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  1. How many user names does Luicci have?
  2. He'll learn to throw that screen at the running back's feet and not take the sack, just a killer.
  3. Because they've looked a hell of a lot better.
  4. You mean you'd rather live there than just minutes from Lake Somerville?
  5. Believe its a drive through quick salad or some shit.
  6. I'll feel like half the players at bowl games, I won't give a shit.
  7. and people didn't think aggy would let Manziel run the coaching search.
  8. everyone telling #23 it's ok when they should be kicking his ass
  9. undefeated FSU ain't getting left out even if my 60 year old ass is playing QB.
  10. Damn Ewers had Helm wide open, stupid fuck
  11. Having the most overated online maybe ever doesn't help.
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