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  1. The cocaine was the important part. But I also changed mid question to prime Tyson lol
  2. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/surlyhorns-podcast/id1434954298?i=1000516421186 Awesome interview with an American hero and overall bad ass! Definitely give it a listen
  3. Upstairs at a table across from the big ass screen
  4. Yep, fucking assholes. Go to texas and sit out a year or play as a freshman. Fuckers
  5. I am perfectly fine with this plan. Play cosmi at guard till Collins or smith break down. Ossai in the second seems like an absolute no brainer to me. Biggest issue in this entire draft is there are no elite edge or DL guys going around ten
  6. Hudson being a five star and not Harris seems dumb. Blue at 20 is laughable
  7. Off days blow but I won’t be able to sleep tonight getting to go back to MMP since game 7 2019...who’s going and who wants to drink
  8. Taking shots on a podcast is bullshit stuff, we aren’t trying to go all Jim Rome type of shit. That’s not interesting to anyone. One dumb laugh isn’t worth trying to fill 30 minutes of nothingness. Open and honest discussion from two different view points is what people want to hear
  9. Open invite still. Recording at 9 tonight and doing a live recording Wednesday at 9 next week
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