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  1. I am very drunk...holy shit that was awful
  2. That’s some Clowney in high school type shit
  3. 5,3,4,2,1 "x,x,x,x,x Not thicc enough for this glizzy"-Carl
  4. I’ll choose to believe this...for now
  5. @jordanaggie shocked you didn’t come here to read about those rumors before buying into the aggy hive mind
  6. “Cade Klubnik is better because I can drive my mobility scooter to watch him play in person”-Ketch
  7. I assume this dancing bag of goo is starting on their OL
  8. Kenyon Green vs Taquon Graham should be a decent battle...that’s about it
  9. That OL vs our DL would be absolutely hilarious...Alfred Collins would pick up McCollum like a baby and he’s currently our fourth best DL
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