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  1. Man it would really be nice to get Campbell to just go ahead and make that call. Like immediately.
  2. When he sees Bijan and Jaydon play, he ain't go anywhere. He'll want to be part of that bad assery
  3. Exactly. Except I'd say we should expect to win the conference every other year at the very least. Jesus, we have fucking Oklahoma on our schedule., and a merry band of average teams that fill our the rest of the conference.
  4. Man that kid is gonna be special. With he and Blue in the backfield, we should actually win the conference for a fucking change. Same with our elite WR's we're getting. No more excuses about winning is hard. Fuck that noise.
  5. It's beyond pathetic. Jesus, RJ is such a tard
  6. We're over here drinking aggys milkshake cause we can.
  7. They speak in mentally handicapped code or something, or else they're just that paranoid and delusional. But but but, we had the greatest season ever with Covid!!!! We're a powerhouse unlike those derned sips!
  8. It was more hyperbole, but most people were unsure if Gideon can recruit or not.
  9. Hook Em, Bryan. Aggy gonna have the sadz 🤘
  10. Gibbs is the gift that keeps on giving. "We must have backed off or Jimbo has other priorities since he's leaning tee ewe
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