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  1. Was pointed out in the replies of the tweet but any data showing Syracuse as a top 16 CFB team is probably fucked up.
  2. Man that thread, what a bunch of classless cunts. First of all, I would never in a 1000 years take in an aggy practice, in any capacity. So, there's that. Second, if I had a good enough friend who invited me to watch big brother's practice on the sideline (assume this is what he means by field access), and I was of a mind to go, I certainly wouldn't entertain any of the cunty behaviors they are proposing in the replies.
  3. The most hilarious part of the clip is at the very end when she displays her complete ignorance by proposing the OU-OK St analogy and both dudes are like "YES!". Clearly she has benefited from hot girl privilege. If she was average looking she'd be a suburban house wife married to an insurance agent.
  4. I got a parking ticket during my time on campus and I didn't even own a car. I was sick as shit one morning and borrowed my roommate's car to drive to the clinic on campus. Had no idea I was parking illegally.
  5. My guess is the latter. I'm sure the biggest issue with returns in that bracket are overclaiming credits. Still. It's a fucking incredibly stupid system and I stand on doubling its size is not good for the average person.
  6. Doubling the size of the IRS is bad for everyone. Tax payers and tax cheats included. It blows my mind that anyone could have a different take on that, unless they work for them or at another alphabet agency. Look into who gets audited, they already go after poor people and the people least likely to put up a fight. You think these new 90K guys are being hired to fix that? Haha.
  7. https://www.expressnews.com/sports/aggies/article/Texas-A-M-recruiters-at-the-top-of-their-game-17362883.php ...
  8. I don't have a Switch or any of the current console gens, you might watch a video before pulling the trigger. I will say the game's style and graphics are not at all demanding. No twitch gaming of any kind here, you just move your character and click stuff.
  9. $14.99 at Amazon for the One/X version. PS4/5 and Switch are all higher for some reason.
  10. Arguably the best part of the show at this point.
  11. A guy named Kurt Becker checks 2.5 of those boxes...All American at Michigan, Chicago Bear, and was a high school coach, doesn't look like he won a title though and 'resigned' in 2017.
  12. Herman is an above average head coach. His main problem is that he thinks he is a lot smarter than he is. Some of his fundamental beliefs on how to win in CFB are wrong, but somehow he still manages to be great as a dog and stay close in virtually every game. Based on his UH record, especially ahead of when his team realized he was shagging ass to LSU or Texas, I thought he was a great hire for us. His "Momentum is an illusion" speech/presser/wherever I heard him say that really made me question that almost immediately though. I am surprised he is not coaching again by now, I guess he is just milking the buy out...but that calls into question how bad he wants this. This being to be a respected, winning FBS P5 head coach.
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