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  1. The game just popped on FSSW
  2. This guy moves like Lawrence Sampleton used to. Do want. Is he considered an okie lock?
  3. I like you, Sydney, but gotdamn. Waterloo is all right (due mainly to the Rachmaninoff-influenced piano theatrics) and Knowing Me, Knowing You is mostly salvaged by the Bergmanesque video that accompanied its release. The rest of their oeuvre is what plays in the anteroom of the 9th Level of Hell to prep you for an eternity of cultivating in an ice and shit terroir.
  4. I like this. Always wondered why the punter was the holder. It seemed like it was making the punter sing for his supper or some such.
  5. Good God fucking this. It was like a '70's made-for-tv movie about local redneck law enforcement run amok. In this day and age, a bad joke, but in Norman per BlowU football? Business as usual.
  6. Anything chicken fried that lacks jalapeno in the gravy is akin to drinking single malt without adorning it with a single drop of water.
  7. You want to place it into this or that context; fine. I place it into the context of someone who is a bully who defaults to beating those weaker than he during moments of conflict and disagreement.
  8. And I would wager that most women would accuse you of quibbling, at best.
  9. Every woman I've ever known says, "Once a hitter, always a hitter."
  10. Lumberjack #3 in one of her less choppy moods.
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