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  1. Was that Lizzo in the golf cart?
  2. They don't know why children fare better. Theories are that their immune systems are more robust, or their lungs are healthier and less affected by chronic smog/smoking (as in adults in China).
  3. You have to assume hospitals are keeping labor and delivery and infectious disease isolation areas/floors very separate. And if it's any comfort, babies and pregnant ladies seem to fare very well with COVID19. Very few reports of any severe disease in infants or newborns. It isn't transmitted from mother to child through blood.
  4. I had the restaurant idea too - we need to encourage friend and neighbors (who can afford it) to make an effort to order in once or twice a week to keep the local restaurants in business.
  5. Mike was drunk tweeting again https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2020/02/06/impeachment-coach-mike-leach-deletes-tweets-mitt-romney/4682948002/
  6. Coach O thinks there's another 60 minutes after half time. That's why they're so good, he conditions them for a 90 minute game!
  7. Something tells me that once Brady and Burrow are gone coach O ain't gonna look too good no mo
  8. Great news. Would love to see leach win in the vaunted SEC with that big 12 air raid offense. Also agree that Jimbo is gonna be the the richest loser in the country for the next decade. Bama, LSU already made aggy their bitch. Hopefully the Mississippi schools can do the same. And yes this is a step up from Wazzu
  9. Here's to hoping Brady and McDaniels go to Cleveland next year. That would be glorious. And would give Brady some real weapons and a shot to go out with a bang /Browns fan dreaming
  10. Utah had a top 5 defense, giving up roughly 13 pts, 70 rushing yards, and 180 passing yards a game. Casualty of the pac 12? Or like UGA last year, not giving a fuck?
  11. Horny04

    Fire Tom Herman

    It seems like all great coaches have a little bit of asshole in them. In Tom's case he's a huge asshole but a shitty coach, so it's not working out. Can't wait until this ass hat is fired. [emoji867][emoji867] Right back at you, Mensa
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