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  1. Fuck yes! Welcome to the 40, Ishmael! 🤘
  2. I don't think anyone other than Jake Fromm thought he was ever going to play in the NFL. Dude sucks at life and at football.
  3. I don't really have anything to contribute that hasn't been said 1000 times, but good for Brennan. If he doesn't play I'm ok with that. This is bigger than a game.
  4. Welcome to the 40 acres, Morice! Hook Em 🤘
  5. Welcome to the 40, Jordon. Hook Em 🤘
  6. Welcome to the 40, Jordon. Hook Em 🤘
  7. Sweet. He'll be with Malcom Brown
  8. Absolutely. It was a kiss my ass to aggy.
  9. The best part is he went before aggys Justin Madabuke.
  10. I'd bet he's Bama or Florida bound. Unless he's intellectually delayed, he's not going to the special ed university.
  11. True. She sees her lies all the way through. There's no half-assing them.
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