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  1. D'oh... Didn't think of just casting it. I'll try that as well.
  2. I'd like the price to come down as well, but if you have multiple users in your household and use it with the app for floor work, strength training, running etc it's well worth it. Cheaper than many gym subscriptions. Anyone try the new bike boot camp classes? I don't see how this would work well without the swivel screen on the new bike. My bike is positioned with the back against a wall, facing another wall with a TV. No way to work out next to it and use the screen, but can't really bike using the app, or else at least it's pointless for me without the tracking metrics of the bike.
  3. Stupid take digs heels in for stupider take
  4. OK so water changes. I read that I should replace about 1/5 of the water each week. To do this I siphon out into a bucket then replace the same amount, but treated with the betta water conditioner? And make sure the temp is the same... How long do I have to wait after putting the conditioner in the new water to add it to the rest of the tank? How good do I have to be about removing all of the junk or bits of food in the gravel when I do this? I try to make sure to remove any food that isn't eaten in 20 minutes but sometimes my daughter feeds the fish and I find pellets at the bottom at a later time. Also I got test strips for the water. If those show good levels do I have to switch out the water as frequently?
  5. Well the time has come for hard decisions. My almost 14 year old Maltese Coco has been acting older over the last couple of years. The vet had said she had signs of heart disease in the past year or two, and attributed her cough and wheezing to it. This past weekend she fell down about 15 stairs, stairs that she usually never climbs because they're not carpeted and she slips on them. She had been extra clingy lately which is why she followed me up thy stairs. She got up and walked away like nothing was wrong. But yesterday morning she had a seizure, which she has never had before. Wife took her to the vet and they did xrays, which showed her heart being very enlarged with fluid around it, compressing her trachea, which probably accounts for the chronic coughing. We started her on meds for the heart (ACE inhibitor and diuretic), but today she had 2 more seizures. After the seizure she's a little out of it but otherwise looks normal. I can't help but think the fall is causing the seizures, possibly from some head trauma. But vet attributes it to heart as well (?? wife was there so I couldn't ask questions). No anti seizure meds were offered. Vet basically said consider putting her down soon, as it's a matter of time given how the heart looks. The hard thing is that when she isn't having a seizure she looks like her normal old lady dog self. Isn't acting particularly uncomfortable or as if she's in pain. She has lost a lot of weight and isn't eating well or drinking much, which concerns me since she's now on a diuretic. It's just hard for me to come to grips with putting her down. If she keeps having frequent seizures though it will be hard to just let it go. Luckily only my 5 yo daughter likes her, for whatever reason the older 2 boys never cared for her. I think because she's small and not a really playful dog, and she didn't ever care much for them. She's my adopted dog daughter, my wife had her for about a year and a half before I met her. So before we had kids she was our only child and got way more attention than she has since we had our 3 kids. We've started prepping the 5 yo for what may come, and she doesn't seem too upset when we say Coco is sick and may be going to doggy heaven soon. But I'm not sure she gets that it means she'll be gone forever. Just venting and looking for advice. Pic attached.
  6. Clip ons are key. I got the deal last year where they threw in the shoes, weights and HR monitor (Thanksgiving weekend) so I kept the stock pedals. Looked into switching to SPD pedals prior to purchase, as shoes with those clips are more abundant, but ended up getting my wife a pair of shoes and LOOK Delta clips for her pair, which she has since used all of one time.
  7. OK I'm wrong, but it's confusing on their part. When I log in, it says I'm subscribed to the Go Big package that's no longer offered, and when you view packages it lists that one as $85. But when I go to my billing it shows that I'm only paying $60/month + tax. So I feel better about it - getting more channels (that I don't watch) plus HBO (that I do watch) for cheaper than other streaming services. But I'm still in a spot where I don't get NFL network and have no option for redzone. Wish I could get an add on for football season that has it doesn't make sense that a service formerly called directv now doesn't offer it. Also no longhorn network, but I have a log in for ESPN app that worked well to stream it this past weekend. Also an HBO question - does HBO Go exist anymore or did HBO Max replace it? I'm getting the impression that I have to pay extra for HBO Max if I want it, but how do I stream regular hbo shows now like I used to with my provider credentials on my fire TV?
  8. Just PR'd with Olivia (looks-wise my fave) live this morning and got a shout out for ride #200 (check the 32:50 mark). Pretty intense ride, like hers usually are. Oh and my 200 rides are all legit for the most part, none of those nonsense warm-ups or cool downs to inflate my numbers (when I hear a "Happy 5,250 DoucheRider!" shout out I rage a little bit inside). Why don't we have a hashtag for folks on this board? Just created #SurlyHorns if any of you degenerates want to ride along.
  9. I have it... But it's not 65 anymore. It's 85. And I think HBO max was just a promo, no? I've had the go big plan since directv now came out and the plan was 35/month. Debating ending it and finding something else that includes NFL. Strange that the former directv app doesn't have it included.
  10. Anyone have a link to stream cle - bal?
  11. What catch phrases do we have this year? "The Eagles has landed!" “Always bet on black!" "Money shot!" "Schooler schools him!" "Gimme Moore!" "Liebrock and roll!"
  12. Sam needs 600 yds and 6 TDs at least. Then he can sit. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  13. lol Ware just calling every white guy Brewer Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
  14. Masks make every cheerleader/dancer look hotter. No such thing as a butterface. Sent from my SM-N986U1 using Tapatalk
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