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  1. fOSU? Makes a lot of sense with Stroud and the receivers that were just picked in the first round.
  2. Shan is such a pussy. He’s always been a know-it-all with a giant ego that turns into a butthurt little bitch whenever someone disagrees with him or proves him wrong.
  3. So they had the opportunity to let Choate walk with no buyout and try replace him with a coach that can actually recruit and develop linebackers, but decided to give him a raise instead?
  4. California is the sunshine state, Addison will have no sun on him, Addison to Texas confirmed. edit: my dumb ass got the Florida and California knicknames mixed up for a second.
  5. Dude deleted his account. So it’s either true and he pissed off the wrong people for opening his mouth or it’s all bullshit. $9.95
  6. Holy shit! I was thinking earlier, “what if Red just decided he wanted to mushroom stamp USC for trying to poach our players and just bought Addison himself?”
  7. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/quinn-ewers-texas-longhorns-ncaa-college-football
  8. I was there too! That was the loudest I’ve ever heard Billy Bob’s. It was awesome seeing them back at it.
  9. ourced | New Positional NIL Deal Coming? By: CJ Vogel Posted on: March 31, 2022 Texas made waves in the world of college football last year with its Pancake Factory NIL designed to compensate offensive linemen on roster. I spoke recently with a source who indicated a similar deal could be in the works for a new position group. Texas has two positional groups already taken care of through NIL deals with the aforementioned Pancake Factory and Burnt Ends which was set up by the fellas at Surly Horns, designed to help the tight end position. The source I spoke with hinted at a new initiative coming to the Texas program, however this time, it would benefit a positional group on the defensive side of the ball — linebackers. Linebacker recruiting at Texas has been a whirlwind over the last few cycles. Though, that may end up becoming a thing in the past should this new NIL initiative see action. Right now, it appears things are still in the blueprint stage. However it would be a big time benefit to prevent Texas from missing out of talented in-state linebackers like Harold Perkins from the previous cycle.
  10. Did Owens not make it to campus this weekend? I haven’t seen or heard anything about him.
  11. Hopefully 2022 will be our last year in the Big 12.
  12. The big video drop was the same one Hartzel already posted last night.
  13. Fucking goosebumps. The end Of the video makes me wonder if things are moving faster than what has been talked about in the media.
  14. I hate to listen to FCB but it’s also Riley Dodge talking about Quinn.
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