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  1. kind of goes with the women's glasses he wears.
  2. that seems pretty bad.
  3. so Jordan's playing partner only beat him by 13 strokes today?
  4. I was a Michael Irvin fan, I can't say shit.
  5. Golf gods smiling on BDC, in the wasteland all day and not a bad lie yet.
  6. Never played, seems like fun and I can't imagine anyone being in better shape than water polo players.
  7. Easy to be cool as a cucumber when you know without a doubt you're going to win. "Put it in 3 inch headlines" and all that.
  8. Schauffele should just go ahead and carry Rory's bag the rest of the way.
  9. not as wild as you have to let a player change directions and give them a written warning that you're setting a screen
  10. drop your club in disgust and someone should kick your ball off the green
  11. and it was strange looking with no flowers and the angle of the sun made everything look so different
  12. Clingan has one foul? Hurley doing a great job of keeping the refs busy.
  13. what a choke, stood over it too long
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