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  1. Something about Tapas in New Mexico, I think.
  2. So in other words, we swap a couple of hundred homeless people for the entire population of Mexico? Works for me.
  3. I doubt it's going to rain tomorrow. One day over 100. Then the '80s are back on the weekend, and the 70s are back next week, rain increases. Waiting to observe the overshooting comments based on one day tomorrow.
  4. You know the sonofabitch is headed straight for the deepest level of failure-hell when they craft some catchy little acronym for it. I have one: FECES - Fix Entitled Council's Excess Stupidity
  5. Read thru the interview, and I can attest from personal (not necessarily mine) experience that 2/3 of what the Sheriff's office is saying is total bullshit. People are cited all the f-ing time in collisions/accidents, being "at fault" with speeding contributing, based on collision evidence, without witnesses. Geezus, happens all the time. Except in Unicorn La-La-Tigervile, California.
  6. Also, his supermassive ego routinely condenses and he gets a lot of water out of that.
  7. So-so on Ernie, but The Old Man and the Sea is to me his best by far... and man it's a briliant write (boring? Goes nowhere? Doesn't do anything? He sluffed it out knowing he was about to can it all?). If that's the take, you don't understand it, or him (I said, snobbishly). Anyway, Ernie's like many well-known's... brilliant but fucked up personally. Makes for a good doc, though. Plus, I like skiing in Idaho, don't see what he thought was so bad about it.
  8. Baylor's not my favorite school. That said, this thread would sure look a lot better if Texas would've not been mostly sucking absolute ass in major sports for over a decade (well, 'cept baseball, which has a few good years in between total suckage).
  9. Well, I will tell you this. If at the last judgment Christ asks you why you abandoned Christianity or believing in Him, and you say, "Oh, I was a believer until I read a couple of posts from Surly and they persuaded me," you pretty much deserve to go to hell. Happy Easter, everyone!
  10. OMG!! NO!! Really!?!?! Buford Tower is now most likely... wait for it... ARSON!!! https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/buford-tower-fire-damage/269-651546b0-de18-4898-bdef-114e57709f41 I... I.. can't... believe it!!!
  11. "Look, I'm learning about homelessness down here. Look at the picture - do you see any homes behind my daughter? No! Research is <hic> importante!"
  12. I always wondered why he woke up sitting. Did he fall asleep in the recliner or just has a phobia about beds?
  13. The Feds pay fairly well for GIS stuff. My brother was a GIS specialist for 20 years in the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (the old Army Map Service) in D.C.; they paid for his Master's, sent him to Cali to school and gave him a fat stipend besides his salary which I believe was somewhere on the 5-6 figure border. He had it really really good. Not sure how it works out in private industry, but you do get perks with the Feds. Or at least have in the past. In other news, it's raining. The low coming thru got stronger than forecast, last 24 hours the rain totals have ramped up,
  14. The guy: And I laughed at one of his pages:
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