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  1. This man speaks the truth.
  2. Really don't care how one season compares to others at this point. I'm in no matter what. Note: I grew up in a pretty small town, so it his close to home.
  3. Pretty much all of this. '91-'96. I was a Sr in HS for Shock the Nation, so I missed being at Texas for all the great games that year, but I had the extreme displeasure of watching the Cotton Bowl v Miami from prime seats just in front of Gardere's family. Oh, and also lost dad to cancer the year prior to that game, and then I had a similar (but so far less costly) diagnosis myself in '02. Fuck cancer, but also realize this is all fun and enjoy bitching about stupid shit.
  4. Watched it yesterday, and that's the fucking truth.
  5. That old 5A district was nasty. Marshall, John Tyler, and Lufkin all won state in short time in the 90s, and Longview was ALWAYS close but couldn't close (until last year). Hell, even Tyler Lee won state a little later, I think. Funny to think that Texarkana was a doormat back then but has a powerhouse HS now. I'm clearly an old.
  6. That was my thought. I can't remember him practicing.
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