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  1. so fucking sick of seeing Mahomes puck up extra yards because he knows he's not going to get hit no matter what. what a fucking joke
  2. seems everyone would run Riley's offense since it's a automatic Heisman winning offense.
  3. maroon out, some sections were supposed to be white and some maroon. Fell free to fucking kill me for knowing that.
  4. didn't Wally live in Mayfield?
  5. Jimbo fixing to get a $500,000,000.00 extension
  6. maybe try getting closer to the first down on 2nd and 3rd
  7. maybe put both hands on the ball dumbass
  8. just asked my aggy friend at the game if they'll rush the field, he said hell yea. lol
  9. this is all about Brian Kelly doing what Brian Kelly does
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