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  1. Not surprised the lame-stream American media trying to tar and feather this caucus as racist. Our legal and political heritage is derived from England- post Norman invasion and not Anglo-Saxon. Poor choice of words because it is erroneous from a historical perspective. The right is going through a process of shedding the dead GOP consensus of interventionist foreign policy and free market zealotry. Unfortunately, too many in the party’s establishment still cling to the past and trying to suppress the birth of a nationalist, working class oriented party with a reordered set of priorities. The
  2. Apologizing for factual errors and leaps in logic goes against the Cabal code of self-righteous moralizing.
  3. Absolute joke that CBS had Meghan’s bootlicker cronies Gayle King and Omid Scobie leading the coverage. I immediately switched the channel when I saw that crap. Beautiful and poignant funeral despite the COVID restrictions.
  4. Completely agree. I still have DirecTV with STARZ, HBO, SHO, TMC and Cinemax for $170 a month with 3 receivers. We do the same about starting a movie or show from the beginning that we happen up on the program guide. Get ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu package for free as part of my Verizon mobile unlimited plan. I wouldn’t pay for Hulu separately. Have Netflix and Prime. Use my mom’s Xfinity password to get Peacock without ads. Despite the extra cost, I’m glad I never ditched traditional pay TV. Not having the wife bitch about a patchwork system is worth the extra cost.
  5. I see someone who is salty that their ancestors had to answer for their disloyalty to their sovereign and for their Popery
  6. Sorry to disappoint but I am not anyone’s sock, especially that freak’s. I was a lurker for a long while before creating this handle and posting.
  7. Meghan once again revealing her lack of class and trashy upbringing. Will not attend Prince Philip’s funeral for “health reasons”. She deserves all the shit the British tabloids give and all the hatred she has earned from the British people. Compare her to Kate, who even though is a commoner, had the proper upbringing to rise to the occasion of being HRH Princess of Cambridge and the future Princess of Wales. I despise the American witch and she deserves to be called a cunt and every other nasty word out there.
  8. I think you’re right. Alief Elsik HS is right next to the Westpark Tollway. It’s immediately to the south of it.
  9. Deshaun lives in Alief? Seriously? Why the fuck would he live there
  10. La Templanza (The Vineyard) is really good historical epic type series. Don’t watch the English dubbed version. It’s awful. Watch it in Spanish with subtitles. El Candidato is also very good.
  11. The British monarchy has existed for over a 1,000 years. It melds faith, constitutional government and service embodied by a non-partisan beloved head of state whom thousands have died for. History, beauty and mystery oozes from every facet of this institution. Watch Queen Elizabeth’s coronation and you will get some perspective.
  12. Meghan and Harry’s grift based on his royal lineage is the greatest threat to the monarchy since the abdication of Edward VIII. The reason the Crown and the senior members of royal family have their privileges is because they’re expected to devote their lives to service. Meghan from her American perspective viewed Harry’s status to be no different than regular celebrity. If the royal family becomes a self-centered, fancier version of the Kardashians, it deserves to die. I find it interesting the 2 greatest threats stem from marriages to Americans. As much as I dislike Meghan, she at least isn’
  13. HM- Her Majesty HRH- His or Her Royal Highness.
  14. Constitutional monarchies like the UK are not the slippery slope to a future American autocracy. Wish we had a non-political head of state like HM the Queen beloved by her people. It would helps with social cohesion.
  15. She will definitely be missed - last of a dying breed who bought honor and duty to the Crown above their own selfish desires. I wish HRH Prince William and Kate were next in succession because the monarchy needs their vibrancy, class and assuredness in their role as next monarch in waiting. HRH Prince Charles and Camilla are not what the monarchy needs after the wreckage the succubus Meghan has wrought and the scandal of Epstein buddy Prince Andrew.
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