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  1. of course this shitshow's going to OT
  2. good route, good pass, better defense
  3. Wentz has no one to throw to, I mean Philly really sucks. NFC East should be banned from the playoffs.
  4. Patriots play as bad as possible and still have a chance to tie at the end
  5. lol, recruits have got to be lining up as we speak
  6. holy shit the Patriots oline looks like 5 Vahe's, touching a dlineman then just letting them run past, lol
  7. Clemson's receivers vs OSU dbs is gonna be fun
  8. we don't have Oregon's oline, not anywhere fucking close
  9. they should be booing their oline, they're playing like pussies
  10. #44 with the miraculous recovery from the vicious head shot
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