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  1. Yeah, but it’s not like he’s the #1 running back this year. Everyone knows a future recruit > a player on the roster.
  2. I would assume they just open it up for a year, this years juniors and seniors graduate at the same time. For the juniors that don’t turn pro, they get a year of eligibility back, allowing them to A) stay one more year B) Grad transfer. I think the bigger issue is finding a home for the kids going to schools that won’t survive the economics of it all.
  3. Text Call Facetime Email Tweet Facebook Live Send Morse code Visit in person Write a letter Coreograph a TikTok dance Snap
  4. After week 2 when he’s nursing an ankle injury.
  5. To be fair, you wake up and see his mom every day, it might skew your perception of women.
  6. Yeah, part of what inspired my thought. It will probably take a Mikey Williams/talented guard type to draw eyes. I don’t see a big guy dominating smaller, less talented players being compelling. At least, not until he faces someone of equal talent.
  7. I would presume the easiest test subject would be a one-and-done basketball prospect who will get drafted on potential anyways. They would lead the charge for drawing attention to hbcu teams and help develop the infrastructure.
  8. The first wave of athletes would suffer, but we would all gravitate toward wanting to watch hbcu games and tv deals would kick in. The economics of it all isn’t that complex.
  9. It’s truly outrageous what people will justify to maintain their own entertainment. Not speaking directly to you, but to anyone who can’t understand that, in the grand scheme of things, football is trivial. We’re not discussing self-righteous kids who are rebelling against the system because they don’t want to work for anything, these are young men who are taking the only platform they have and using it to promote change. Sure, there will be parents and kids ambivalent to social change, but I would want to send my kid to a school that will teach them more about life than any textbook can. So don’t be a horses ass and suggest that the Brocks are avoiding a school because the current student athletes are realizing there is life outside of football.
  10. Connor also missed 7 games that season.
  11. Holding my breath waiting for this to transition into a conversation about Stanford recruiting.
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