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  1. Hello I have both Pay Pal and Venmo
  2. First session is on me!!! 🤍 As many of you know, I’ve been training to become a certified crystal master healer for almost a year and am ready to start my practice. Crystal Healing Session w/ Meditation & Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Therapy!!! I’m offering all family & friends a free 30 minute crystal healing session, if this is your first time working with me. We will balance chakras, clear energy with sound therapeutic crystal singing bowels, and remove blockages that have you anxious or discouraged, etc. I am also practicing the removal of spinal pain by moving stuck energy, which can be caused by trauma and stress, as well as other issues. If you’d like to upgrade to 1 hour, I will also incorporate a guided meditation made just for you! Or, you can opt for an extended sound bath with hand-blended essential oil blends. I will send you home with a small clear quartz sphere, or another crystal depending on what you need at that time. Please PM me to book a free session for 30 mins, or receive an entire hour and only pay $45! After your free session, Introductory rates are $50 for 30 mins and $95 for an hour!
  3. There is more bacteria in your mouth than a cat's mouth. Maybe you don't lick yourself so you're ok.
  4. Side note for the dog lovers--my mother's cat was killed by the neighbor's dog a few years ago. She watched it happen. Maybe the cat shouldn't have been outside or maybe the dog should have been kept inside instead of out in the yard where he could get through the fence and make his kill on my mother's property. That was on a Thanksgiving morning. The neighbor brought flowers. My mother threw them away. She didn't want the reminder of having seen the trauma.
  5. Cats don't require the attention that dogs do. I went to China for 3 weeks and I simply asked my friend to show up every 4 days to make sure they still had food and water and to scoop their poop. I did the same thing when I went to Italy, Greece, England, and France for similar amounts of time. I left a window open in my 2nd bedroom so they could go in and out while I was thousands of miles away. It was no big deal. Cats take care of themselves. Of course, I leave my windows open all the time but that's another thread but moderately relevant to this.
  6. Well, since I'm talking about it I had Lumpa and Whikey for about 15 years too. ... I had Monster, Boots, Toonces, Kiki,, Tripod, Stranger. Some others.
  7. I called my new cat rootlboos tonight. I shouldn't have done that. His name is Cactus or Nopales or Nopalito or Snapperhead. That other cat's name was Tips or Polar Bear or Rootles. She's dead now. I had to put her down. She spent 18 years with me though.
  8. Yeah. You failed there. Dogs stink. Cats clean themselves. All dogs do is lick their balls.
  9. Cats are kings of the jungle. They are predatory, deceptive, cunning, sly. They are independent, confident, and proud. When they kill something, they own it and keep it. It's theirs. They don't bring it to you like a dog. They're not servile beasts that can be trained. They have their own mind and live their own lives. They couldn't care less what anyone thinks. I respect that greatly.
  10. One of my cats, Tips, responded to my vet when she called her name. My cat looked toward the vet when she mentioned her name and the vet said, "Oooh, she knows her name." On the other hand, the vet had her hands on my cat and it wasn't unusual that my cat would turn her head toward the person who was talking. Still, I think my cat knew her name regardless of who was speaking. Regarding multiple names: Tips was called Rootleboos and Rootnoos and responded to that. My current cat is Cactus and he responds to Nopales and Nopalito. Another cat was Feisty and he responded to Mucklededun. Another was Lumpa and he responded to BigFat.
  11. I think a pet's attention to you simply has to do with the sound of your voice, your presence, and the fact that you feed them. You satisfy their basic needs of food and shelter and security, just like anything and your kids too.
  12. How do animals respond to name changes? Does it matter to them what you call them or are they just responding to your voice and the consistency of what you call them when you feed them and interact with them?
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