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  1. Thats why we record on Wednesday or Thursday or Friday. Whatever day we are soberest
  2. He is a genius stupid sip! Footballs like golf, low score wins
  3. Haha unfortunately won’t be there this week, not that I look like Tom Herman or anything
  4. Not easy at all. Grad transfer from a smaller program is easier (Calvin Anderson and Parker Braun), only one I can think of right now worth a shit is Wanya Morris and hes a giant pussy (and a sooner, not sure whats worse). Also LOVE the avatar, might be sexier than @BurntOrange&Whites
  5. But on the other hand, I am sure the family doesnt want to have their kid be embroiled in the center of a NCAA investigation. Of course nothing would be pinned to him but sending a kid somewhere that SHOULD be the next to get Tennessee'd doesn't seem like the smartest move either
  6. Nope havent sold them online yet. He has them at the tailgate for sale and whatever is left we will sell on here
  7. It's too fucking nice outside for yall to be such whiny bitches
  8. The fuck is this shit… @SquishMitten I need a cease and desist and/or lawsuit written up. Make check payable to Jaleel Skinners Dad and also free sauce for me. Thanks In advance
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