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  1. I will not fund sooner meth habits and assume when I win you will be paying in old little Caesar gift cards and quarters that would be going towards washing your clothes. Keep your cash
  2. You must be going to the wrong pluckers. Bdubs is barely edible, especially their bone in wings, they taste microwaved
  3. National wing shortage. Was forced to go to a bdubs the other day and they didnt have bone in wings at all...terrible
  4. I think to just enter the portal not necessarily find a spot
  5. Regularly. The best may have been a bit of an oversell but I would take it over basically all other chain wing joints based on sauces alone
  6. Pluckers is the best. The only slander is that Roach has his mail forwarded there
  7. God damn you’re quick lol. Assault of a family member and impeding breath is not ideal. See ya
  8. Still dont understand the whole cancel Jones OV deal if the staff is going to cut Blue loose. Even if someone like Gatson is already in. Just weird
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