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  1. Like Vinne’s boy Walsh, M Night demands final cut.
  2. Yes. Maybe not as much lately. They dont like a championship team at all (or never did), but they did chase down all improbable scores. However, they have difficulty chasing modest totals - couldnt be bothered against Mumbai.
  3. Ipl is more balanced competition that most international games. Too bad you dislike it. I used to also, but now I’ve changed my mind over the past couple of years. IPL is the future of cricket.
  4. I am finding it very hard to get into this movie. I had to turn it off after about 30m. Looks like an art movie so far. The director is too fancy so my superhero movie needs.
  5. Oh you son of a bitch. This is gonna be one of those shows… ending seasons on massive cliffhangers. And get cancelled 3 seasons out without conclusion.
  6. No, she’s always been hot. Ever since 8 rules.
  7. Gujarat Titans… team of destiny?
  8. Lol. You are making my point. Spider man would be a big name - and is my point. No where did I show any concern about Marvel’s finances — only about the popularity and take rate of fringe, less known superheros. I am not sure they will sell as well. but they will probably sell better than an original movie. So hollywood will make.
  9. My prediction: IPL will expand to 20+ teams, 6 month season in the next 2 decades. Most IPL players will only play in the IPL given the longer season.
  10. There is little point for India playing bilaterals anymore except on the road in SENA countries. Just too strong. it is only matter of time before ipl champion is called world champ a la NBA or NHL.
  11. I think the Baby Billy plot line of not beikg on-screen much is hurting the show. He needs to be more in play.
  12. The English team is firing everyone. Rinse and repeat every 3-4 years. Lol.
  13. Thanks blacklab for nuking the old title. I can breathe easy now.
  14. Unfortunately I dont see good stock of test cricketers coming out (all young uns just wanna play IPL). So any replacement for the big3 need a lot to be proven (though I dont think Kohli is in any danger of being dropped - but Pujara and Rahane are likely out for next series). Jury still out on iyer. Vihari is best of the bunch. SKY might not have the patience for test. Maybe we move some of the opener candidates a bit down the line like shaw, gill, or mayank. But all of them are suspect and not proven yet. India might flounder a bit before coming back strong again. Hopefully tests survive for this to happen. But biggest concern is —- who the hell is gonna be test captain? rohit? Most likely? But he is not fit/you g and misses a lot of matches - might want to continue going for split captaincy pant? Most likely to play all tests and most locked up his place in all conditions? ashwin? cant always play him in SENA conditions where we only can 1 spinner Jadeja (and maybe even Axar as he develops as a batsman) may be preferred bumrah? Probably not given he has played 3 tests in india and 24 outside kl? Not sure if he has even locked his place in test yet.
  15. remoh

    Cobra Kai

    Stingray is basically every poster on Surly who claims to bang only 10s and complains about weird knees on normal women.
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