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  1. If someone can explain to me how to do this or just do it for me, I will read every single email live on the podcast
  2. Please for the love of fucking GOD can we not bring TEOT discussion to this board
  3. I’d make it a drinking morning and a coffee lunch personally
  4. Maybe the real commitment is the friends we made along the way
  5. A real man would triple down...which is what I’m doing now. We get another commit by tomorrow. All gas no brakes
  6. Nice getting back into Aledo again! Hook em!
  7. Can promise that will never happen
  8. I have not. Just feel like he’s always been more slight than an Ossai type
  9. Great question. If I decide to go Raiders or Saints I want to get Wilson, regardless of the acquisition cost. If I choose Cowboys I would prefer to stick with Dak due to age and acquisition cost. I mean how much of an upgrade is Wilson over Dak?
  10. Thompson gives me a Demani Richardson feel this weekend..
  11. Definitely seems like the thinnest position on defense, I bet dorbah is at least another year away from being a contributor and who knows what to think with bimage taking a year off
  12. Yep same have to login a couple times before you can even see the threads and even those don’t work sometimes. Fix your shit @OnAComputer
  13. I’m going Hudson to flip. Pure plums but with that TFB video and Murphy hinting at a third guy dropping soon, knowing that him and Hudson are bros plus the IT soft commit stuff...
  14. Ready for this. I’m doubling down! We get another commit before Allen on Monday! Murphy in town this weekend, momentum building. Someone else will drop this weekend, I feel it in my plums
  15. WE ARE BACK!!!! Apologies for our one week hiatus, we won’t do that again...unless another once in a lifetime storm hits us (real chance). Listen to the pod on apple and Spotify and everywhere else. @immamac will drop the download link as well! We are in the off-season folks, fill up that mailbag so I don’t have to ramble about brisket for an hour. All Gas No Brakes!! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/surlyhorns-podcast/id1434954298#episodeGuid=b3eb3c04-b350-4980-82a9-f71e020f6219
  16. Kids a stud. Also Herman and co offered him at fucking corner not wr
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