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  1. This one’s on me…didn’t make a petition, that thing is still undefeated
  2. Chips an absolute moron if he think Texas and A&M arent playing every single year regardless of PODs
  3. Those mother fucking cups and magnets have been sitting in my office for a damn year lol they are getting out asap
  4. Lol fuck, what do y’all think the $ were on that one. Setting the over under at $80
  5. If a kid currently plays football and lives in college station none of the money he has received was NIL. Full stop
  6. Idk who that dude is but what an absolute stud, I’d certainly let him fuck my wife
  7. I don’t know who that Rob Blair guy is but god damn he’s good looking
  8. FYI I spoke with Bobby about tex ags and those maroon 247 losers and how they were bitching about his article. One word response, “good”…someone knows where the bodies are buried
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