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  1. sdm


    Ditto - Boren stole Stoops’ B.O.D.
  2. Plus he loves making fun of aggy turditions. Great comedy watching tech go into college station, win the game then the pirate pokes them in the eye on the way out the door. Those were the days.
  3. Craig left out the part about getting lost.
  4. Fusca is either dreaming of chasing rabbits or playing dress up with Gabi. I can't tell.
  5. Good Boy Tank! Edit: But I bet Tank likes to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons.
  6. Billy Liucci Home Sweet Home And the one mommy and daddy bought Billy
  7. Dobbs! Fight! Dobbs! Fight! Godspeed Charlie
  8. Damn straight, that bitch knows how to kerfuffle! Edit: White light coming your way Mr. Dobbs!
  9. I love Kevin, always reminds me of Walter Matthau's character in Grumpy Old Men for some reason.
  10. How much water did he take up the nose given that landing?
  11. Where are the pics of the incredible tits?
  12. Never seen Looch without his chin pubes before. Pic makes him look like a born loser.
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