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  1. The Tayshaun Prince/Blake Griffin love child?
  2. There’s not enough room to add all the aggy folklore heroes. I’d like to see the cadet with the sword vs SMU cheerleader personally. Or the bloodied fan who defended the walls of the Alamo against tech. Or Hamm. Or crying Javorskie. Damn, just too many greats!
  3. You forgot the Sully statue and damn, Looch is one ugly MFer.
  4. Ahh, seems like just yesterday they had their “almost win” against Clemson solidifying Mond as a legit top-tier QB, getting Demas to accept the bag (or new home with aggy booster) and showing the world that Jimbo was worth every penny of his $75M.
  5. Her “clients” are about two dozen 18-21 year old football players and their family members.
  6. Wing of a stingray. We would use chunks like that for shark bait while surf fishing.
  7. ...along with Demas and about half of their NE mercenaries portaling.
  8. Probably the ACC network. He’s been pretty worthless in the SEC.
  9. The fightin Texas aggy spirit will pull out a couple wins they shouldn’t. Tennessee and LSU are not automatic losses. I’d put them in the toss up category.
  10. EZ$

    Fire Mike Yurcich

    I’d probably keep it a secret if this “contact tracing” led down a path to where your senior, Heisman candidate QB (and only hope at a good season) would have to sit out 2 games.
  11. Every year, the best teams (Clemson, tOSU, Bama, etc) have inexplicable close games or losses. Maybe we got our shit game out of the way early? I'm still a little concerned with our play calling/personnel decisions, but some of that may improve when Whittington and Jake Smith are getting passes instead of Schooler (a guy who’s been practicing for 2 weeks) and Money (a walk-on who was surely not getting reps until last couple weeks). I’m going with the COVID excuse of lack of practice time for the defensive/tackling issues.
  12. Wow, listen to Brando’s calls on our last 3 scores vs the last TD run by “just call him Sir!”. You’d think an amazing/improbable comeback win would produce a little excitement??
  13. Maybe another bag to keep him from the portal???
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