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  1. God no, he was linked before transferring to chelsea to liverpool and arsenal but I cant imagine Chelsea would consider selling him for a long while. No matter who they bring in
  2. FUCK that last minute...my lord
  3. This defending....lord. Will need a lot more than Declan Rice or Chillwell...
  4. Really really hope we go after Onana...dont even care that we wont get near what we spent for Kepa, so disappointing
  5. Really need to win the next 3...Havertz is much more likely if we qualify for Champions League
  6. Hey, Roach's wife is also fully committed. She just also happens to be listening to her coworker Derek, zero reason to doubt her commitment to Roach
  7. Cloak Room leaking into the recruiting board...dont see that often
  8. Jimbo- Minor Violations Bag Hag- Minors being Violated
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