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  1. No shit, especially since the "prevailing wisdom" - haha - had him a huge lean to the slope-heads to the north.
  2. I watched them El Campo play a couple of games. They had a few good RBs, so Owens didn't get to amass jawdropping numbers, but every time he ran with the ball I marveled that he was just a sophomore. He is going to be great if he doesn't sustain a serious injury. He's a war daddy.
  3. And nothing quite elevates the evening like an $80 Islay spewing out your nose.
  4. This is an example of what we've all been wanting from our coaches for years; to wit, tell them/let them think what they want and let the play determine their best position. Thankfully we finally seem to have that staff.
  5. Given @RGBIII hanging a spot-on Cream Pie moniker on Fat Ketch, perhaps Roach should be going forward dubbed Cookies & Cream.
  6. I hope they keep the pressure to flip on Hudson because I think pulling both Coleman and Thompson is going to be extremely difficult. Phaizon won't go aggy; either his offer list improves a lot if he has a productive season or he goes to Arky and Baby Briles makes him a staple of the offense.
  7. It seemed hauntingly familiar as he stared morosely into the abyss of his glass.
  8. somehow I lost the feed and was switched to a different game
  9. Late to the dance, how does one go about watching this game? I tried the espn watch app, but kept getting an error message.
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