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  1. UNC gave everyone the blueprint--lawyer up, threaten back, put them on their heels, and wait until they settle/give up... Okie State and Mizzou are both living proof of what not to do with the NCAA.
  2. To back you up, since Wooden retired after 1975, there have been exactly 6 champions out of 45 that are from west of the Mississippi--Kansas twice, Arizona, UCLA, UNLV, and Arkansas. Its an Eastern Time Zone domination. Western and Midwestern teams just seem to have a hard time beating these teams in the EST for championships. Obviously, Duke, UNC, UK, Florida, and Villanova have dominated at times, but the reality is that the ACC and Big East tend to win this thing more times than not.
  3. The thing with Mizzou that is amazing to me is that they literally have blown about every advantage a single power 5 state university could possibly blow. Think about past glories at Nebraska, Minnesota, or Colorado. Think about Ohio State, LSU, and even Utah. You can find national championships/ Final Fours/ BCS bowl games rather easily for these teams listed in the last 60 years. Then think about the sizes of St. Louis and Kansas City and being stuck right in the middle of them. Its almost extraordinary to suck this bad. Losing A&M, Nebraska, and Colorado were all more painful than losing Mizzou. WVU is a fine replacement for them.
  4. Like we say about the football trophies y'all get every year in Norman...
  5. I can't refute any of this...well said. I figure the Pac name carries a lot of weight with the media and the B1G. Assuming so, the easiest path forward for keeping that name and all that goes with it is to have the Pac be used as a conduit to get the Pac the better programs in the CST from the Big XII, while really bumping up the cash to be on par with the B1G and SEC. The Pac doesn't have any programs that are terrible brands to networks--the Big 12 basically has two in Baylor and TCU, two small religious schools with small alumni bases, small stadiums, and small followings. Put it this way, when Texas or OU play Stanford or USC, its basically a national game, not a regional one like it is with those two Texas privates. I can see a scenario where a Pac 18 would take ISU over KSU, rather easily, but I don't know if that even matters to the Pac if it got them the Texoma Four. Assuming it does matter, I have zero doubt that ISU has more to bring to the Pac than KSU, except for distance and not having an in-state team to travel with, which seems to matter to the Pac more than other leagues. But I would love a conference that looked like this: Wash/WSU Oregon/OSU Cal/Stanford USC/UCLA Arizona/ASU Texas/Tech Utah/CU OU/OSU KU/ISU Gives the Pac 3 AAU programs for research, gives the conference three time zones to control and sell to networks, and can still keep geographic rivalries at a premium.
  6. The Pac-12 GOR expire at the end of 2023, while the Big 12 expires in June of 2025. I think the way this goes is that the Pac-12 gets a new deal with the idea that behind the scenes, the networks know the Pac will get the Texomakan 6 and move to be the Pac-18. Three time zones, big names in Texas, OU, and KU (hoops), and Pac gets two AAU institutions in UT and KU. It also keeps the lawsuits from Baylor from really ever getting off the ground because they were not invited, most likely because of religious reasons (see BYU) that don't mesh with the liberal views of the West Coast. Iowa State and WVU join the AAC, while TCU and Baylor join the MWC.
  7. WVU will find a place at the table, I bet--still think the ACC or SEC will take them. But Baylor, TCU, and Iowa State are totally about to get dropped backwards--possibly KSU, too. Still think the powers that be want the Pac-16/18 to happen--getting the Texoma 4 or the Texomakan 6 would make a lot sense for the networks and bowls. I still see three pods of 6 being setup--Pac 12 North (WSU, Washington, OSU, Oregon, Stanford, Cal) Pac-12 Southwest (USC, UCLA, ASU, Arizona, Tech, UT), and the Pac-12 Midwest (Utah, CU, KSU, KU, OU, and OSU). Play your 5 pod teams, plus 2 from the other pods each, but keep rivalries together annually (UT-OU, USC-Stanford, UCLA-Cal, OSU-Tech, for example). Conference championship game is between the two highest rated division winners. In hoops and baseball, you'd play your pod teams home-and-home every year, then play three teams from the other pods each year, rotating those teams out every two years.
  8. The great 2007 Big XII Tournament Championship in OKC was on last night--talk about two stacked squads.
  9. Legally, it would just be easier for everyone to separate from the two private schools and WVU if the other conference just invites over the rest of these teams. Nobody cares about Baylor or TCU--not to mention those Pac schools want absolutely nothing to do with religious schools (see BYU forever snub from the Pac). WVU is too far away. KSU or ISU are what's left and ISU provides a whole different state and is an AAU institution. It would just be simpler to get the Pac schools to invite over pieces than it would be for the Big XII to get USC/UCLA and others to leave to come here. My guess is that a network (CBS or NBC) will lead the charge here and time this for the GOR expiring over here in 2025. If the Pac just wants 4 programs to not go any higher than 14, I suspect it would be the Texoma 4 or take out Tech for KU with the other three. I could even see a deal to invite over UT, OU, KU, and ISU, just to keep the AAU total higher for those in the academic leadership in the Pac.
  10. What needs to be done is for the Pac to get their shit together and bring over the Big XII pieces that are worth it for revenue sports and academia. I'd do this: Pac NW--Washington, WSU, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Stanford Pac--Midwest--Kansas, Iowa State, Colorado, Utah, OU, and OSU Pac SW--Arizona, Arizona State, USC, UCLA, Tech, and Texas You play all 5 teams in your division, plus 2 others in each divisions--with one being an annual rival game if needed (Texas/OU, OSU/Tech, USC/Stanford, UCLA/Cal, Washington/Arizona, Colorado/Kansas). Conference Championship game is between the two highest ranked teams in the BCS ranking. You get three time zones, Pac adds in 3 AAU institutions in UT, KU, and ISU, and you get to work on better networks for the entire system.
  11. There is no dumping of Baylor as long as the Big XII exists, which is too bad for the rest of us.
  12. I honestly can't see Baylor falling short of the Final Four as long as they don't go like 1-20 from behind the arc in some game in the tournament--which is the same for everyone in the country. The Baylor guards are just too big and too tough to let them get beat. When they have played anyone with a pulse in the last three months, they have pretty much beaten the quality teams to a pulp. That list includes Villanova, Arizona, Butler, Tech, KU, OU, Florida and WVU. They have games at OU and WVU left, as well as home games with KU and Tech. I honestly don't see them losing any of them, maybe one at the most. They are basically raping the field...
  13. Baylor just has the look of being that team....they are more talented than everyone else and Scott Drew has just gotten better with age. I think Baylor wins this weekend by 8-10 points. If they make their 3s, it could be 12-15. They are that good. I think we will see just how big the difference is between #1 and #3. KU will have to play much better than in Lawrence agains the Bears just to keep this around that 8-10 point level. Otherwise, it’ll be a carbon copy of the first game.
  14. It sure looks like this is Baylor's and Scott Drew's breaking out year. I think they have a great chance to win out. I know they have played down some to their competition of late, but when they have played anyone good or great in the last few months, they have won, fairly easily. As a matter of fact, I expect them to beat KU fairly easily next Saturday in Waco. The Baylor guards give Kansas guards fits because of their size, shooting, and ball-handling. And their frontcourt can play with KU's frontcourt, from a size standpoint. Its very possible that Baylor is the ONLY team in the country that is better than Kansas. And the person who can figure out how Baylor has avoided the wrath of God for killing people and raping girls while getting them covered up, as well as skinning cats by baseball players, for their athletic teams, I'm all ears.
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