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  1. Lol you guys maybe don't know about Bill Gray at CSU, one of the most important figures in the development the freaking research and knowledge in history, and when you think about it, he must have been smart, because why would you do hurricane research at a coastal college which can be messed up by hurricanes? Your way to the mountains in the middle of the continent, why not? Anyway, he was a real giant in the field, died in 2016 at age 86.
  2. phdhorn

    2020 Rain Thread

    No 2nd disturbance at least right now. After a glorious week of relief (well, it did get to 102° yesterday but c'mon, you can't say the last week has been relentlessly hot/dry!) August gonna August and 100 or just above on tap coming week. Can probably park this thread for a week or two.
  3. Ha, gotta love this year. Cards; talk (like everyone else) is Bubonic Plague strategies. What is this "baseball" of which you speak? Doesn't apply here anyway. This might be the year to get my glove out and ready - I stand an excellent chance of being called to play for them by the end of the summer.
  4. So what's the status on key players being able to opt out this "season" to pursue the draft? This is gonna be great. Yeah, screw this, I'm getting ready for the combines. But I'll be in the stands cheering for you guys! Whatever happens, this season will basically be an asterisk if not an abortion. I'm still betting on good odds from Vegas on % that someone(s) will have it and it'll be covered up until the big game is over. Shut it down until January at the latest. Whatever this is, it's barely football. I still think it doesn't make it through anyway.
  5. phdhorn

    2020 Rain Thread

    The western edge of demarcation was a line running NE to SW about 183/360 through W of 360 to the western half of Westlake to 37 inches east of my yard. I got a good shower but maybe .25". People in ATX Central and Oak Hill and south got 1"-2".. It always rains in Bee Cave but this time only the eastern half. The good news is another disturbance might be on tap for later weekend into early next week. In the hottest, driest part of the year. No one with a pulse should bitch about the weather for at least 36 hours or 5 minutes, whichever comes first.
  6. phdhorn

    2020 Rain Thread

    Believe it or not, this rain is from... <rum roll>... A COLD FRONT passing through. A cold front? In the least likely and hottest week and a half of the year? Granted, "cold" is a relative term but still this is a good old-fashioned northwestern weather front. Odds of that are lower than the Florida Marlins playing 20 games this season! anyway, I can't remember when this has happened in at least 20 years athough I'm sure it has maybe once. Pretty amazing.
  7. What you all got against Chinese people?
  8. They have the women in some states, but nobody in KY, NC, SC, GA, PA, FL, or VA has any money. People in MA and NY have money, but no women worth it. Make sense to me!
  9. They were all good, but this. Lock thread. Amen x infinity.
  10. I had O/U on 2nd post. What do I win?
  11. I'm diggin' the new name. Save a ton on lettering at the factory. Just go with this in Burgundy:
  12. Get ready, South Austin's mom! (another bigger band coming in today, maybe 1 tomorrow, and we're done).
  13. Not yet, keemosabe. Great chance today of passing showers (they're already on the radar). Certainly not the drenching rains that could have come, but we will see a few periods of rain around here. Bet is that measurable rain has to fall anywhere in TravCo associated with this storm (basically today through Sunday, I'll even toss out Monday because I'm such a nice guy)- that counts. I'm lubing up as we speak (and putting on my hazmat suit now).
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