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  1. I thought the flip would sting more than it does. I assume we land Bradford to pair with Bijan, so we'll be alright.
  2. The Mrs and I had a lot of fun. Can't wait to hit up another game this season.
  3. Really happy for coach Taylor. Hell of a recruiter.
  4. Why? Bleeding burnt orange is normal. Imagine waking up and peeing maroon aggy
  5. Bowman shaky is laughable. Dude bleeds burnt orange.
  6. He looks like he went on a cocaine binge
  7. I'll be elated, I just worded it wrong. I want to beat their asses, but seeing as that won't happen, squeaking out a win is still a win.
  8. We'll squeak out a win, which I'm fine with. The sky isn't falling, and beating Utah may help with Ty Jordan, but not sure about Van.
  9. AJ1 and Kai Jones were great today. We gotta stop with the nonsense turnovers. Our defense has improved, especially with the steals. I'm beginning to be hopeful that this team is a tourney team once they gel. Febres was another I enjoyed watching today.
  10. The kid oozes talent. He doesn't score a ton yet, but he makes his presence felt. His dunks are nasty, and he's a good rebounder. He makes the team better when he's on the court. He should start.
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