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  1. Figured I'd post this here, it's where you'd look for me. First, thanks very much for the concern (I had no idea), it's appreciated. I mean, really? Wow, that's been surprising. Second, I'm fine, no medical issues or whatnot. Last, I've been involved in stuff that's kept me off the board and will probably continue to do so for awhile longer. I'll see about returning more down the road, maybe Dec or New Year's. I just wanted to post this to say I'm okay. Sorry so cryptic and short (some of you might be dropping your jaws that I can make a short post). Anyway take care, maybe sooner rather than later, hook 'em, OU sucks, and quit posting climate change shit in weather threads- the first sign you have no fucking idea of what all that means (couldn't leave without a zinger!). Late!
  2. It might. Not uncommon for stuff in the Gulf in late Aug-Sept with the warm waters. But it's not going to be much of a worry.
  3. Also makes a great engine coolant and tile caulk.
  4. Saw the first, have the second on record. This has been nothing but great all around.
  5. Weird shit happening... I'll be back to 'splain (editor wiped my post out?).
  6. I know there were a couple of cold Halloween days since 2000 because I trotted my kids out there at least 2000-2012 and I know for a fact that some of those nights were pretty cold. That's all I know. 1 more 100'er today then none for at least 4-5 days while this low moves in/up from the Gulf. That should absolutely, completely, utterly do it for 100's. Well, in most years. This one where that high did it's nasty beginning late July, who knows? My guess is maybe 1-2 more but not consecutive (>2ff). for the year. By the way, way back up there somewhere it was correctly pointed out that despite the "feel" and what I said, July was a bit above normal (and of course August was way above) temp wise. However there are a lot of asterisks on that that actually justified our "feeling" that it was a cooler summer than normal (well up to late July) - and it was taking other factors into consideration, and even further 'splaining the stat that was used (daytime high). But no one gives a fuck now, just make it stahp. But if anyone gets so utterly fucking bored they wanna know, I guess I can put it down. Nah, fuck it. Let's look fwd to 90's then 80's... and so on. I can get on board with that. BTW, "Summer performance has nothing (or very little) to do with fall/winter behavior... kind of like the stock market. It could be hot, dry or cool and wet as your mom.
  7. This thing is pretty much a cinch to go smack over Austin and bring some rain. That's absolutely gonna happen. Metaphysical certitude. How much? Where? Ah, a good question. More tomorrow. (Looks like Wed-Thur are the peaks).
  8. Some good points, but lol, this thread after the post:
  9. phdhorn

    Ric Ocasek RIP

    Yeah, this is gonna happen in pretty quick succession now. All of these guys are from 70-80 and that's just the way it's gonna go. Get used to it. RIP Paulina's (well up to last year anyway) hubby. Maybe splitting from her pushed him over. Anyway, with Benjamin Orr's death 20 years ago the Cars stopped being the Cars, so this is very sad news, but not the gut punch for me like someone in the middle of their Renaissance (i.e. Eddie).
  10. ????? Apparently the "I'm too important to not go first" panic hasn't hit out by me. Went to get gas (needed it, didn't panic buy) last night and passed like 8 stations, none of which were anywhere near busy. Anyway looking like it's as it should be - nothing whatsoever.
  11. The oil/gas shortage of 1973 laughs hysterically at this.
  12. Penn State's familiar with kicking after getting pushed back.
  13. Right now that's mostly an upper level low. As it is, nothing. It could form into a weak TS or cat 1 if conditions are right in the Gulf after the weekend (chances of some shear exist). But worth keeping a look at. Don't see it getting big/bad.
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