas, my guess is he won’t make an NFL roster (Overshown & Mitchell). If someone like Sterns or Cosmi sit out this year, that’s a different story.
  2. I really wonder how many of these guys really care about “instant” change enough to give up the potential of making millions? Wonder why there isn’t a lot of this chatter from the players at OU, Bama, tOSU, LSU, etc...
  3. Kind of weird that our 3 most vocal (4 if you count Cook) guys about sitting out are the ones in positions with weak depth. All of these guys probably had better than a 50/50 shot of being significant starters.
  4. He really doesn’t want to play LB does he....
  5. 1 year probation....KKL going to be put out to pasture??? No way she doesn’t implode in the next 12 months.
  6. Ainias looks to actually have a little talent and must have been unhappy...so Jimbo assigned KKL to Ainias this summer to remind him to come back in the fall.
  7. So they going to ship Mond to PVAM to be their starting QB?
  8. I’ve seen enough from Cook and seen enough from Adimora (no matter how limited) to know that Cook wasn’t going to start. He was already moved to nickel because he wasn’t going to start at CB and the same was going to happen at nickel.
  9. So he basically got beat out by a younger player. He would have still played plenty this year (if we play) just from having to step in when other players are out 2 weeks with the virus.
  10. Or you throw WR screens to them </Tim Beck>
  11. Luckily it will be a seamless transition for all those boys from the Northeast...
  12. I’m from South Texas growing up around the King Ranch as well as hundreds of 1000 acre hunting-type ranches. Growing up, we had “the 4 acres” with goats which was going to be our future homestead until the oil crash of the 80s. My wife’s family has 50 acres with a couple family houses called the “ranchito”. My boss (an aggy) describes his 42 acres as a ranch. His boss describes his 1500 acres as a ranch. I’d find it hard to call anything under 250-300 acres a ranch, but I guess it depends on how it’s set up.
  13. Yet we are the school with players causing a stir on twitter wanting to quit the team...
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