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  1. God damnit. Is it that obvious? *back to the streets*
  2. The gorgeous mane gives him extra special powers and speed.
  3. This dude is definitely a fluffer in gay porn (nttawwt)
  4. God damnit I wish they would stop showing his fucking face. He creeps me out with his ugliness and dead eyes.
  5. Who was the RB recruit who decommitted from La Tech that was supposed to be pretty good? Is this him?
  6. I'm beginning to think Wright probably isn't going to pan out for them. Isn't Jimbo's system pretty complicated? I believe someone mentioned somewhere on this thread or another that he was having trouble picking up the offense. That's not to say he won't ever get it, but I can also see him portaling out. I don't know how much he's bought in, but seeing as most think he was purchased, it would be wise for him to go somewhere like Baylor or Tech where their systems aren't overly complex.
  7. Holy shit you found it 😂 Nice
  8. That's a face not even a mother could love. He gives me the creeps
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