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  1. i do, too...would spend a good Saturday morning out there buying the kids' breakfast, snacking around and buying shit to cook that night. just not the same in the courthouse parking lot.
  2. what’s the word on the riverfront development off U Parks where the farmer’s market is going? haven’t seen any action there yet, and it’s what i’m looking forward to the most.
  3. tity more tity... has the right cadence.
  4. we just gutted our kitchen and remodeled and installed this Ruvati farmhouse sink...and we love it.
  5. you can thank me later for setting the standard.
  6. easy...per Hay Merchant: PB&J Wings20 chicken wings6oz creamy peanut butter6oz grape jelly1.25oz Sriracha1. Combine all ingredients to make the sauce.2. Season wings with salt and pepper. Place on a grill over medium high heat until the wings have a nice char, then move them to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking. Cook until chicken is 165 degrees, then remove from heat and let rest.3. Toss in the sauce, sprinkle with crushed peanuts and serve.
  7. i make PB/J wings...and they rock. this shit though...no way.
  8. LSU grad...honestly don’t give a fuck. all i know is that they’re driving you like a rented mule at football, basketball, baseball, women’s basketball, softball and volleyball. ponder that...
  9. like....Matt Rhule? like it or not, Baylor’s AD knows how to hire coaches. he’s got a great track record...look at all their sports, men’s and women’s...and tell me how they rank next to yours.
  10. he's going to kill it. players LOVE him...they trust him and his character. ours would have run through brick walls for him. he's a large part of why we were able to recruit a huge DL/LB haul this year.
  11. i bet is smells like a summertime attic filled with wet burlap sacks...
  12. that guy's podcast is funny as fuck..."All Gas No Brakes"
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