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  1. Shout out wings n things in sugar land, I drunkenly called wing stop like five times for no discernible reason
  2. God dammit, Wings N Things not Wingstop
  3. I wouldn’t trust him to be the Fucking janitor
  4. TRB says BMDs blocked the move. Great job folks!
  5. Please for the love of fucking god be right one god damn time Brian Davis
  6. As an analyst. The same guy that just hired Bill O Brien
  7. Anyone know who he buys his blow from? I guess it is Oklahoma, he can probably just buy it from target or something
  8. God fucking dammit, I wasn’t wanting to believe this shit but now that Coke head is liking tweets from the MOC
  9. drinking and trying to rationalize this...can’t fucking do it
  10. Do not just terminate his position..fire him into the Fucking sun
  11. Who the fuck approved this shit..like legitimately don’t hire a LB coach and only have 9 coaches and that would be better than this. Seriously lose all your good will for THIS
  12. You want to shit on Banks or Flood or Davis or PK..I mean that would be on brand
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