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  1. I agree with OP. I want that game the same reason I wanted aggy game back. There’s history there and I have a lot of family that went there. Lots of good memories of attending games together in Lubbock and Austin.
  2. 2 days since the last post on here? ....did something happen?
  3. Hahaha!!! Ya think huh? So you enjoy losing to this guy every year?? ....stay in your fucking lane corn.
  4. This seems relevant while we await impending laughter...
  5. As I’m enjoying all the aggy cry fest on Twitter and their obligatory turn around today saying things like. ”This is big boy football and we ain’t scared and you can’t hide behind the weak BFF anymore” NO BITCH! YOU can’t hide anymore! YOU don’t get to sit behind the accolades of better programs. And soon....none of these SEC garbage teams can hide behind that bogus ass notion that the SEC is some unbeatable gauntlet. LFG! Hook’em 🤘🏼
  6. I could see: Pod 1: Tx Ou Mizz Ark pod 2: aggy, Lsu ole miss miss st pod 3: Aub, Bama, Tenn, Vandy pod 4: dawgs, Fla, SC, Kentucky
  7. Can’t get this gif out of my head these last few days.....wonder why?
  8. Join or not.....love seeing these cocksuckers squirm
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