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  1. Super K says Quay Davis is about to commit to USC. He also says if Texas pushes their is a very good chance he ends up at Texas still regardless of this commitment
  2. Listened to Roachs podcast, not much valuable info (Shocker) but Milroe seems pretty locked in. He seemed a bit pissed when he asked about a QB2 take but it looks like that wave has passed now.
  3. https://www.hookem.com/story/shakas-coach-texas-ad-chris-del-conte-sticking-shaka-smart-2020-21/ Not unexpected...still shitty. Thanks again COVID-19
  4. Cosmi-Johnson-Kerstetter-Angilau-Jones would be my ideal lineup with Moore as the swing tackle, Ghrimai backing up center and Tyler/Imade backing up the guard spots. Don't remember seeing any reports on Hookfin but I know he was a ways away and needed to add some weight I wonder if Okafor leaving was due to possible grad transfers coming in, haven't heard any names yet
  5. TFB says Tarik Black would be a take for Texas but haven’t talked to Black about his interest level yet
  6. TFB thinks he ends up in the class
  7. Willie Tyler as well but I think he’s a definite guard
  8. You say that but the 995ers think he was penciled in at RT or RG...of course they don’t know shit
  9. Denzel Okafor hit the portal today. Line depth takes a hit, sure hope he wasn’t going to be a starter
  10. TFB says Quay is all Texas and if he doesn't end up in the class it would Texas choice ( a distinct possibility)
  11. I mean if they are buying 25 boxes of them it doesnt make sense to be buying them in some kind of 6 or 12 pack, gotta think of the economics of it in these trying times
  12. a standard box of condoms contains 36 condoms..if there were 25 boxes thats nearly 1000 condoms. No human on earth save Wilt Chamberlain in his prime needs that many condoms, good thing that there is absolutely nothing true about this story
  13. Super K says that the talk of Milroe with Bama or Auburn is overblown and he is solid...unless we sign another QB then he will look around Fucking idiot Herman, stop overthinking this shit
  14. Karen definitely has Instagram notifications on for a bunch of 16-20 year old boys....
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