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  1. going from maybe the best ever at reading defenses to holding the ball till someone gets open, Cam gonna make Bill retire.
  2. the most surprising thing in all this is Nascar didn't give Bubba an extra 30 HP for the race.
  3. of course they did, if they'd have said they're doing their own investigation everyone would have lost their minds.
  4. so who is going to pay the TV networks back for these forfeited games? All the tickets already purchased, who gets let in if only 50% can go? Sorry I'm late to this thread but I just don't see how the hell this is going to work.
  5. damn I was a few minutes behind
  6. the hell were they looking at?
  7. Ancer is the anti Jordan
  8. they've cleared out a lot of trees, no wind, soft greens
  9. Ancer with his 62nd GIR with 3 holes to play.
  10. Would be funny if Sergio won this after CBS ignoring him all day.
  11. Hatton has really learned to control his emotions, didn't this guy used to lose his damn mind over anything negative?
  12. So Jordan in the first group off tomorrow?
  13. he's a mental midget with a driver in his hands, that's a tough way to start holes.
  14. If you turned on a PGA event and the first thing you hear is out of bounds off the tee you fucking know it's Jordan
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