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  1. That whole thing was full of typos. I think Roach was typing with one hand and shoving a footlong in his mouth with the other. A Bob Stoops delicacy
  2. Not that simple. He’s already on Alabama’s count, so it changes nothing for them to keep a specialist around. As much as I’m told to not worry about the numbers, I doubt we’re taking a second LB after Moody and can’t afford for him to just be great on special teams.
  3. I’m more concerned with the fact it’s his former coach not offering him a spot. Florida’s doesn’t seem especially deep at the LB position.
  4. Maybe Dabo promised him the OC position after graduation if he learns to the playbook again.
  5. It would cause a recruiting violation, Campbell/Texas would be required to notify OU.
  6. But Ben Davis was a 5-star and I refuse to hear any other argument.
  7. He must really be into women who look like their blue-collar dads.
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