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  1. these folks do some funny stuff and often shoot sacred cows, but i thought this was well done...
  2. hmmm...you want to do the same for you all across that same time period? let’s see it...compare the two.
  3. i’m not at all, but y’all are some arrogant mother fuckers who never seem to learn the lesson of humility. there’s a fine line between humility and humiliation. learn it. i’m here, btw, because i’m a raging liberal and i like you all individually...many of which posters are some of my best personal friends. i like you all...i really do. but your hubris and arrogance is systemic and is ingrained to the point where it’s viral and a part of your football programs ethos.
  4. nah...you just don’t like getting your ass kicked. that’s all that matters...and you know it. you just don’t have the chest to admit it. “Roll Tide!” what? fuck you! “We’re back!” what? fuck you! get used to it. don’t worry, MENSA’s your guy. you all laughed and laughed about how y’all got your guy and we were left with an illiterate reject, about how MENSA was so much smarter and would roll us and our second hand coach, about how we couldn’t run a spread RPO the first year and how you all have a defense that sees that all the time and would blow us out. how’d that turn out? how’s that turning out in recruiting when we’ll have the No. 1 class? you don’t know fuck all about how this works. it’s about Ws...and we’ve got them. and you don’t.
  5. still peppery after Burrow set a new yardage record for DKR, i see. well you go, girl! we’ll see ya on the other side. hoisting that trophy.
  6. well, his current contract is 400k/annum. the new 4 yr, 1.8m/annum agreement was reported this Monday. so the confusion doesn’t lie with me...
  7. lol...y’all are practically begging him to leave...almost like y’all need him to leave.
  8. we just reupped him at 4 yrs for $1.8 mil per.
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