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  1. Just get me pitchers who throw strikes. 1-0, 2-0 every damn AB is driving me bonkers. Not to mention hitters watching strike 1 down the middle, fouling off strike 2, then either watching strike 3 or chasing a slider 2 foot outside.
  2. Hall didn’t transfer here to play bench. If we get Addison, Sark would be one BMF if he can keep Hall interested enough this year to get him into next year where he’d be a major contributor. Hell, Hall was in a better position to contribute at Bama this year (assuming he wasn’t about to get suspended) than here and that’s before potentially getting Addison.
  3. So I guess we’re just going to be some type of Texas Tech on steroids in the SEC if we keep Sark. Bad ass, entertaining offenses with bad ass skill players, but shitty defense and probably go 8-5 to 10-3 each year. Ok, so like aggy I guess, but not boring AF.
  4. I pretty much knew we were going to lose as soon as we immediately gave back the 3-0 lead and pulled our “starter”.
  5. Might be an upgrade to what we see happen in Week 2 against that same DL.
  6. Great, a guy with a 13 ERA and shitload of walks about to throw about 3 shutout innings.
  7. If the opposing outfielders threw as wildly to home as we do, Pierce would seem like a genius.
  8. Don’t forget basketball team being ranked in the top 10 at the start of the season.
  9. Olivarez needs to be getting more innings. Good numbers, good stuff & throws strikes, so not sure why we keep running out the same bullpen scrubs every game.
  10. Why are we even trying to run with no outs and Melendez two batters down the line? Stealing RBIs from him.
  11. Who were these guys?
  12. Maybe he’ll decide to sit out the season and start getting ready for the NFL.
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