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  1. Back for "next week" (from above post). 5-6 days of muck, clouds, humid, soup, etc. Chances of tiny bits of rain every day through the weekend. None of which is a game-changer. More like "are the streets wet" kind of spotty stuff. There's a low sitting out off S. Cali coast, stalled. Sending weak disturbances NE into Texas. Most of 'em are small and weak. Everyone will probably get at least 1-2 good showers by the weekend, but nothing is going to pile up. Just soupy and like under an armpit after a workout kind of weather. Today a cold front through, will drop temps noticably aft
  2. And it was definitely targeting, the ref guy on TV just said so. Again, Kansas City got unbelievably lucky. Browns got screwed big time.
  3. There's such a thing as really getting lucky, and Kansas City really got lucky on that.
  4. Notwithstanding his boo-boos last night, the most accurate kicker in NFL history is a lock for the hall now.
  5. j/k Yeomans is pretty good actually. Although that picture above is creepy. He still is a little awkward at night, needs to not try to cram so much into the spot. But he's not bad - at first I thought he was a little too packaged but seems to have relaxed. It's gonna rain next week (Mon-Wed). More next week.
  6. Agreed on uncharted territory. No official has ever been convicted on impeachment after leaving office. There is quite a bit of discussion going on that for that reason, once Jan. 20 hits, the articles become void. One judicial guy I saw today said that if that happens, a "removal from future office" ether cannot take place or wouldn't be clearly legal. It would almost certainly go through the courts to decide. If Democrats go ahead with a trial and vote, conviction is almost 100% unlikely. And if acquittal happens, the official can't be bared from future office since he was "not gui
  7. That's not quite true. The Senate would first have to vote with a 2/3 majority to convict by the Articles of Impeachment, even if he's out of office. Only once he's been convicted by at least one of those, then they can vote for any future disqualifications with a probable simple majority. But that requires a second vote, I can only occur if 2/3 of the Senate can first convicts him on at least one of the Articles. They'll still need 2/3 of the Senate members present to convict.
  8. I dunno. Because they suck? Here's something right now: Temps are definitely gonna get < freezing for 90% of ATX (except maybe extreme SW TravCo) at least a few hours overnight. Period.
  9. Snow/precip over. Temps will be freezing now or next hour or so tonight through 8 a.m. tomorrow morning, be careful driving. It'll take a while to clear up if it does completely at all, and the high tomorrow will be about 45, so the snow won't melt real quick, but most should be gone by late afternoon. Temp will get above freezing between 7-8 a.m.
  10. My backyard in Bee cave - where always snows. I don't see why most of us won't get at least 4"-6" or more. Biggest storm since I think 2014 or even earlier.
  11. Back/secondary roads here (Bee Cave/Lakeway) are all slipperying up. This is gonna be a "DO NOT DRIVE" situation from now until tomorrow a.m. Main roads are still just wet but they'll change, but the secondary roads are quickly getting slushy/icy. Freezing now in many parts of ATX and will just hold there or get colder. I'm an old hand at snow driving and I'll just say stay off the roads now unless you have a Demolition Derby Special - or want one. We have a real winter storm, I can see 3-6 inches in ATX areas in some parts.
  12. Models have it almost literally running down Ben White. So the westbound lanes will get 3 feet and the eastbound lanes will be hot and sunny. Otherwise, this is really hard to pinpoint. My drinking half a pint of Jim Beam/then flipping a coin prediction is that most of the Austin area will see whitish lawns. Streets will be wet, but not snowy. Watch for icing up for sure after dark tonight and esp. into early morning tomorrow. But not a widespread halt to life on the roads. That's as good as I can do. and now we wait...
  13. Just a reminder if you read these, kinda pain in the ass to translate, but the "nnZ" is the GMT (in jolly ol' England, Greenwhich and all that). So we're 6 hours behind them, thus in this case the model was run at 12Z which is noon their time, meaning 6 a.m. CST. The forecast hour is basically hours projected out from model run, in this case it's 3 1/2 days from the run (84 hours out). The "valid at" is saying "we think this model best represents conditions at nnZ" which in this case is midnight Mon. morning GMT, again making it 6 p.m. Sunday Austin time. So this model is saying that by 6
  14. All the models now agreeing that snowfall or icy precip is in store for some part of Sunday at least in parts of ATX area (more W/N at least of Trav-WillCo). Still all over the map on accumulation. Let's just say that that Euro/US graphics above are really on one end of the spectrum for us. But, it is pretty significant that they're sorta agreeing, and now most models are now putting some accumulation at least W and N half of Austin city and TravCo. Most likely a dusting. If you believe that. I'm pretty convinced that Sat night into Sunday will be: 1) pretty cold - temps might not m
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